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Chapter 1797: The Veritable Path To Immortality!

Thinking of the dangers along their previous journey, the Daoism folks were quite sentimental deep down their hearts.

“Its time to attack the Immortal Court.” At this moment, a voice entered everyones ears.

Above the void, the green lotus, the jade door, the chaos orb, and the black mirror had disappeared.

Likewise, the Taiji Image had gone as well.

Thus, the ancient bronze bell and the white lotus had also left.

Only the Golden Cudgel fell into this newly established world.

In a flash of brilliance, the Monkey wearing a Daoist robe reappeared in front of everyone.

Although the Monkeys appearance was similar to the past, the Monkey exuded a mighty air to the surrounding folks.

“Congratulations to the Great Sage Heavenly Lord Ancestor for your first victory.” Yan Zhaoge and others congratulated the Monkey altogether.

The Monkey raised a hairy paw and waved it, “We let the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil get away in the end.

It isnt a win.”

“However, that devil suffered a big loss.

He has to hide and lick his wound.” The Monkey said, “In addition, Amitabha was also injured this time, and he could not make a move for a while.

Otherwise, the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi would be ahead of him much farther.

Even without Maitreya Buddha, the Eastern Sovereign will be one step ahead of Amitabha.”

Yan Zhaoge and others heard those affirming words, and their eyes lit up.

“At that time, we will have to invite the Great Sage Heavenly Lord Ancestor to participate,” said Taiyi Cultivated Deity.

“Give it all out.

I will not be absent by then.” The Monkey laughed.

His roots were in the Plains of Nuwa and the demon race.

Although he had now given up the Earthly Essence Stone, his close relationship was still there.

However, he followed Daoisms path to attain the Dao Realm.

“Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, hehe, its time for me to greet him.

Its better that Amitabha and the Primordial Heavenly Devil dont come to interrupt.” The Monkey raised his eyes as if his gaze fell on the Immortal Court.

“These can now be returned to their original owners.” Yan Zhaoges North Ocean Clone stepped forward with the Earthly Essence Stone and Ru Yi Golden Cudgel.

The Monkey waved his hand, “Little friend, keep those for yourself.

There is no need to return it to me.”

He looked at Yang Jian and Ne Zha again and said with a smile, “I was occupied previously, and I didnt manage to greet my two fellow acquaintances.”

“It was a blessing to be able to meet again after the catastrophe in the past.” Yang Jian smiled slightly.

Ne Zha did not say a word.

He looked at the Monkey with a lot of emotion in his eyes.

His master, Taiyi Cultivated Deity, could not help but cough to wake his disciple up.

The Monkey did not care about Ne Zhas slightly rude glance and pointed to Yang Jian with a smile, “Yang Erlang, you are not far from the Dao Realm.

I will be waiting for you.”

Then, he looked at Yan Zhaoge and smiled, “Dont be too late, little friend.”

“We have our destiny.

It cant be rushed, but we wont be late either.” Yan Zhaoge and Yang Jian laughed when they heard the Monkey.

Attaining Dao Realm depended on external opportunities besides themselves.

As the Archaic Dipankara Buddha, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, Bhikkhu Xuan Du, and Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor missed the current opportunity, there might be no chance for them anymore.

Among them, the Archaic Dipankara Buddha was prepared as early as the Middle era, and he had been quietly planning and waiting.

However, as he failed today, the past efforts would be in vain.

Yan Zhaoge and Yang Jian naturally understood the reason behind it.

But with their hearts and spirits, they were not short of self-confidence.

“Little friend, you still need some time to accumulate your foundation.

However, your chance to attain Dao Realm is a little hard to find.” The Monkey then said to Suo Mingzhang and Feng Yunsheng, “Little Junior Feng, you need to be patient and wait for the doomsday to come.”

Suo Mingzhang and Feng Yunsheng cupped their hands and thanked the Monkey for his advice.

After a few more chatters, everyone left the newly created world.

