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Chapter 1776: Heaven Severing Vs.

Divine Radiance!

Yan Zhaoge, Nie Jingshen, and Yu Ye were still sitting side by side, forming a line.

The dark golden sword light on Nie Jingshen alternated with the phenomenon of chaos, changing back and forth.

Beside him, Feng Yunsheng sat down with her knees crossed with a pale face.

She clashed with the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devils attack earlier.

Although she escaped, it had a great impact on her.

With the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation suppressed, the bloody devilish qi grew weaker, making it easier for the group.

However, Feng Yunsheng found her spirit and energy declining along with the devil formation.

The caterpillar would evolve after breaking out from the cocoon.

After overcoming the devils calamity, it would be a new beginning for her.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du didnt care about the rest.

He quickly released Clear Qi and Purple Qi again to manifest the Taiji Image and thus continued the refining process of the Nine Underworlds.

The withering Nine Underworlds worsen, implicating the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation further.

The Nine Underworlds were forced to face the pressure of the Supreme Elder Lord, Amitabha, and Eastern Sovereign Taiyi at once.

The situation was dire, but they had no solution to it.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha and Dao Monarch Lu Ya saw the situations development with their own eyes and were anxious.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du refined the Nine Underworlds, alternating its property with his own.

As a result, the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation deteriorated, thus implying their goal to utilize the sea of blood to overcome the devils tribulation.

Both of them needed a weak but complete sea of ​​blood.

They would need to overcome the tribulation with their own hands and attain success in this opportunity.

Only then could they take the last step and reach the Dao Realm.

To do this, they must compete with Daoism.

The Western Pure Lands Buddhas and the Astro Mountains Starry Sea demons attacked Bhikkhu Xuan Du again.

“Fellow Dao Brother, I need your help today.” Dao Monarch Lu Ya said to Mahamayuri, “Maitreya Buddha will not break his promise.

The last Sakyamuni Sarira will fall into your hands.

If you help me today, I will return the favor in the future.”

Mahamayuris expression remained unchanged.

He nodded without speaking and stepped forward again to face the Daoisms combatant.

There, the person he was most afraid of before no longer existed.

Since the war began, the stalemate had lasted for a while.

Although the Great Sage Equalling Heavens was majestic and even wounded Kong Xuan, it had reached the time limit.

Soon, the monkey demon was divided into three parts and returned to the appearance of the three Golden Bodies of the Great Sage.

Without the Great Sage Equalling Heavens, Mahamayuris deterrence immediately skyrocketed.

Even though the Great Sage Equalling Heavens previously wounded him, the Five-Colored Divine Radiance still deterred all four forces here.

Although Daoism had Immortal Extermination Formation, it couldnt be utilized freely except in an emergency.

Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and Future Buddha were outside.

The formation was the last defense line for Daoism.

So Mahamayuri didnt have that layer of concern.

He glanced at the Daoism people present.

Feng Yunsheng sat down to recuperate.

Mahamayuri quickly looked away and finally stopped his gaze on Yang Jian and Suo Mingzhang.

Yang Jians glabella was split with the third vertical eye emitting brilliance.

It met with Mahamayuris gaze.

However, Suo Mingzhang took the first step forward instead.

“The Great Roc is seriously injured.

Daoist Yang can go ahead and fend off the others.

You have the ability to appear anywhere instantly.

Thus, youre our best candidate to back up every section of the battlefield.” Then, Suo Mingzhang looked at Yan Zhaoge and others and said, “Besides Bhikkhu Xuan Du, we need someone to protect them.

Youre more fit for the task.”

Suo Mingzhang turned his head, walking towards Mahamayuri step by step, “Mahamayuri, Suo Mingzhang is here to seek your teaching.”

A colossal fire dragon spawned above the short-haired mans head, filling the entire universe and the vast Nine Underworlds, looming and soaring.

The fire dragon was massive.

Its head and tail were thousands of miles apart as if it had drawn a line on the entire universe.

Twinkling stars shone in the blazing dragons body.

It resembled a Starry River composed of flames.

The Starry River was no longer the river of heaven but the terrifying heavenly fire capable of forging the stars.

The fire dragon roamed away and breathed out fire in the process.

There seemed to be an invisible barrier blocking the outside world.

Mahamayuri looked at Suo Mingzhang and said indifferently, “You could display your might when you fight the Origin Heart Devil, but its too early for you to fight with me.”

After that, Mahayamuri didnt utter a word and sent the Five-Colored Divine Radiance over.

Light rays were everywhere, shrinking the fire dragon as the divine radiance could crush it any second.

In response, Suo Mingzhangs eyes suddenly became sharper.

“Heaven Severing Art!” As he shouted, the graceful Heaven Severing Light unfolded.

They were like invisible blades, severing the Five-Colored Divine Radiance.

The invisible and colorless divine light severed Mahamayuris Five-Colored Divine Radiance!

Suo Mingzhang stepped forward and raised his hand.

The fiery Starry River seemed to be clenched tightly in his palm.

The scorching clenched fist hit Mahamayuri directly!

The power gathered by the collapse of countless stars even faintly staggered Mahamayuri forward as if he was about to rush into Suo Mingzhangs fist on his own.

“Heaven Severing Art, ya” Mahamayuri trembled slightly.

The Five-Colored Divine Radiance rotated, filled the sky again, and regained Mahamayuris footing.

Five-Colored Divine Radiance was everywhere and endless, crushing down the Starry River again.

Suo Mingzhang summoned the world creation power and charged it onto his fist, but he still couldnt deliver the punch at Mahamayuri yet.

Kong Xuan gave Suo Mingzhang a deep look, “In the future, you may be my nemesis.”

Heaven Severing Art was like the Immortal Slaying Flying Saber that restrained Yang Jian or the Ruyi Golden Pagoda that restrained Ne Zhas lotus incarnation.

“But, its still too early for you.” Mahamayuri stood proudly, sending off the Five-Colored Divine Radiance non-stop.

Suo Mingzhang severed the divine light everywhere, like the falling guillotine.

He continuously severed the Five-Colored Divine Radiance deemed invincible by many.

However, the Five-Colored Divine Radiance was endless.

It vented its wraith like the ferocious tide, unending.

The brawl was like a dam trying to stop the flood.

The flood soared higher with the tides intensified, and they began to show the momentum of overrunning the dam faintly.

Mahamayuri looked at Suo Mingzhang but saw the short-haired man smiling at the moment.

Even Yan Zhaoge and others rarely saw Suo Mingzhang in this manner.

It was an excited and joyful smile as if he was immersed in an incomparably magnificent scene.

In the eyes of the short-haired man, there was an unprecedented frenzy.

Mahamayuri and Five-Colored Divine Radiance had undoubtedly earnt his prestige for three eras.

In todays world, he was indefinitely close to invincible under the Dao Realm.

Suo Mingzhang, at this moment, was like a pine tree on the top of an independent mountain, facing the cold wind.

The chilly wind remained strong and bone seeping.

It blew the pine tree into any direction it pleased.

The most thrilling part was that as time went by, the Heaven Severing Light that seemed to be washed away by Five-Colored Divine Radiance gradually became stronger.

The Five Colored Tides intensified, on the verge of washing away the transparent embankment.

But as time passed, the seemingly precarious dam never fell!

Later, it showed signs of being firmly rooted to the ground.

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