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HSSB175: Just happen to be lacking a wolfskin cushion


Martial Scholars were unable to wield mid-grade spirit artifacts, and Pan-Pan was naturally even more unable to do so.

However, as a mid-grade grade spirit artifact, the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sabre naturally possessed its own spirituality.

Its cold blade naturally sucked in the surrounding cold qi in great amounts.

A mid-grade spirit artifact just being hung casually by Yan Zhaoge on his spirit beast like this-how would this not cause Chen Lin envy and jealousy to the point of almost spitting out blood

Looking at Chen Lin who appeared so full of grief and indignation, Yan Zhaoge laughed slowly, “That’s just a joke; actually, I just forgot to take the sabre off.”

Ah Hu stepped forward from beside him, retrieving the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sabre from around Pan-Pan’s neck before retreating to this side.

With this interruption, the stiff atmosphere was dispelled, as the spectators were all left not knowing whether to laugh or to cry, whilst also gaining a further understanding of Yan Zhaoge’s vast worth.

Pan-Pan still appeared uncomprehending as he completely paid no heed to the Ghost Wolf before him, looking unwillingly and reluctantly at the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sabre being taken away from him.

Feeling a little stifled, Chen Lin signalled for the Extreme Cold Ghost Wolf to continue.

Having faced some setbacks, the Ghost Wolf still remained patient to the extreme as it demonstrated a rare tolerance and steadiness as opposed to moving rashly.

Streams of cold qi were emanated, forming an icy mist as a world of ice and snow came to envelop Pan-Pan.

Pan-Pan just sat where he was silently, still appearing ignorant of the situation.

Chen Lin watched the battle situation rather eagerly.

But very quickly, she discovered that even without the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sabre, the ice fog created by the Ghost Wolf was still becoming thinner and thinner.

Not only was the surrounding temperature not falling, it was instead beginning to rise once more!

“What is it again this time” Chen Lin felt like she was about to go crazy as, looking over, there were no other treasures placed on Pan-Pan’s body.

However, on the surface of the giant panda’s body, many white flames had appeared.

The blazing hot flames unceasingly dispelled the ice fog as some strong fire attribute spiritual qi instead gradually drifted over, gradually weakening the Ghost Wolf’s power.

Chen Lin’s heart skipped a beat, “Pixiu.

Extremely talented, being able to control white fire and black water…”

She promptly called out, “Extreme Cold, attack! We can’t drag it out any longer!”

The situation was reversed as now, it was instead Chen Lin and the Ghost Wolf who did not dare to continue dragging things out, as it would instead be of great detriment to them.

Extreme Cold went on the offensive on its own initiative.

Its speed was extremely quick, seemingly not any slower than Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners in the least.

However, while Pan-Pan seemed slow, as his massive frame stood there, it didn’t reveal any flaws whatsoever.

With wolves possessing a cautious nature, for the moment, the Ghost Wolf didn’t dare to approach lightly.

As the Ghost Wolf was moving from an extremely far distance away, Pan-Pan only had to turn its body a little to defend.

As Pan-Pan focused solely on defence, it deterred the Green Evil Ghost Wolf from advancing rashly.

Pan-Pan dared to take a few of its attacks head-on, whereas it wouldn’t be able to take a single one of Pan-Pan’s heavy, powerful blows.

But like this, the toll on the Ghost Wolf’s stamina was extremely great.

Originally already being at a disadvantage in terms of stamina, as this continued, its gap with Pan-Pan would only widen.

While it was the Ghost Wolf that held the initiative on the field, constantly moving around Pan-Pan, it just couldn’t find a suitable opportunity to launch an attack.

Chen Lin bit her lips, “We can’t hold back anymore; since we’ve moved, we must win!”

Accompanied by her sharp, piercing whistle, Extreme Cold abruptly halted.

Raising its head and letting out a long howl skywards, a mini snowstorm directly appeared surrounding it.

Howling mournfully, with the assistance of the snowstorm, the Green Evil Ghost Wolf’s speed abruptly increased greatly, as it rushed ferociously towards Pan-Pan!

The eyes of the spectators all narrowed slightly as they could all tell that the Ghost Wolf had just activated a supreme inborn talent that it possessed.

Making use of its instantaneous increase in speed and explosive power as gained from the snowstorm, its current attack was somewhat similar to Jade Sea City’s Heaven Flooding Tide, exploding out at full strength in a single go, both fast and vicious!

