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Chapter 1780: Buddhist Stupa Overwhelming Everyone

Archaic Dipankara Buddha glanced at the Elder Lord in the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation as he spoke.

There, the five Dao Ancestors fought fiercely and were at a stalemate.

“Buddha is merciful.” The Archaic Buddha retracted his gaze, clasped his palms together, and whispered Buddhisms doctrine, “Fellow Daoist Kong Xuan, excuse me for this.”

Immediately after, Mahamayuri, who was fighting with Suo Mingzhang, trembled slightly.

Five light clusters flew out from him, one big and four small.

Everyone looked intently and saw a vajra and four sariras among the five light groups.

“It was the vajra Dao Ancestor Zhunti used to subdue the Mahamayuri in the past, and the Sakyamuni Sarira left behind after the Tathagata Buddhas transcendence!” Yan Zhaoge looked at the five light groups.

There were five Sakyamuni Sariras in total, one in Mahamayuris hand, one in Archaic Dipankara Buddhas hand, one in Bhante Anandas hand, one in Tu**a Palace, and one in Future Buddha Maitreyas hand.

After the twist and turns of events, Mahamayuri had four sariras, with the last left in Future Buddhas hand.

Future Buddha also promised to give this Sakyamuni Sarira to Mahamayuri after the current Nine Underworlds game to make up for him.

On the other hand, the vajra was Dao Ancestor Zhuntis treasure in ancient times.

Western Pure Lands used it to resist Mahamayuris might when fighting for the Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner.

However, the vajra could only work once, and then it fell into the hands of Kong Xuan.

In the end, Western Pure Lands had no Green Lotus Treasured Flag, no Vajra, no Earthly Yin Yang Apricot Banner, and no more Sakyamuni Sarira in their possession.

In the current Nine Underworlds game, Western Pure Lands had to face Mahamayuris assistance in the demon race.

In the battle under Dao Realm, Daoism Three Clear Lineage stood out.

They could overwhelm the demon, buddha, and devil at the same time.

Even though sordid history was exposed on Bhikkhu Xuan Du and the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, Daoism still suppressed the Buddha and the demons single-handedly.

Before Daoism entered the fray, Dao Monarch Lu Ya had won against the Archaic Dipankara Buddha through Mahamayuris assistance.

Western Pure Lands had persisted until now, and it seemed that they could only roam in the outer area, losing the chance to gain benefits.

In the current Nine Underworlds game, Archaic Dipankara Buddha seemed to be the first to make a move.

However, the Archaic Buddha made a surprise move in the final part.

Mahamayuri looked up and saw a “卍” character on the vajra.

The “卍” character rotated with pure and translucent radiance sprinkled all over the place.

In the brilliance, the green lotus blossoms, like the hometown of bliss and longevity.

It resembled the Blessed Lands on the other side of samsara.

A Buddha figure was looming in it.

It vaguely showed the image of Amitabha!

“Amitabha is competing as well, mainly to fight for the opportunity to kill Maitreya Buddha before he transcends.

If Amitabha fails, the Western Pure Lands will have a new transcended Buddha garrison in their forces.”

Thus, the onlookers here understood the reason for what was happening.

It appeared that the Western Pure Lands, being kicked out of the game first, had been waiting patiently to achieve the final victory in one fell swoop.

Amitabha and Archaic Dipankara Buddha had already made arrangements for this!

The blessed vajra and the four Sakyamuni Sariras also emit golden light, illuminating in all four directions.

Four huge Buddha statues stood out in the golden brilliance, occupying four positions respectively and guarding the vajra in the middle.

The four golden Buddhas suppressed the battlefield.

The great thousand worlds and the Nine Underworlds seemed to have become still, and the living creatures within them could not move.

At this moment, it appeared as if the Sakyamuni Buddha had returned to the world!

Not only Mahamayuri, the original owner of sarira, but others were also affected.

