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Chapter 1763: Daoism Joining The Fray!

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil helped and temporarily hindered the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

The Nine Underworlds bloody mist rushed into the sky, helping to hinder the Future Buddha Maitreya from leaving.

Amitabha and the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord finally got a chance to slay Maitreya Buddha.

“Its time.” The Daoism bigwigs who had been watching from the sidelines, like a spectator, finally made a move.

The Daoism bigwigs manifested their true forms in the void and then descended on the Nine Underworlds!

The terrifying and ferocious Immortal Extermination Formation was also looming in the void outside the Nine Underworlds, ready to descend at any time!

At this moment, the Daoism folks had no scruples and could give it a go.

On Amitabhas side, he would be ahead of Eastern Sovereign Taiyi as long as Maitreya Buddha perished.

When this era ended, he would automatically transcend even without doing anything.

Unless he also perished, no one could stop his transcendence.

For the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, once the Maitreya Buddha had fallen and he obtained other Humanly Essence Stone fragments, no one could compete with him for the collection of faith power, making his ascendancy much simpler next time.

Defeating the white lotus was their topmost important priority now.

So they would put everything else aside.

Maitreya Buddha could hardly fend for himself in the current state.

The Immortal Extermination Formation, which required four Dao Ancestors to take action together, was invulnerable due to the current situation.

Daoism lineage finally ushered in the best time to enter the fray!

Bhikkhu Xuan Du led the way into the Nine Underworlds.

He waved his hands, sending a Clear Qi and a Purple Qi out.

Then, he operated them in the void, forming a spinning Taiji image.

The Nine Underworlds, which had been unstable because of the Dao Ancestors battle, became much weaker at this moment.

Then, Bhikkhu Xuan Dus Taiji Image sucked in many Devilish Qi.

He entered the Nine Underworlds deep sea with the Taiji pattern on his head.

Even the black seawater was sucked into the rotating Taiji.

The Nine Underworlds Devilish Qi was converted into an abundance of Clear Qi and Purple Qi, making it grow stronger and stronger.

The Taiji Image would probably replace the Nine Underworlds if things went on like this.

“Fellow Daoist, it seems youre planning to reshape this world to seek for what lies beyond the Grand Heavenly Realm.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha witnessed this scene and said with admiration.

As a matter of fact, it was challenging to reshape a world that was only deemed possible in Dao Ancestors hands.

Suppose he could utilize Nine Underworlds as the pendulum into shaping a world similar to the great thousand worlds with as little consumption as possible.

In that case, it could be an achievable feat.

The situation was much more favorable because of the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation and the fight between Eastern Sovereign Taiyi and Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, making the Nine Underworlds more unstable.

Therefore, it was an unprecedented opportunity for Bhikkhu Xuan Du.

Thus, he sought to destroy the Nine Underworlds, subvert the devils domain, and reshape this world.

Once he completed this task, he would have the hope to ascend into the Dao Realm.

Sure enough, this would bring great harm to the Nine Underworlds.

In fact, this place was the territory of the Nine Underworlds, where their foundation was located.

This devil domain was transformed by the remains of the Existence Creation Heavenly Devil in the past.

Nine Underworlds plan to set up the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation in the Nine Underworlds itself was primarily because of the above reason other than having a favorable geographical advantage.

For Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Dao Monarch Lu Ya, they couldnt sit still and watch Bhikkhu Xuan Du attain his success.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du and their goals seemed different.

However, if Bhikkhu Xuan Du succeeded, it would likely affect their plans to overcome tribulation and even make them fail.

Eastern Sovereign Taiyi managed to stall Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil as well.

The devil formation came to a halt, negatively affecting Archaic Dipankara Buddhas and Dao Monarch Lu Yas goal of attaining the Dao Realm.

This was a rare-to-come by opportunity which they couldnt afford to have any mishap happening.

“Fellow Daoist, I have to trouble you again.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya shook his head slightly and said to Mahamayuri.

