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HSSB179: The Yan Zhaoge who causes the numerous stars to lose their shine


Zhao Hao’s eyes were shining, his eyes fixed closely on Yan Zhaoge as his expression was grave as it had never been before.

He did not speak for a long time.

Elsewhere, there was someone who reacted similar to Zhao Hao, the Sacred Sun Clan’s Huang Jie.

Having always been waiting silently there, upon witnessing Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi forming an illusory heaven and earth, displaying a cultivation of the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar realm, Huang Jie’s eyes which had always remained calm and silent erupted with a brilliant light.

This light flickered and was gone in a flash, as his normal calm visage was very quickly resumed.

Having seen Yan Zhaoge execute Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder and defeat Xie Ziyi’s Thunderbolt Combo, Huang Jie’s originally silent gaze turned even deeper and more mysterious.

Beside him, after gazing at Yan Zhaoge for a long time, Tang Yonghao said softly, “I truly hope that I can quickly get a chance to spar with him.

Regardless of who the victory goes to, I believe that I would also gain much from the experience.”

Hearing his words, Huang Jie remained silent.

The others all gradually returned to their senses at this moment.

Everyone’s gazes fell on the trio of Xu Fei, Tang Yonghao and Song Chao.

Xie Ziyi having been defeated, of the knowledge of everyone here, there were only these three young Heavenly Connection Martial Scholars who possessed the qualifications to have a battle with Yan Zhaoge.

Sadly, Xu Fei and Yan Zhaoge were fellow disciples, and were on good terms.

Even if they wanted to clash, they could do so behind closed doors under the relationship of fellow disciples.

Tang Yonghao had clearly said that whatever the result, he would not fight someone of a lower cultivation level than him.

Therefore, everyone’s gazes fell on the Seven Seas Young Master, Song Chao.

The son of Jade Sea City’s City Lord Song Wuliang,  was a leading figure of Jade Sea City’s younger generation.

While having lost to the Shining Sword Tang Yonghao, just from that one exchange of theirs, it could be seen that Song Chao was well deserving of his reputation.

Also, he was hailed as one of the Four Young Masters alongside Yan Zhaoge.

While Jade Sea City and Broad Creed Mountain were allies, this didn’t mean that their disciples could not spar.

It was only that the smell of gunpowder in the air would be less thick, and it would not be a battle where life and death was hanging on the balance.

Still, Song Chao clearly didn’t have the intention of sparring with Yan Zhaoge.

Even while everyone’s gazes were on him, he remained mild and refined, retaining his calmness.

Seeing Song Chao like this, everyone knew that they were not fated to see a battle between Yan Zhaoge and Song Chao today.

Of the entire Heavenly Alliance Meet, up till now, there had been great battles between dragons and tigers with the three great Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar experts, Song Chao, Tang Yonghao and Xu Fei, that had been splendid to the extreme.

Even so, without a single doubt, the brightest, most dazzling shining star here, was the Broad Creed Young Master, Yan Zhaoge!

As an early Xiantian Martial Scholar, beating the late Xiantian Liu Shengfeng directly till he no longer had face to participate in the meet.

Just having stepped into the early Xiantian stage not long ago, he broke through within a short period of time once more, reaching the mid Xiantian stage.

Afterwards, as a mid Xiantian Martial Scholar, he relaxedly handed Xie Ziyi, hailed as the strongest beneath Heavenly Connection, a crushing defeat.

And in every single match, whether intentionally or unintentionally, Yan Zhaoge had faced his opponents head-on in the domains wherein they were the most proficient, defeating them in that area, causing his victories to appear even more indisputable.

In this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet, Yan Zhaoge resembled the blazing sun hanging high overhead, brightly illuminating the entire world beneath, causing the numerous stars to lose their shine.

Not only the crowd of younger generation disciples, even the spectating bigwigs exchanged glances, falling into a deep silence.

After a long time, Shan Shiweng sighed lightly, “Really, yet another Yan Wudi.”

The others all remained silent and unspeaking.

Even that Elder Mo, his face currently black, also didn’t open his mouth to speak.

Shan Shiweng sighed lightly once more, “Also, as this old man observes him, it actually seems like he even has the momentum of surpassing even his father before him.”

He swivelled his head to look at Fang Zhun, “Congratulations to Broad Creed Mountain, for having produced yet another true dragon.”

