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Chapter 1765: Fighting the Great Roc!

When the Black Skies Yellow Earth Exquisite Prana was deployed, Bhikkhu Xuan Du was fearless against Dao Monarch Lu Yas Immortal Slaying Flying Saber and even the Mahamayuris Five-Colored Divine Radiance.

However, Bhikkhu Xuan Du could not counterattack his opponent while deploying this defensive art.

Worse still, he struggled to move freely.

Sure enough, Bhikkhu Xuan Du was forced to halt his actions immediately, thus interrupting his progress in harvesting the Nine Underworlds world.

Before Dao Monarch Lu Ya and Archaic Dipankara Buddha managed to catch a breather, Yang Jian repelled the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles away and protected Bhikkhu Xuan Du from the threat posed by the opponents.

Seeing this, Bhikkhu Xuan Du immediately dispersed the Black Skies Yellow Earth Exquisite Prana, operated the Taiji Image above his head, and absorbed the Nine Underworlds.

Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles was about to pounce, but a Chaotic Origin Hammer came flying toward him instead!

“Huh” The Great Rocs clan leader avoided the Chaotic Origin Hammer and looked intently over the attack source.

Yan Zhaoge stood in the black abyss and waved at him calmly.

While wielding the Chaotic Origin Hammer and striking it at the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles, Yan Zhaoge sent out his palm attack at Golden Crow Great Sage.

It was a head-on confrontation, sending the Great Sage away.

“Youre courting death!” The enemy was fumed with anger.

The rocs figure swayed slightly.

It appeared as if he was standing still, but another him already appeared above Yan Zhaoges head!

Yan Zhaoge summoned the Heavens Ascent Drum above his head in retaliation, sending off a thumping drum noise.

He channeled his index and thumb fingers into a sword light.

It seemed to be swaying erratically, with its color changing from red to white interchangeably.

Immediately after, the rocs claw attack was halted.

“Immortal Trapping Sword Manual, Spatial Heavenly Scripture, Grand Beginning Bright Emptiness Form…” A few thoughts flashed in the rocs mind.

He was agitated, raising his speed in the next moment.

In terms of combat power, the Great Rocs clan leader was the top three among the demon races Great Sage.

Except for a few opponents, his speed was almost unbeatable.

Even against most other Grand Heavenly Immortals, his speed had an overwhelming advantage.

Yan Zhaoge combined the three Supreme Martial Arts and forged a unique path of his own.

At this moment, this newly created Three Clears Trapping Spatial Sword was uncontested despite the rocs Grand Virtual Realm.

The great roc sent out a rampaging onslaught, but all of them were stopped.

Undeniably, the roc moved at great speed.

Worse still, the roc had the flight advantage.

He constantly changed his attacking directions, which posed a severe headache.

Fortunately, Yan Zhaoge defended himself and never rushed forward.

With the help of Immortal Artifacts such as Heavens Ascent Drum and Chaotic Origin Hammer, Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles could not break through those defenses in a short time.

On the other hand, Yang Jian was no longer restrained by the roc and no longer worried about the threat of Immortal Slaying Flying Saber.

With that, he managed to battle freely.

Not only did Bhikkhu Xuan Dus side stabilize, but Yang Jian even set off a series of frenzy attacks.

He was everywhere and almost single-handedly defeated the Buddhas and the demons.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya was helpless with the development of the situation.

He could only morph into a rainbow and face off Yang Jian to stop the ongoing rampage.

Yang Jian turned his head back immediately and vented all his attacks back to the pursuing Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya couldnt resist the retaliation and immediately fled.

Seeing that Bhikkhu Xuan Du was in smooth progress, Dao Monarch Lu Ya couldnt help but smile bitterly.

Seeing this, Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles became even more anxious.

He wanted to help Dao Monarch Lu Ya out, but his anger soared as soon as he saw Yan Zhaoge in front of him with a deep hatred to take revenge for his son immediately.

