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Chapter 1762: A Hunt On Dao Realm Bigwig

The scene froze for a while.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya did not look at Mahamayuri and Archaic Dipankara Buddha but looked up at Future Buddha outside Nine Underworlds.

At this time, Buddhist doctrines and scriptures came from the white lotus above the Nine Underworlds.

The chants were majestic and vast, and the meaning was difficult to comprehend at first glance.

A mystical voice sounded in all the onlookers hearts at the same time.

“After today, we will still fulfill Mahamayuris wishes.” Everyone was shocked.

Mahamayuri put his palms together, “Thank you, Future Buddha, for your mercy.”

It was undoubtedly Future Buddha Maitreyas voice, promising that the last Sakyamuni Sarira would be granted to Mahamayuri after the Nine Underworlds situation was over.

The Future Buddha wouldnt trouble Mahamayuri at all.

This sentence resolved the embarrassing state between Kong Xuan and the demon races.

On the other hand, the Nine Underworlds game also tied Mahamayuri to the demon races and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

Mahamayuris expression was calm.

The Five-Colored Divine Radiance circulated his body.

He gazed at the Archaic Dipankara Buddha and strode forward.

The Buddhas of the Western Pure Lands were hard to fend against, so they could only retreat.

“I have to trouble Fellow Daoist this time.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya stepped forward.

The dark green ominous fire refined the sea of ​​blood.

At the same time, there came a sound transmission, “You need to be wary of the Three Clears Lineage.”

Mahamayuri nodded silently, standing on the sea of ​​blood alone and stopping all the Buddhas, such as the Archaic Dipankara Buddha, at the outside.

The dark green ominous fire emitted by Dao Monarch Lu Ya rolled on the bloody waves and spread to the patterns outlined by the twelve strokes.

Amid the sea of ​​blood, Amitabha was unfazed by Archaic Dipankara Buddha being hindered.

He still suppressed the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil effortlessly.

At this time, Amitabha asked calmly, “Whats your decision”

The Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil was silent at first, then sighed.

The fifth devil ancestor didnt say much but stood up and left directly from the stone pillar he had been holding on guard previously.

As soon as the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil left, the entire Twelve Devilish Gods Formation shook violently.

The mysterious and unpredictable spirit patterns immediately lost a stroke.

The entire formation seemed to be collapsing.

Then, the tides of the ​​bloody sea sank instantly, and the blood light gradually dissipated.

Dao Monarch Lu Yas expression suddenly became serious.

There was no joy on the face of Archaic Dipankara Buddha either.

The Nine Underworlds in front of them abruptly abandoned the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation.

In this way, his pursuit of attaining ascendancy through devil tribulation would face many more difficulties.

It seemed to have become mere wishful thinking.

In the depths of the deep sea, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil attacked the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi after he left the stone pillar!

Although the blood light surrounding his body dissipated, he ignored Amitabha and concentrated on attacking the Eastern Sovereign.

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil spread eight arms and operated incantation on each of them.

Countless black Ancient Mirrors appeared in the void, condensed white mirror light, and shone at Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

Eastern Sovereign Taiyi didnt seem surprised by this but let out an ethereal sigh.

The majestic and immeasurable bell rang throughout the world at this moment.

The innumerable mirror light was halted.

They shattered and disintegrated like sand sculptures.

The ubiquitous, countless black mirrors also had cracks appearing on the mirror surface.

The emperor of ancient times, the lord of all clans, made his move.

Even if the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi was resisted by the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, who was also in Dao Realm, he still emerged with a heaven trembling momentum.

Although the deep sea at the core of Nine Underworlds was still up and running, the outer devil domains were beginning to collapse one after another.

The vast black qi seemed to be ignited and kept disappearing.

Among the twelve pillars at the bottom of the deep sea, the illusory light on top of the pillar symbolized the Existence Creation Heavenly Devil gradually faded.

The Twelve Devilish Gods Formation stagnated, and the bloody light dimmed.

The Nine Underworlds Great Devils quickly restrained the blood and tried their best to maintain the twelve pillars at the bottom of the abyss.

All of their efforts were directed at maintaining the stability of the Nine Underworlds so as not to have the place destroyed by the battle between Dao Realm bigwigs.

As the bell sounded, the Daoism bigwigs outside the Nine Underworlds ran their martial arts to defend themselves against it.

The ringing of the bell reverberated throughout the entire world, including the Daoisms universe, Western Pure Lands, Astro Mountains Starry Sea, Immortal Court, Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, and even every corner of the endless void.

Yan Zhaoge and others watched the battle in the deep sea of ​​the Nine Underworlds with no fear.

Everyone was ready as they kept an eye on the development of the situation.

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil had abandoned Twelve Devilish Gods Formation, which meant that the Nine Underworlds opted for their backup plan.

The Nine Underworlds abandoned their plan in this era and helped the Western Pure Lands instead.

They were willing to suffer some casualties and costs to help Amitabha transcend.

Their goal was to seek the rebirth of the Faceless Heavenly Devil and win in the next era.

Regardless of whether Nine Underworlds had other secret plans, this was the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devils attitude and decision at the moment.

The black mirrors shattered consecutively, but several new ones were spawning.

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil went to hinder Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, leaving him trapped temporarily in Nine Underworlds.

Amitabha, who had previously joined forces with Eastern Sovereign Taiyi to suppress the Nine Underworlds, had stopped besieging the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil.

The green lotus rose straight up and came out of Nine Underworlds!

While the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil entangled with Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, Eastern Sovereign Taiyi also hindered the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil from returning to the stone pillar.

At this moment, Amitabha returned to the Nine Underworlds, aiming directly at Maitreya Buddha on the white lotus!

When the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil left the stone pillar, the white lotus had already flown far away.

At this moment, bloody mists emerged above the Nine Underworlds.

Sure enough, it came from the Nine Underworlds.

When competing for Immortal Extermination Formation in the past, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil also helped Amitabha in exchange for the Faceless Heavenly Devil to return to Nine Underworlds.

At that time, Maitreya Buddha was vigilant.

Even if he was defeated, he still had a chance to retreat, so Amitabha set his target on the Immortal Extermination Formation.

But at this time, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil stopped the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation while standing above the Nine Underworlds.

The formation reversed.

Blood soared, making it difficult for Maitreya Buddha to leave for a while.

It could only hinder Maitreya Buddha for a short time in which he would seemingly be able to break through the hindrance.

However, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord had seized the moment and attacked his old nemesis, making Maitreya Buddha difficult to escape.

After such a delay, Amitabha joined the fray.

Naturally, Maitreya Buddha was unable to fend for himself.

The white lotus flew away, but the green lotus and immortal jade door refused to give up.

They pursued after the white lotus without giving out!

A fight for the chance of attaining Dao Realm turned into a hunt against another Dao Realm bigwig at this moment!

Dao Monarch Lu Ya looked serious in the Nine Underworlds.

The current situation was not only unfavorable for Eastern Sovereign Taiyi and Future Buddha Maitreya but also unfavorable for Dao Monarch Lu Ya himself.

A supposedly favorable situation turned dire.

In his pupils, dark green ominous fire suddenly turned into red gold.

As the flames flickered, lights swayed on top of the pillar representing the Fire Devil in the depth of the deep sea below.

Although the sea of ​​blood had subsided and the spirit patterns were on the verge of disintegrating, the speed of its collapse had slowed down.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya hurriedly seized the moment and continued to refine the weakening sea of ​​blood for the ascendancy opportunity.

However, the Daoism powerhouses such as Yan Zhaoge finally made a move at this moment!

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