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Chapter 1779: Unpleasant Victory

Bhikkhu Xuan Du was at the critical moment of refining the Nine Underworlds.

Suddenly, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor backstabbed, sowing all of the Bhikkhu Xuan Dus previous efforts.

The emperor only needed to work from the previously established efforts.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du was rendered helpless about it.

What annoyed him further was the thunder nets derived from the Triratna Jade Sceptre had already linked the remaining Nine Underworlds and the Taiji Image together, making him unable to disperse the Taiji Image and give it up.

The Taiji Image had trapped him in this situation and forced him to be on the same side as the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

The worse thing was that he wasnt the person who benefitted from this but merely made it happen.

Not only the people of Daoism but also the Buddhas of the Blessed Lands and demon race Great Sages were surprised upon witnessing it.

Some subconsciously looked at the Supreme Elder Lord in the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation.

Even though the Dao Ancestors were occupied, they were well aware of what happened.

However, the Elder Lord had seemingly turned a blind eye to this in the sea of ​​blood.

He did not even bat an eye on Bhikkhu Xuan Du.

Upon seeing this, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor also breathed a sigh of relief.

Regardless of whether the Elder Lord would mind it, he still bowed to the Elder Lord in the sea of ​​blood.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du looked extremely solemn and tried to reverse the ritual, but all his efforts were in vain.

“Senior Brother Southern Extremity, you…” Taiyi Cultivated Deity looked at the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

The Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor incarnated his hand seals, sending out thunder at the Triratna Jade Sceptre, continuing to charge it up.

He nodded to Taiyi Cultivated Deity, “My foundation is not as stable as Junior Brother Xuandu, and there is a risk of my martial art path being ruined, so I have kept it a secret.”

“Its not intentional to hide it, and I seek your understanding.” The Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor looked around at the Daoism folks and said slowly, “The competition for the great Dao is selfish.

I have to compete for the chance today, and I hope everyone helps me out.”

After a slight silence, Ne Zha continued to attack the Archaic Dipankara Buddha.

Both the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and Bhikkhu Xuan Du were members of Daoism.

No matter which of them succeeded, the Daoism lineage would have another Dao Ancestor added to their rank, thus benefiting the entire faction.

As things had unfolded after so many historical events, Three Clear Lineage was now united.

Jade Clear, Grand Clear, and Prime Clear were not overly concerned about their origins.

However, Ne Zha was much closer to the Jade Clear Southern Extremity, who also worked in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace in ancient times.

It was just that the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperors action of keeping things secret displeased Ne Zha.

But at this critical moment, Ne Zha could only suppress his dissatisfaction.

Having Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor or Bhikkhu Xuan Du attaining the Dao Realm was better than Archaic Dipankara Buddha or Dao Monarch Lu Ya getting it.

Yang Jian frowned, while the North Star Emperor suddenly blurted, “We originally arranged for Jian Shunhua to take away the authority of Devil of Aged Metal secretly, but instead, we invoke the Doomsday Heavenly Devil.

Did you secretly acquiesce it to happen

“Fellow Daoist North Star, thats incorrect.

It must be the Nine Underworlds secretly alluring Jian Shunhuas mind.” Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor did not admit it and turned to look at Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, “What happened to Fellow Daoist Feng is also unexpected.”

Feng Yunsheng was silent, while Yan Zhaoge directed his gaze toward the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

“Thus, youre related to Senior Brother Nie fallen prey into the Nine Underworlds hands” Yan Zhaoge asked another question.

“Back then, I was with Fellow Daoist Suo and Fellow Daoist Incongruence to fight against the Nine Underworlds, Buddhism, and the demon race.” The Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor added, “It is inevitable that other fellow Daoists will see that I am also aiming for Nine Underworlds.”

“However, I do have some clues about this matter.”

Having said that, he glanced at Bhikkhu Xuan Du, “At that time, Junior Brother Xuandu had been there.

As for what he did, I dont know.”

As soon as these words came out, Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye in the crystal plate were shocked.

Yu Ye involuntarily turned her head to look at Bhikkhu Xuan Du.

The chaotic image of annihilation surfaced in her eyes.

Regardless of whether Bhikkhu Xuan Du had done anything or had been there and done nothing, he had already sat idly and watched Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye being hunted down by Zhang Buxu because of the Chaos Extinguishing Origin Scripture.

The act of bystanding was an act of betrayal.

He watched Nie Jingshen being forced into the Nine Underworlds and incarnate as Devil of Aged Metal to save Yu Ye.

Not only this unfortunate incident, but what he did in the dark was simply heartbreaking.

If Bhikkhu Xuan Du did nothing, why would he make a trip there when he usually secluded in the Tu**a Palace

Was it to witness the rebirth of a new generation of Devil of Aged Metal

The Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor looked at Bhikkhu Xuan Du calmly, holding a jade slip in his hand, and said, “Although I discovered some clues after the incident, Junior Brother Xuandu managed to clean up the traces, and the truth was hidden to this day.”

“At that time, I didnt have enough confidence to attain Dao Realm, and Junior Brother Xuandu had more hopes for it.

So, to unite Daoism, I have kept it hidden.

I have long felt guilty about Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye.”

After that, he lightly touched the jade slip with his fingers, and a little light dust flew out of it.

Projection shot out from it, forming a looming picture.

The motion picture displayed the Land of Tranquil Stream on the edge of the Nine Underworlds.

In the devils realm, dark gold sword-light gushed out, and it was the moment when Nie Jingshen had fallen into a devil.

Outside the Nine Underworlds, a group of Clear Qi floated away.

Everyone in the room would recognize the qi belonging to the Grand Clear Lineage.

In the Clear Qi, Bhikkhu Xuan Dus draping ten extremities crane hat loomed.

The picture was a little blurry because the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor did not capture this information on the spot.

However, he arrived afterward and cleared off the secret art hiding the traces before harvesting them.

The green light in Yan Zhaoges pupils flickered.

He analyzed it with the Origin Heavenly Scripture and confirmed the scenes authenticity in no time.

Yang Jians third vertical eye opened.

Divine light swept over, and he was silent.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du watched that scene without speaking.

After the North Star Emperors first sentence, he had returned to calm now.

Taiyi Cultivated Deity looked at Yan Zhaoge and others with some worry.

The battle for the Dao had always been so cruel and difficult.

For Three Clear Lineage, creating another Dao Ancestor in addition to the Elder Lord at all costs was the top priority.

The description was cruel, but that was the reality.

It was undoubtedly another feeling for the direct party involved.

Ne Zhas offense against the Archaic Dipankara Buddha had slowed down.

He seemed worried with his lips moving a few times, but there were no words coming out.

The scene was a little quiet for a while.

Although the Daoism people still fought fiercely with the demons and Buddhas, everyone fell silent.

Feng Yunsheng and Yu Ye looked at the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor and Bhikkhu Xuan Du with complicated expressions.

If Daoism Lineage won today in the Nine Underworlds game, a new Dao Ancestor would be born, and the entire Daoism would benefit.

After achieving the Dao Ancestor and reaching the next level, he didnt need to worry or fear the exposure of the truth.

However, Feng Yunsheng and Yu Ye couldnt help but feel wrong in their hearts.

It would be an unpleasant victory.

“Southern Extremity does keep a shockingly low profile.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha suddenly said at this time, “But it is still too early to say that you will win.”

He put his palms together, “Now the variables seem to be over.

Its time.”

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