In addition, what bothered him at this moment was how strong Yan Zhaoge already was in the Grand Virtual Realm.

He feared he would lose his chances once Yan Zhaoge attained the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Anger rose in the rocs heart, but he stopped his attacks already.

He pretended to retreat first, gave up on Yan Zhaoge, and went to help others.

Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles speed advantage ensured that he had the initiative in the battle.

He could fight and leave as he pleased.

Yan Zhaoge did not recklessly try to pursue and intercept Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles so as to avoid revealing his flaws.

He continued to incarnate the Chaotic Origin Hammer and sent it over to the distant Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles again.

However, Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles suddenly came back and launched a surprise attack!

Under the whistling wind sound, Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles seemed to fly away with the Chaotic Origin Hammer hitting his back.

But at the same time, there was another figure that appeared atop Yan Zhaoges head!

Even a powerful Immortal Artifact like Chaotic Origin Hammer couldnt defeat the roc.

Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles approached in an instant.

Of course, Yan Zhaoge had been vigilant.

He immediately pointed his sword light diagonally, facing the incoming claw.

However, Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles changed his move midway.

Instead of continuing to attack Yan Zhaoge, he grabbed onto the Heavens Ascent Drum!

Since the fight broke out, Yan Zhaoge could barely cope with the speed of Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles, given his Grand Virtual Immortal Realm.

Thus, he had to rely on the Three Clears Trapping Spatial Sword, which was developed based on the Supreme Martial Arts like Immortal Trapping Sword Manual, Spatial Heavenly Scripture, etc.

On top of that, he relied heavily on two Immortal Artifacts to help, thus offsetting some of the Grand Heavenly Realms advantage.

The difference wasnt too severe as Yan Zhaoge magnified his speed while depleting the opponents speed.

How could Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles not see through Zhaoges strategy

So he decided to stop the annoying drum sound that made him irritable at this moment!

Under the claws, the Heavens Ascent Drums surface was scratched!

With that, the rocs slaw destroyed a formidable Grand Heavenly Realm Artifact.

However, as soon as the drum surfaces shattered, Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles face changed abruptly!

“Cunning thief!” The roc immediately noticed something was wrong.

He immediately withdrew its claws and left.

Beneath the broken drum surface, a colorful brilliance lit up.

There was a wooden staff three or four inches long with three iron rings within the brilliance.

“Dashing Dragon Stake!”

“Seventh Treasure Golden Lotus!”

When other people saw it, they blurted out different names.

However, they all referred to the same treasure.

Everyone had a hellish expression, “How did he hide this thing into the Heavens Ascent Drum”

The staff grew in the wind and instantly grew bigger.

The three small rings on the staff quickly grew into three halos, trapping the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles.

Even the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles couldnt escape no matter how fast he was!

He had proactively sent his claws to Yan Zhaoges Dashing Dragon Stake previously!

The golden light flickered, but a colorful brilliance still lingered on it.

Two halos had missed with one buckled on the rocs claws.

As a matter of fact, only a fast combatant like Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles could dodge until this level.

Anyone else would be completely trapped by the Dashing Dragon Stake.

Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles grew furious, fluttering his wings to shake off his enemy.

He continued to exert his strength on claws to shake off the restraints of the Dashing Dragon Stake.

However, the Dashing Dragon Stake still affects his movement.

In the void, the darting figure of the great roc had dimmed and was on the verge of disappearing.

Flames were reflected in the rocs eye.

There came the Taiyi Cultivated Deitys Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover!

The roc was startled.

He flapped his wings quickly, sending off an intense wind while boosting his speed.

The turbulent demonic wind blew on the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Cover, stopping the covers falling momentum.

He then took the opportunity to speed up and dash out of the Nine Dragons Divine Inferno Covers range.

But at this moment, Yan Zhaoge manifested the Grand Daoism Physique and chanted the Supreme Song of Dao!

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