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Chapter 1802: Assaulting the Immortal Court!

Yan Zhaoge had not used the Dim Radiant Wheel for many years, but the Dim Radiant Wheel was always with him.

Its sole purpose was for the expedition at Immortal Court today!

In the past, after taking the Canghua Heavenly Tree transformed from the remains of the Bright Connection Emperor Hu Yuexin back to Sky beyond Skies, Yan Zhaoge promised in front of the Canghua Heavenly Tree that he would use the Dim Radiant Wheel transformed from the remains of Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxia to kill off the heretics who besieged him back then personally.

Now, it was time for Yan Zhaoge to fulfill his promise.

Wang Guan, Lu Yue, Yin Jiao, and other Immortal Court Grand Heavenly Immortals were on the side.

However, Yan Zhaoge ignored them for the time being and sought out those who participated in the besiegement of Yin Tianxia.

Some of those who participated in the battle were no longer alive, and only five people were still alive today.

Among the five people in front of him, Yan Zhaoge saw the Snow Emperor, who he had met once in the past.

When he met him that year, he faintly activated the Dim Radiant Wheel, allowing Yan Zhaoge to witness the last moments of the Dim Radiant Emperor Yin Tianxias life through the Dim Radiant Wheel.

Yan Zhaoge stared at them without any emotions.

The Dim Radiant Wheel rose and fell, neither hurried nor slow, smooth and orderly.

As the light and darkness interchanged, there seemed to be an execution platform erected in the air.

The Dim Radiant Wheel rose and fell on the platform, killing the five Immortal Court martial art practitioners in front of Yan Zhaoge!

On the Immortal Courts territories, jade light emerged, criss-crossed, turned into a magnificent pagoda, and suppressed Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge ignored it, raised the Dim Radiant Wheel high, then smashed it down, killing the Immortal Courts martial art practitioners in front of him.

Blossoming Iridescent Clouds surrounded his body, isolating the jade light from the outside.

At the same time, the baldachin on Yan Zhaoges head reappeared, withstanding the falling pagoda.

As the baldachin spun, the seemingly magnificent pagoda disintegrated suddenly.

After killing the Snow Emperor and the other five Immortal Court martial art practitioners who participated in the siege of Yin Tianxia, ​​Yan Zhaoge threw his hand into the sky.

The Dim Radiant Wheel flew into the air, hanging high in the Immortal Court like a dark sun shining on the Immortal Domain.

The dwellers of Immortal Court felt a chill in their hearts.

The Dim Radiant Wheel seemed to open its eyes to witness what was happening at the moment.

Yan Zhaoge took another step forward and walked in the direction of the Immortal Court.

Three Thousand Immortal Territories and tens of thousands of worlds were like beads with a broken thread at this moment, slipping away from the Immortal Court and disappearing into the endless void outside.

As Yan Zhaoge walked, the Immortal Courts borders struggled to keep on, gradually collapsing.

Yan Zhaoge did not trouble the mortals in the world.

Yan Zhaoge also ignored the lower cultivation martial art practitioners.

There were other people out there to settle these mundane matters.

However, all the people in the Immortal Court who had pushed open the Immortal Door were under Yan Zhaoges indifferent gaze.

The Immortal Court had Three Thousands Immortal Territories.

Under normal circumstances, there were about twelve Grand Heavenly Immortals, about seventy-two Grand Virtual Immortals, two hundred and sixteen Tranquil Profound Immortals, and about seven hundred and twenty Leakless True Immortals.

There might be a slight deviation in the number, but the standard was kept as such for a long time.

The previous success in illuminating the Nine Underworlds devils had further increased the number of Immortal Court powerhouses.

Their territory did not expand, and there might not be sufficient faith power to enshrine them in the future.

However, the Immortal Court had reached their highest numbers of powerhouses, far exceeding the previous peak as they illuminated the devils.

But at this moment, the number of heretics had lost its meaning.

Yan Zhaoge coughed softly.

Iridescent Clouds were summoned around his body, like patches of fertile soil.

From the fertile soil, green light surged.

As such, branches and leaves grew, and many towering trees were born.

“Daoist Brother Suo has taken revenge on Exalted Wood Luminary in the past, killing the Exalted Wood Luminarys opponent directly.” Yan Zhaoge looked around, “Today, I shall replicate the deed to worship my ancestors.”

White flowers bloomed on the towering trees.

At the same time, the branches bore heavy fruits.

However, this was not an ordinary fruit.

Instead, it was an existence composed of thunder and lightning!

The electric buzzing sound echoed through the world.

The thunder and lightning clusters flickered, expanding and contracting like breathing.

“The person in the heretics who leads to the Bright Connection Emperor Hu Yuexins misfortune in the past is still alive.

Thus, I will also settle this matter today.”

In Yan Zhaoges eyes, the graceful brilliance of purple and gold flashed, interweaving into a rune pattern.

He glanced at the heretics, and his gaze paused slightly on four of them.

Those Immortal Court powerhouses were like falling into an ice cave.

The lightning “fruits” on the towering trees around Yan Zhaoge fell off the branches and leaves one after another and smashed in all directions!

Including the four people he paid special attention to, the heretics were engulfed by the blasting thunder.

One after another treasured light imbued with faith power faded away.

The terrifying sea of ​​thunderlight surrounded Immortal Court Heavenly Palace, evoking the scene of a doomsday catastrophe and slaughtering the heretic immortals.

“My ancestors died because of the previous generation of Sword Buddha in the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, and I have personally avenged them.

However, their lifelong wish is to eliminate the heretics and set the right path.” The sea of thunder spitted apart.

Yan Zhaoge walked among the electricity, “Today, I shall use these two swords to pay respect to my ancestors.”

As he spoke, he raised both hands forward at the same time.

A sword light flew out from the left and right palms.

Two sword lights fluttered like a frightening dragon, flying in the universe and wandering in the Immortal Court.

Wherever the sword lights passed, blood painted that area.

The Immortal Court martial art practitioners failed to block and evade the attack.

Sword lights and thunder were everywhere.

They were unstoppable, and the heretics were massacred.

There was a faint surging Devil Intent in the void outside the Immortal Court.

Although the Chaos Orb had not been seen, the devil bigwigs who could appear here at this moment were undoubtedly the Primordial Heavenly Devil.

But at the same time, a white lotus was looming, facing the devil directly.

Future Buddha Maitreya was pleased to see the destruction of the Immortal Court.

He suffered in the previous Nine Underworlds game, and now he was reluctant to make a move.

He would lose to the Primordial Heavenly Devil head-on, but he could try to hinder the devil temporarily.

Of course, the temporary hindrance was enough for Yan Zhaoges massacre!

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge reenacted the scene where the Great Sage Equalling Heavens attacked the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace, single-handedly overturned the Immortal Court Heavenly Palace, driving straight in and unstoppable.

Although the Immortal Court had illuminated the devils with their numbers and strength rising, they all were eradicated under Yan Zhaoges hands.

Yan Zhaoge stepped into the magnificent Heavenly Palace.

Above his head was golden light crisscrossing and jade light crisscrossing, manifesting one pagoda after another and one palace after another.

Thus, a formation emerged to suppress him.

The magnificent arrays stacked and intertwined, forming a city of immortals, pressing down on Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge clenched his fist and punched upward.

Then, the falling city was shattered!

He stared at Immortal Court Heavenly Palaces pavilions and then took a slow breath.

The visible air waves swept forward like a tsunami, crushing down the magnificent palace in front of Yan Zhaoge.

One after another pavilions collapsed.

From a distance, it looked like wind blowing on the wheat field.

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