Fang Zhun nodded slightly, “Shan Shiweng is polite.”

Elder Mo stared at Yan Zhaoge, his gaze distant.

Similar to him were the Martial Grandmaster of Turbid Wave Pavilion currently sitting over Clear Concealed Lake and the Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan who had led his clan’s disciples here.

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, their gazes were all a little hard to see through as they seemed to contain some deeper meanings.

Fang Zhun, the Martial Grandmaster of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, as well as Jade Sea City’s Elder Chen and Shan Shiweng exchanged indiscernible looks, while their surface expressions were all as per normal.

On Hovering Island, there had first been the battles of the three great Heavenly Connection Martial Scholars, and then Yan Zhaoge’s domineering surpassing of levels in his defeat of Xie Ziyi.

This time’s Heavenly Connection Meet having proceeded to this point, while it was still not yet over, the minds of the Meet participants also gradually began to slacken.

Everything that they had experienced earlier already required them time to slowly digest and absorb.

However, just as everyone thought that this matter had come to a close, the situation suddenly changed!

The dense layer of clouds enveloping Clear Concealed Lake that remained eternally undissipated suddenly began roiling unceasingly, resembling water that was boiling.

The cloud layer exploded non-stop, resembling one bubble after another bursting apart unceasingly.

On the waters of Clear Concealed Lake beneath that were clear as jade, a faint black light suddenly appeared on the bottom of the lake; as a massive formation began appearing, numerous spirit patterns could be seen flickering as innumerable sigils circulated.

Illuminated by the black light, the lake’s waters instantly turned pitch black, while the clouds overhead also turned into roiling black clouds, black to the point that they resembled ink.

Red streaks of lightning continually traversed the all-encompassing sky of dark clouds, expanding outwards in all directions.

From time to time, a terrifying bolt of crimson lightning would descend, illuminating the horizon, yet not expelling that darkness, instead causing the scene before them to appear even more strange and mournful!

Beneath the black waters of the lake, the massive formation circulated, the black spirit patterns flickering with a gloomy light, emanating a feeling that was foul without compare.

To the northwest of Clear Concealed Lake, an originally calm stream of water that led into the lake suddenly turned violent.

As though it had a life of its own, that river water transformed into a strange dragon that caused ceaseless chaos, its entire body crimson as blood.

This strange dragon extended its head and the upper half of its body, entering Clear Concealed Lake as it stirred up ceaseless winds and winds, its lower half meanwhile extending far off into the distance.

That source, was in the Earth Domain.

From there, there seemed to be infinite, boundless power being infused into the strange dragon’s body, causing the chaos within Clear Concealed Lake to grow.

The strange dragon extended its claws, clawing towards that massive formation of black light at the bottom of the lake.

The formation became seemingly like a massive door, which, having been clawed at by the strange dragon, began to slowly open from both sides!

Instantly, a terrifying aura rapidly enveloped the entire Clear Concealed Lake, rising unceasingly as it expanded towards both sides.

That aura did not emanate a foul, evil feeling, yet caused one’s mind to drift, and made it hard to stabilise.

A strange force seemed to be unceasingly hooking all the deepest, darkest desires and negative emotions of everyone on this lake and magnifying them non-stop.

These desires and negative emotions seemed to have gained fertiliser as they rapidly took root and sprouted, bursting forth from the soil, rapidly growing to form huge trees that soared to the heavens.

And accompanied by their growth, the formation at the bottom of the lake also seemed to have gained nourishment as it circulated with greater ease than before, that terrifying aura also increasing several fold.

Because of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s information, the direct disciples of the various Sacred Grounds attending the Heavenly Connection Meet here had mostly actually already been forewarned of this by their Elders.

At this moment, facing this great, sudden change, already having been prepared, most of them were able to calm down and stabilise their minds in time.

As he carefully felt the changes within his mind, Yan Zhaoge gazed at the distant lake surface, seeing numerous bolts of crimson lightning flashing as within the lake, the massive figure of the blood-coloured strange dragon was visible at times whilst unseen at others as it floated and submerged.

Feeling that terrifying aura attempting to bewitch his mind into chaos, Yan Zhaoge knit his brows slightly, murmuring to himself, “It really is the Nine Underworld Evil Devils.”


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