Turning their head to look back, they saw a Golden Cudgel spanned across this piece of universe, stretching across the endless void.

The development and changes in that creation had suddenly become much faster.

The chaotic time and space had gradually stabilized.

The four primal elements of earth, water, fire, and wind calmed down with many worlds looming.

“What a vast world.” Yan Zhaoge and others looked at each other.

The climax of the event was over.

There would be new developments after the Nine Underworlds game with the devil dao periled.

Although the Monkey had established the world, there could be a new battle if other Dao Ancestors intervened.

However, in comparison, the Daoism and demon races were bound to have an advantage over the Western Pure Lands.

The next step for Western Pure Lands and Immortal Court was to stabilize themselves.

They need to worry more about potential advances from orthodox Daoism and the Astro Mountains Starry Sea.

In fact, Yan Zhaoge and others thought of ​​​​taking advantage of the victory.

In a flash of thought, Yan Zhaoge and his party swiftly crossed the world.

They returned to Daoisms universe and returned to their respective cave manor.

Yan Zhaoge returned to Sky beyond Skies Broad Creed Mountain with Feng Yunsheng and Xu Fei.

The sect members on Broad Creed Mountain congratulated Yan Zhaoge for landing in the Grand Heavenly Realm.

After Yan Zhaoge greeted everyone, he first asked, “Has my father come back yet”

He landed in the Grand Heavenly Realm, plus he cultivated the Origin Heavenly Scripture.

Thus, his perception was quite sharp.

Yan Zhaoge not only felt that Yan Di had come back but also vaguely felt that Yan Di had also successfully survived the Origin Heavenly Tribulation and achieved the Grand Heavenly Realm.

“Hes only a little earlier than you guys, but as soon as he returns, he enters into a seclusion.” Yuan Zhengfeng said, “And its strict seclusion.

We have no idea on the specific circumstances, but he left a message that its about the jade token plate he got back earlier.”

Yan Zhaoge went into deep thoughts upon hearing the notification.

It appeared that mystical properties in the jade token template were related to Yan Di.

Yan Di seemed to have gotten the secrets after entering the Grand Heavenly Realm.

It was unknown as to how long it would take.

The seclusion time varied, but it was generally an extended period.

While Yan Zhaoge was occupied in thoughts, the others looked at him with admiration in their hearts.

It felt like a dream, even if they were in the same sect.

The father-and-son duo attained the Grand Heavenly Realm together, unprecedented in everyones memory.

Feng Yunsheng next to Yan Zhaoge was even more awe-inspiring.

Xu Fei stood by and smiled.

As someone who personally participated in the Nine Underworlds game, he even witnessed the whole process where Yan Zhaoge took part.

The 35th Buddha in the Central Blessed Lands of Saha ranked only below the Tathagata Buddha was defeated.

Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva and Samantabhadra Bodhisattva took both the Buddhist path and Daoism path.

Thus, they escaped their doom because of Yan Zhaoges mercy to a similar lineage.

Jizo Bodhisattva was beaten into reincarnation.

Mahasthamaprapta Bodhisattva, the right hand of the Amitabha, perished.

Archaic Dipankara Buddha, ranked second in Western Pure Lands, had his Sea Suppressing Pearls taken and fled.

Bhikkhu Xuan Du and the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor were both members of Daoism and survived.

However, one was suppressed, and the other had his Triratna Jade Sceptre seized and fled with serious injuries.

Nine Underworlds six Extinct Devils: Earth Devil, Water Devil, and Wood Devil perished under Yan Zhaoges hand.

Even the leader of the devils and the first devil — Origin Heart Devil, under Dao Realm, was also subdued by Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge almost single-handedly wiped out the crowd.

Then, there was the Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles, who suffered a critical blow from Yan Zhaoge while he was still in the Grand Virtual Realm.

“Grand Heavenly Physique has the properties of being immortal and ubiquitous.” Xu Fei laughed softly, “Even compared with other Grand Heavenly Immortals, Junior Brother Yan has embarked on a veritable path of immortality.”

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