Yan Zhaoge chortled, “In a head-on clash, you’ll only die even faster.”

The Pan-Pan who had always been showing a pure and foolish appearance blinked, as his massive body finally moved.

Faced with the Ghost Wolf’s full-powered strike, he didn’t even try to dodge.

His massive frame abruptly rose, following which he raised a hind leg, stomping out with it as a human would stomp a foot!

Pan-Pan’s exterior rose with blazing white flames covering his entire body.

In that instant, he seemed to have transformed into a divinity possessing full control over flames!

The blazing yang qi instantly swept the snowstorm completely away!

The Green Evil Ghost Wolf wanted to evade, but had not time to do so as the light above its head abruptly dimmed.

As though Mount Tai was weighing down upon it, the overhead sky vanished as the surrounding space was completely locked down, rendering it completely unable to move.


A loud crashing sound resounded by everyone’s ears as along with that chaotic noise, the earth beneath their feet quaked, as though an earthquake was occurring.

With an agonised howl, the Ghost Wolf was directly stomped into the ground by Pan-Pan!

Her eyeballs on the verge of imploding, Chen Lin saw Pan-Pan look muddle-headedly at the ghost wolf stomped beneath his feet, before his massive, fat frame turned slightly.

Following that, his body that resembled a small mountain, sat down!

Watching this, Chen Lin was instantly shocked to the point of her soul almost dispersing as she broke out in a cry, “Ziyi, save Extreme Cold!”

Not needing her to say it, a figure, quick as flashing lightning, was already lunging fiercely towards Pan-Pan!

This would-be saviour was the number one Heavenly Thunder Hall expert participating in this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet, Xie Ziyi!

However, not waiting for him to near, Yan Zhaoge was already before him, obstructing his path.

As the two collided with a blow, a massive ‘boom’ resounded.

The surrounding spectators could only feel that this clash was much more shocking than the one between the Pixiu and the Green Evil Ghost Wolf just now.

But with this, Pan-Pan no longer had anything to interfere with him as, like there was no one beside him, he boredly, leisurely sat down.

This time, the Ghost Wolf could not even let out a tragic cry as it was directly squished to death by Pan-Pan, transforming into a wolfskin cushion.

Chen Lin almost directly collapsed and fainted onto the ground.

Although her cultivation base was not low, she seldom pondered on the martial dao and clashed in actual combat, most of her time being devoted to carefully rearing her two ghost wolves.

It was still fine for that ghost wolf dubbed Green Evil, but this Ghost Wolf named Extreme Cold was precisely the core of her existence.

Now, that it had actually been sat on to death by Pan-Pan right before her very eyes, Chen Lin’s eyes immediately turned bloodshot as she glared at Yan Zhaoge, “You actually made such a vicious move!”

Yan Zhaoge said indifferently, “Before the match, how did Junior Sister Chen say it; if I am not wrong, your words should have been ‘In battles between spirit beasts, casualties are unavoidable’, am I right”

“Just now, if not for my prompt assistance, Senior Brother Ye’s Black Water Mysterious Dragon would have been killed by your ghost wolf.

And what did you say afterwards”

Yan Zhaoge spread out his hands, “Let me think ah, it seems to be ‘Green Evil has still not gained intelligence, it sometimes has trouble controlling its wild instincts; its nature is just so extremely powerful, leaving this Junior Sister also unable to fully control it.

Having nearly harmed Senior Brother Ye’s Black Water Mysterious Dragon, this Junior Sister apologies to Senior Brother Ye here, hoping that Senior Brother Ye will be big-hearted enough to find it in him to let this go and not hold blame for me over this matter’.

That was it, am I right”

Yan Zhaoge swivelled his head to look at Ye Zhongzhou, who smiled coldly as he nodded.

Turning back to look at Chen Lin, Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed, “Are you thinking that I want to return your words to you That’s not actually so.”

Chen Lin was taken aback, as Yan Zhaoge’s smile now turned domineering and arrogant.

“It is completely possible for people to treat one another with a little more honesty,” Yan Zhaoge laughed lightly, “For example…my Pan-Pan just happens to lack a wolfskin cushion; if your little guard dog didn’t itself come knocking, we wouldn’t make a move on it, but since it’s done so, why, we will slay and accept it with thanks.”


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