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Chapter 1786: Reclaiming The Sea Suppressing Pearls Back To Daoism

The momentum was capable of splitting open the sea and severing the sky.

Yan Zhaoge ripped apart the sea of ​​white flames the Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva incarnated with his Buddha light.

“When he was in the Grand Virtual Realm previously, he integrated the Three Clear Lineages martial art techniques and created his new line of Supreme Martial Art.

There were still traces of it, and we could vaguely see the source.” Below the Central Sara Stupa, Dao Monarch Lu Ya witnessed Yan Zhaoges move and frowned, “Now, I cant see any clues.”

Yan Zhaoge split the flames in the sky, reached out one hand, and incarnated a sword with his middle and index fingers.

Then, he stabbed toward Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva.

Bodhisattva summoned a lotus under his feet that held him up and backed away.

However, Yan Zhaoge was faster this time.

Although Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva utilized the Lotuses Steps technique, Yan Zhaoges fingertips still got closer and closer to him.

Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva reluctantly put his palms together, condensing a boundless light Dharmakaya.

Endless brilliance spread all over the place, and then all contracted to one point.

In front of Bodhisattva Dharmakayas chest, the white light condensed into a nine-petal lotus seat.

The lotus seat flew forward leisurely, facing Yan Zhaoges sword light at the fingertip.

Wherever the lotus seat passed was all seared, forming an empty path in the void amidst the devils domain.

The boundless brilliance was highly condensed and compressed, forming an unimaginable high temperature superior to the blazing flame.

The light repelled and destroyed everything it encountered.

The nine petals lotus seat was on the offensive with terrifying power as it clashed against Yan Zhaoges sword light.

Compared with this nine-petal lotus seat, Yan Zhaoges sword glow was like a candle in the wind, indistinguishable.

But when the two sides collided, the seemingly weak sword light actually pierced the nine-petal lotus seat!

The pierced lotus seat grew unstable.

The brilliance had faltered to gather at one point and began to disperse to its surroundings.

The radiance shone all over the place but lost the boundless, insurmountable, and infinity concepts.

Any loss of the radiance was irreversible.

As the nine-petal lotus seat shattered, the light quickly became dim.

That seemingly ordinary sword light stretched out like a flame, continuing to stab at Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva.

“Buddha is merciful.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha looked at the sea of ​​blood on the verge of being fully depleted with only some remaining amount.

After a long sigh, he chanted Buddhisms doctrine.

Then, he hurled the 18 Sea Suppressing Pearls at Yan Zhaoge, using his offense to force Yan Zhaoge back to a defensive stance to help Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva out.

Sea Suppressing Pearl shone in five colors, dazzling the eyes and stunning the soul of the onlookers.

Yan Zhaoge looked at the sky and blew three breaths.

Three puffs of Clear Qi gathered above his head like a sea of ​​clouds.

The five-colored rays of Sea Suppressing Pearl were covered by the Clear Qi, unable to reach Yan Zhaoge.

The orb that was as heavy as the heavens fell hit Yan Zhaoges head.

Yan Zhaoge turned a blind eye to the treasures famous for killing many top-notch bigwigs.

The sword light flashed on his fingertips.

After piercing the nine-petal lotus seat, he incarnated another sword and continued to advance.

Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva wanted to dodge away, but the indestructible sword light still pierced his forehead.

The Buddhas Golden Body, which exuded bright brilliance, was like a deflated balloon.

Yan Zhaoge withdrew his fingers.

The wound on Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattvas forehead kept radiating from within.

His action of retrieving the sword seemed to take away Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattvas life.

At the same time, Sea Suppressing Pearl smashed over Yan Zhaoges head.

Yan Zhaoge didnt seem to be able to dodge in time.

However, he opened up his Spirit Yin Centre at this moment, and another white air rose into the sky.

[TN: The Spirit Yin Centre is located between eyebrows.]

Agitated by this white air, the three Clear Qis above Yan Zhaoges head merged.

It was the art of Three Clears integrating into one Prana.

This Prana changed rapidly, forming a baldachin covering Yan Zhaoges head.