Yang Jian, Suo Mingzhang, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, Bhikkhu Xuan Du, Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, Ne Zha, Yuan Hong, Bull Demon King, North Star Emperor, Taiyi Cultivated Deity…

Everyone present felt a lot of pressure and could barely defend themselves.

At this time, everyone understood that Western Pure Lands deliberately gave the vajra and four sariras to Mahamayuri!

The four golden Buddhas became more and more dazzling.

They finally merged into one, turning into a massive Buddhist stupa and suppressing the entire universe.

All but the Western Pure Lands Buddhas were pressured under the stupa.

Yan Zhaoges trio sat cross-legged in cultivation.

Feng Yunsheng had become weak physically and mentally.

North Ocean Clone was also weakened after returning to its original form along with Xu Fei and Pan Pan.

Luckily, the North Ocean Clone had succeeded in practicing Paramount Yin Yang Profound Arts with a robust physique.

The clone immediately picked up Ru Yi Golden Cudgel and lifted it, shielding the pressure from Yan Zhaoges group.

The Dao Ancestors in the sea of ​​blood were naturally unaffected.

From the corner of his eyes, Eastern Sovereign Taiyi glanced at the Buddhist stupa in the form of four golden Buddhas and immediately retracted his gaze.

Amitabhas expression was calm.

The Elder Lord turned a blind eye to this and swung his crutch at Primordial Heavenly Devil and Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil repeatedly.

The five Dao Realm bigwigs fought back and forth in the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation.

Buddha light was also spread throughout the endless void.

There was an endless sword qi looming, concentrating on one point, penetrating the Buddha light, and thus being a threat to the Buddha stupa pagoda.

Both Incongruence Divine Mother and Cloudy Firmament Fairy remained silent and did not intervene in the dispute between Bhikkhu Xuan Du and the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor.

But they would not ignore it as the Western Pure Lands made a move.

However, at the moment when Immortal Extermination Formation made a move, the White Jade Door seemed to loom above them.

That Jade Door seemed to be targeting Daoisms universe faintly.

Immeasurable Heavenly Lord alone could not crack the Immortal Extermination Formation.

However, if the Immortal Extermination Formation emerged now and could no longer threaten the Immortal Court, then the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord would take over the Daoism descendants in Zhuluo Royal Reed Heavens and other places.

Future Buddha suffered a significant loss previously, being suppressed by the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord in the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

As a result, his mobility was affected.

Although he faintly occupied the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord had been the offensive side.

The heavenly lord was free to fight and go as he pleased.

Under the current circumstances, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord could suppress the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus by himself.

At the same time, he could also contain the Daoism Immortal Extermination Formation, which made the Incongruence Divine Mother and Cloudy Firmament Fairy worried.

Immortal Extermination Formation was looming in the void, accumulating power but not exerted.

If the Archaic Dipankara Buddha attained Dao Realm and contributed to another Buddha Ancestor to the Western Pure Lands in addition to Amitabha, the worldly situation would have a significant shift.

The current concern was that the Buddhist stupa was transformed from the treasure left by the Tathagata Buddha.

The Immortal Extermination Formation might not suffice to break it through brute force head-on.

The formation might shorten the duration of the Buddhist stupa, but it was uncertain whether it would be able to stop the Archaic Dipankara Buddha in time.

Immeasurable Heavenly Lord was eyeing Daoisms universe, being a looming threat.

Thus, Incongruence Divine Mother and Cloudy Firmament Fairy were stuck in a deep consideration if they would gamble their Daoism foundation and compete recklessly for the opportunity in the current Nine Underworlds situation.

In the Nine Underworlds, Archaic Dipankara Buddha looked at the Buddhist stupa and heaved a sigh of relief.

However, he didnt dare to delay any longer.

He quickly came above the sea of ​​blood, evolved the “卍” character onto it, and began to refine the spirit patterns of the sea of ​​blood.

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