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HSSB176: If you want to make a move, just shut up and do it already


Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Chen Lin was enraged to the point of her soul almost leaving her body, throwing her aura-qi into turmoil and almost causing a cultivation deviation.

A hand suddenly landed on her shoulder.

Looking over, she saw that it was Xie Ziyi.

Chen Lin wailed mournfully from the depths of her heart, “Ziyi…”

Patting her shoulder, Xie Ziyi then turned to look at Yan Zhaoge, “Yan Zhaoge, is it”

He pointed to Pan-Pan, “I can tell you very honestly now that I want to slaughter your Pixiu.”

Around thirty years of age, Xie Ziyi had a robust body, his features carrying a ruthless air about them.

His gaze was filled with confidence and fighting intent just like his junior apprentice-brother Yan Shan, just that his disposition was somewhat steadier than Yan Shan’s.

Still, his entire body emanating arrogance, he appeared even more forceful and domineering.

Yan Zhaoge shrugged, “You actually want to kill me as well, don’t you”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Xie Ziyi suddenly laughed, the coldness within his eyes skyrocketing, “Well said; very well said indeed!”

“Yan Zhaoge, I know that you defeated that trash Liu Shengfeng, but if you think me to be like him, you’re wrong.”

“Yes, while Liu Shengfeng is very trashy, you being able to defeat him of the late Xiantian stage with a cultivation of the early Xiantian stage is already sufficient in proving how remarkable you are.

Xie Ziyi extended his palm and lined up his fingers to form a sabre with which he made a chopping motion in the air, “Being very remarkable, it is inevitable that you possess some arrogance.

However, remember the old adage-only geniuses who are amongst the living can be called geniuses; dead ones, amount to nothing at all.”

“These words can apply to anyone; we should work hard together to prove this point,” Looking at Xie Ziyi, Yan Zhaoge shook his head and laughed.

He slowly made a cutting motion against his throat directed towards Xie Ziyi, “If you want to make a move, just shut up and do it already.”

Rotating his wrists, Xie Ziyi walked towards Yan Zhaoge, saying coldly, “My intentions exactly.”

“I want to see how many punches of mine you can receive.”

Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Not even one.”

Xie Ziyi was momentarily stunned.

“I’ll directly put you down with a few punches; when did I ever say I was going to receive your punches” Yan Zhaoge laughed.

Xie Ziyi’s faced darkened, “Sharp-tongued fellow; I really hope that your abilities do not all lie in that tongue of yours.”

Saying thus, he strode out, directly arriving before Yan Zhaoge, punching out with a Green Thunder Justice Fist.

Xie Ziyi’s entire body was densely covered with thunderbolts, to the point that he resembled a divinity of thunder descending to this world.

His terrifying aura-qi was concentrated on a single point, the illusory heaven and earth full of thunderbolts compressed to the size of a fist, resembling a ball of thunder as it accompanied Xie Ziyi’s punch, weighing down on Yan Zhaoge.

While it had been greatly compressed, its power was much more dense and refined, far surpassing the illusory heaven and earth formed of a typical Xiantian Martial Scholar’s aura-qi.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was as per normal as he similarly pushed out with his palm, aura-qi resembling numerous fire dragons surging as they instantly came together to form a world of blazing flames.

At the centre of the world of blazing flames sat a purplish-red pill furnace, stabilising the heavens and the earth.

As this scene appeared, everyone here was rendered wide-eyed and tongue-tied.

Even Xu Fei and Tang Yonghao, who were silently recovering their strength by the side, revealed stunned looks.

The Seven Seas Young Master Song Chao, who had been sitting silently by the side following his clash with Tang Yonghao as though the entire Heavenly Connection Meet no longer concerned him, was similarly shocked.

As the World Illuminating Young Master Huang Jie- he who should have been a focal point following his appearance but had kept low-key to the point of seeming non-existent – watched Yan Zhaoge, a light abruptly flashed within his eyes.

Zhang Yao blurted out, “Aura-qi forming an illusory heaven and earth- the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar realm!”

She turned to look at Xie Youchan and Ruan Ping, “But, wasn’t it said that Senior Brother Yan only just stepped into the Xiantian stage not long ago”

Ruan Ping also could not bother about bearing and appearance at this time as he opened his mouth slightly, appearing rather out of sorts as he looked towards Yan Zhaoge.