On the top of baldachin, there were many wonderful images.

It was layered, resembling a pagoda.

The bottom was chaotic, indistinct, and indescribable as if possessing the illusory property when the primordial gulf had not been opened.

The primordial gulf above opened up, signifying the beginning of the universe.

The chaotic earth, water, fire, and wind darted around; the early heaven scene was turbulent.

Then, the Grand Cosmos Five Manifestations manifested the five virtues, redefined the earth, water, fire, and wind, established the heavens and earth, divided the yin and yang, and began word creation.

After the great changes, all creatures were born.

Thousands of worldly scenes were presented one by one.

Layer after layer constantly arose.

Many wonderful images were superimposed together.

In the end, creation ended.

Everything perished and reverted to nothing.

That indescribable and unfathomable concept stood on the top of the baldachin, looming like a jewel.

But that was not the end of it.

It seemed to summon a new beginning, evolving another primordial gulf to open up and evoking word creation.

As a result, the cycle and the images were endless.

On the edge of the baldachin, endless Clear Qis were hanging down like silk ribbons.

The domineering Sea Suppressing Pearl fell on the baldachin on Yan Zhaoges head with the momentum of heaven falling to the earth, but everything went silent upon the impact.

Pieces of heaven shrank back to the shape of colorful orbs as if they fell on a plate.

In the end, Yan Zhaoges baldachin had a firm grasp on them.

Feng Yunsheng, Mahamayuri, Yang Jian, and Suo Mingzhang were high-spirited upon this sight.

Dao Monarch Lu Ya, Ne Zha, and the others showed expressions of astonishment.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha, who was facing Yan Zhaoges attack, had his mind and heart rampaged by emotions.

As a result, he could no longer reclaim the typical calmness of a Buddha.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha knew things would go wrong when he saw the baldachin on the top of Yan Zhaoges head.

He hurriedly tried to retrieve the Sea Suppressing Pearl.

As a result, the Sea Suppressing Pearls that landed on the baldachin shook and swayed, but it was difficult to break away from the baldachin as if they were stuck to it.

No matter how hard the Archaic Dipankara Buddha tried, those Sea Suppressing Pearls struggled on the baldachin.

They still couldnt fly away.

“This is our inescapable fate.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha sighed in the sky.

He had to discard the Sea Suppressing Pearl being held hostage on the baldachin.

This treasure that belonged to bigwig Zhao Gongming of the Prime Clear Lineage and later fell into the hands of Archaic Dipankara Buddha for more than a century had finally returned to the hands of Daoism lineage.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha not only abandoned the Sea Suppressing Pearl but also moved away from the abyss of the sea of ​​​​blood and escaped far away.

After much rigorous planning for the Nine Underworlds game, the Western Pure Lands finally chose to give up.

Otherwise, all the Buddhas, including Archaic Dipankara Buddha, would perish today!

Seeing that Yan Zhaoge had ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm, Archaic Dipankara Buddha and the Buddhist Bante committed the three fallacies of greed, hatred, and delusion and bravely confronted Yan Zhaoge.

It was all because they felt his success was just around the corner.

However, it turned out that betting on a fluke was not a good idea.

Yan Zhaoge advanced, uncontended.

He was invincible, defeating the Pure Lands Buddhas!

Archaic Dipankara Buddha and others were alerted because of the defeat.

They retreated decisively.

As if nothing had happened, Yan Zhaoge walked to the top of the sea of ​​blood step by step.

He looked down at the spirit patterns of the blood sea formation below and stood on the countless “卍” characters.

He swiped his palm down.

The Buddha runes with pure gold and colored-glaze appearance disappeared all at once.

“Benefactor Yans cultivation is astonishing.” Archaic Dipankara Buddha sighed, “Its just that you recently attained the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Although youre strong, you are still far from Dao Realm.

Since you are taking an unprecedented path, the Nine Underworlds situation is not suitable for you.

How about you give the chance to Fellow Daoist Xuandu or Fellow Daoist Southern Extremity”

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