Mahamayuri was unfazed in his expression, and he nodded in response.

Standing above the sea of ​​blood, he watched Bhikkhu Xuan Du descend.

He then shot his Five-Colored Divine Radiance at Bhikkhu Xuan Du.

Standing still in the dark and clear deep sea, Bhikkhu Xuan Du seemed to turn a blind eye to Mahamayuris attack.

On the other side, Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone stood with Xu Fei and Pan Pan in the formation of a “品”, manifesting the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

Then, with Yan Zhaoges guidance, the first qi found in the Earlier Heaven was transformed into the Three Clears Qi, which merged with the three Golden Body of the Great Sage.

Thus, the Great Sage Equalling Heavens True Form reappeared in the world and descended into the Nine Underworlds.

The giant demon monkey raised its head and swallowed the Earthly Essence Stone.

Its roar resounded through the Nine Underworlds, and the golden light illuminated the dark sea waters.

A thick iron rod went against the Five-Colored Divine Radiance, slapping right at Mahamayuri in the face!

Great Sage Equalling Heavens would be Mahamayuris opponent again this time, reliving the moment during the battle for Immortal Extermination Formation!

Kong Xuan had somehow expected this.

He also retrieved his Buddhas Golden Body with 24 heads and 18 arms.

Then, he quickly manifested his dharma image.

It was a Buddhism Bante with a head and four arms on his back, fighting the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.

Bhikkhu Xuan Dus expression was peaceful, and he continued his incantation.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya immediately led a group of demons to race the Great Sage and went off in person to face the Daoism crowd.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha sent out his majestic pressure and led the Western Pure Lands Buddhas to attack Daoism together.

Although the previous battle between the two sides was relentless, they had to join hands to fight against the Daoism lineage powerhouses.

It was a pity for Daoism to lack a Dao Ancestor.

However, the Daoism Lineage had what it took to resolve the threat of Mahamayuri, who was still recognized as the strongest under the Dao Realm!

It was yet another twist and turn of events.

Those with the upperhand had thrown to the other side of the coin.

There wasnt a clear distinction between who was the actual foe.

Not only did the Western Pure Lands temporarily join forces with the demon race, but in the bloody sea below, the Nine Underworlds group devil did not dare to neglect Daoism, who finally made his move.

While Origin Heart Devil teamed up with other devils to stabilize the devil domain, he disturbed the Daoism people with his unique Heart Devil arts.

Although all Daoism powerhouses were jointly targeted, they remained fearless.

“Dipankara Buddha, you cant flee this time!” Ne Zha was the most impatient.

He took the lead, heading straight for the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha no longer avoided the battle and immediately confronted Ne Zha.

Origin Heart Devil glanced at Ne Zha, then reached out his hand.

The inner evil grew with Evil Qi proliferating.

Black energy burst out of Ne Zha again.

After the last event, Ne Zha was prepared.

However, Origin Heart Devils arts were even more bizarre and domineering in Nine Underworlds, making it tougher for Ne Zha to protect himself against it.

In addition to Ne Zha, Origin Heart Devil put more of his efforts into dealing with the Great Sage Equalling Heavens.

There was too much destruction coming from the Massive Monkey fighting Mahamayuri.

The monkey wont bother if the Nine Underworlds continue to exist like Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil and Mahamayuri.

If the monkey were to destroy this place, it would become more beneficial to Bhikkhu Xuan Dus refining process.

Origin Heart Devils art was domineering and mystical.

After all, the current Great Sage Equalling Heavens was not himself but the combination of the three Golden Body of the Great Sage.

All things created by nature had their nemesis.

Mahamayuris Five-Colored Divine Radiance was helpless with the giant demon monkey, but Origin Heart Devils techniques restrained the monkey critically.

However, before the Origin Heart Devil could continue to run his art, a flash came before the devil.

Suo Mingzhang appeared and went to the top of the sea of ​​blood, looking directly at the Origin Heart Devil shielded in the blood light.

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