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Chapter 1800: Visiting the Immortal Court!

Since the Monkey had attained the Dao Realm, his next step was to seek transcendence.

Putting aside the secluded Supreme Elder Lord, who could do almost anything, the Monkey was a competitor in the path of transcendence for Eastern Sovereign Taiyi and Future Buddha Maitreya to a certain extent.

However, the Monkey had only just attained Dao Realm in this era.

Even though Eastern Sovereign Taiyi was not certain how the Monkey could achieve transcendence, he was confident with himself, considering he was one of the ancient beings.

At present, the only existence that could compete with him in this era was Amitabha.

As long as Eastern Sovereign Taiyi won in this era, what happened in the next era would not matter to him.

Sure enough, Eastern Sovereign Taiyi was pleased to see the new Dao Ancestor being a close ally who could look after the demon race after his transcendence.

Relatively speaking, the competition between the Monkey and Future Buddha Maitreya was more intense, even though it was not a direct conflict since their paths were different.

Although they were all competing for the transcendent slots, there was still room for cooperation before the final moment.

“Maitreya Buddhas most direct competitor has always been the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.” Feng Yunsheng said, “Speaking of which, the two heretic ancestors only have the standing to compete with other Dao Ancestors after one of them is defeated.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “Yes, thats right.

Having the Great Sage ascension to Dao Realm greatly boosts orthodox Daoism.

He is inherently standing against the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

Even if he is not close to Maitreya Buddha, he is a much better candidate than the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

Thats the reason why Maitreya Buddha helped earlier.”

After a slight pause, Yan Zhaoge touched his chin, “Also, what Great Sage said earlier seems intricate.”

“You mean…” Feng Yunsheng asked, “Great Sage seems to have a different view on the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and is interested in fighting against him.”

“Yeah.” Yan Zhaoge commented thoughtfully, “The Great Sage has attained the Dao Realm and can see through many things.

He is not as tight-lipped as other Dao Ancestors and reveals some secrets in the worlds destiny.”

Feng Yunsheng relaxed his brow, but she soon frowned again, “We can be certain that the Purple Tenuity Emperor has sacrificed for our Daoism back then.”

“Ya, lets go.” Yan Zhaoge raised his feet and stepped forward, “Since it has been decided to attack the Immortal Court, some things need to be prepared in advance.

Lets get those settled altogether this time.”

Yan Zhaoges figure faded out.

Soon, what lay before him had changed from Jade Sky Peak to Ingenious Flying Peak Red Lotus Cliff.

Feng Yunsheng traveled with him.

Looking at the Red Lotus Cliff, she was in anxiety but looked forward to it at the same time.

After Meng Wan finally found Fu Yunchi, the father-and-daughter duo came to Red Lotus Cliff and spent most of the years at Ingenious Flying Peak.

The rest of the time was spent with Chen Mingying, her mentor in Eight Extremities World.

In the past, the Turbid Wave Pavilion had long established its foundation in Sky beyond Skies and a firm foothold.

Tang Yonghao established a new Sacred Sun Clan, but Chen Mingying did not return and remained in Turbid Wave Pavilion as a helper.

Thousands of years had passed.

Under normal circumstances, Chen Mingying should have been old and his life expectancy exhausted.

Thanks to the grafted fruit tree on Broad Creed Mountain.

The fruit produced was far less effective than the natural ginseng fruit, but it also has the wonderful effect of prolonging life.

Meng Wan obtained a fruit from Broad Creed Mountain for Chen Mingying so that he could acquire the rejuvenation effect.

In addition to residing and accompanying Chen Mingying at Red Lotus Cliff, Meng Wan sometimes went to Wutong Slope for a few days.

The former residence that belonged to her mother, Liu Xianting, had already been rearranged.

The current master of Wutong Slope, Mao Yuansheng, also taught her the Supreme Martial Arts of the Phoenix True Shape Scroll, making Meng Wan the head of the two families.

When Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng went to Ingenious Flying Peak, Meng Wan was there too.

After she attained the Immortal Realm that year, she also developed her cave manor on Ingenious Flying Peak outside Red Lotus Cliff.

There were also Fu Ting and He Xixing, who had also broken through the Immortal Mortal Tribulation.

However, as Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng visited Ingenious Flying Peak Red Lotus Cliff, they returned to the cliff to meet with Fu Yunchi.

Meng Wan, Fu Ting, and He Xixing had one thing in common.

They knew about the Immeasurable Heavenly Lords existence before becoming an Exalt at Martial Saint Realm.

Thus there was a secretive illumination seed planted in their hearts.

The existence of this kind of seed made it possible for them to be illuminated by the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord remotely.

Also, it would wear away their cultivation if it was not eradicated.

Over the years, hidden dangers had always existed, but the troubles had never erupted.

Yan Zhaoges group tried their best to remedy it.

Due to the calamity that befallen Fu Yunchi back then, Meng Wan and the others were not the only ones who had similar experiences.

The three of them had the highest cultivation and most remarkable achievements.

More than a thousand years had passed.

Most people suffering the same calamity had met the end of their lifespan.

They had returned to dust without causing greater impact but more losses to the world.

But those who were still alive still had to face the problems after all.

“After experiencing the Origin Heavenly Tribulation and realizing the truth of heaven and earth, I gained a lot of new things.” Yan Zhaoge looked at Fu Yunchi, Meng Wan, Fu Ting, and others in front of him, “After looking into your situation, I have more confidence in my plan.

But, I still have to visit the Immortal Court in the end.”

After Yan Zhaoge achieved the Grand Heavenly Realm, he checked the situation of Meng Wan, Fu Ting, and He Xixing again.

Since he had broadened his horizon, he observed their case from a different view.

He already had a plan in his mind, and now he was more certain of it.

Yan Zhaoge pondered in his heart and thought he had great odds.

Fu Yunchis father-and-daughter duo were thrilled when they heard Yan Zhaoges words.

“I made a big mistake in the past and have been uneasy all these years.

Now, thanks to the help of Heavenly Lord, I can finally amend the situation.

Im ashamed about it.” Brocade Sovereign Fu Yunchi thanked Yan Zhaoge and then looked at Meng Wan and He Xixing apologetically.

Fu Ting was living in Immortal Court back then, and that was all.

Meng Wan and He Xixing suffered this disaster, but it could be said that Fu Yunchi himself caused it when he lost his mind.

Over the years, he had been feeling guilty about it.

Since Yan Zhaoge had a solution, Fu Yunchi was naturally delighted and relieved.

Meng Wan, Fu Ting, and He Xixing were also overjoyed and thanked Yan Zhaoge.

Although they were no longer mortals, the three of them were still feeling excited at the moment.

Feng Yunsheng and Meng Wan glanced at each other and smiled.

Yan Zhaoge reached out his finger, sketched in the air, and wrote three talismans out, which fell into the Spirit Yin Centre of the three people.

“Before the deed is done, I suggest you all not leave Sky beyond Skies just to be safe and prevent our enemies from attacking out of desperation at the last moment.” Yan Zhaoge instructed, “Utilized all the arts we laid out earlier.

Get into a state with the absence of thoughts as you got your hand on my talisman.”

Meng Wan, Fu Ting, and He Xixing all nodded.

“Dont worry.

Just wait until I come back.” Yan Zhaoge stood up and smiled, “Ill go to Immortal Court now.”

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