At this moment, even without Xie Youchan having to say it, he himself was also feeling a little regret over his previous action of testing Yan Zhaoge.

Luckily, he had been stopped in time by Xie Youchan.

As the others were all stunned on the spot, Xie Ziyi was even more shell-shocked, “Earlier, when he defeated Liu Shengfeng, wasn’t he still in the early Xiantian Martial Scholar realm”

Yan Zhaoge did not conceal his cultivation first so as to take his opponent unawares later on, instead putting his abilities on display immediately.

He laughed lightly, “The scene that I have always wanted to see, has finally been realised.”

As Yan Zhaoge pushed out with his palm, between the heavens and the earth, the purplish-red pill furnace suddenly shuddered, as though there was something trying to rush out from it.

The next instant, the lid of the furnace opened, blazing fire surging out from within.

Then, a gigantic ape leapt out from within, lifting up the skies and setting down the earth, moving mountains and shifting seas.

Howling madly, that ape punched outwards, a boundless sea of blazing fire surging up madly along with it, the terrifying explosive power that resulted instantly shattering the illusory heaven and earth in the form of a ball of thunder formed of Xie Ziyi’s aura-qi!

Combining the Tu**a Palm, the Wind Fire Calamities and the Mighty Ape Demonic Fist into one, the explosive power sought to flip the heavens and overturn the earth!

Xie Ziyi’s face changed, “No wonder he was able to defeat the late Xiantian Liu Shengfeng at the early Xiantian stage; he is indeed skilled.”

Not daring to slacken his guard in the slightest, he executed the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s direct lineage Thunder Shadow Body, his figure seemingly transforming into a series of phantom images as he flickered about at lightning speed.

However, Yan Zhaoge was not slower than Xie Ziyi in the slightest, executing the Aura Wind Heaven Warping Qi alongside the Wind Fire Calamities as he closely chased after his retreating figure, not leaving him any breathing space whatsoever.

Xie Ziyi’s expression grew darker and colder as a light flickered within his hands, a sword-light speedily shooting towards Yan Zhaoge.

As this sword sped over, its technique, precision and speed had all reached the peak of fast swords.

Of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s direct lineage martial arts, one of the Supreme Thunderbolt Trio, Thunderbolt Flash!

Sword-lights shone repeatedly in Xie Ziyi’s hands as multiple flickering sword-lights seemingly came together to form a single line.

Thunderbolt Combined Flash!

Not even blinking once, Yan Zhaoge’s Jade Dragon Sword left its sheath, transforming into a jade sword-light which clashed together with Xie Ziyi’s low-grade spirit artifact, the Vapour Sealing Sword.

The Big Dipper Sword was executed, starlight flooding the area as an all-encompassing sky of stars appeared, multiple bolts of lightning instantly vanishing without a trace as they landed within.

Xie Ziyi’s face grew even more solemn as he brandished his sword once more.

This time, his sword-light transformed into a purple waterfall, solid to the point that of seeming  real, possessing a majestic momentum as it resembled a long rainbow streaking through the sky.

Of the Supreme Thunderbolt Trio, Thunderbolt Quake!

As opposed to Thunderbolt Flash which pursued speed and technique, this sword consisted of the instantaneous eruption of the entire body’s true qi, a killing move which generated a large boost in power.

But this could still not be considered over as a red light abruptly flickered on Xie Ziyi’s face.

Just as he had let fly his first sword, his second sword was already retracing its path as he was virtually using his sword like a sabre, slashing vertically with the pose of mightily striking down a mountain as he hacked out towards Yan Zhaoge.

The power of this sword was not inferior to that of the first sword in the slightest as the two terrifying sword lights, one horizontal, one vertical, formed a huge ‘十’ character in mid-air.

The final stance of the Supreme Thunderbolt Trio, Thunderbolt Combo!

The first sword was already a full-powered blow with Xie Ziyi’s cultivation at the peak of the late Xiantian stage.

But after such a big move, he immediately let fly with a second sword without even requiring a moment to for his qi to return, with a power not any weaker than the previous sword in the slightest.

Having not held back whatsoever in using his first sword, having already unleashed his strongest offensive strength, under such a situation, he was still able to immediately let fly with a second sword!

Already having to spend much effort in receiving the first sword, an opponent of the same cultivation level would be even more hard pressed to deal with the second sword.

This was precisely the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s direct lineage killing move!


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