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Chapter 1803: Only One Exception

Within the Immortal Court, the Three Thousand Immortal Territories disintegrated and drifted away.

The Heavenly Palace above the Nine Heavens also suffered a catastrophe at this moment.

Yan Zhaoge walked between the palaces and pavilions of the Heavenly Palace, razing everything to the ground!

The heretic immortals who took shelter in the palaces also vanished into ashes.

All the Immortal Court Heavenly Lords looked at Yan Zhaoge, who was walking briskly, with bitterness in their hearts.

“Flee as you can.

Where theres life, theres hope.” Stationary Year Tai Sui Heavenly Lord Yin Jiao said helplessly.

Heretics like them, who attained Grand Heavenly Realm through faith power, would be severely weakened even if they did not lose their cultivation realm.

It was just that the catastrophe had occurred in this world already.

No eggs stayed unbroken as the nest was overturned, but they still sought to fight for the slim chance of survival.

“Its our bitter fate!” Epidemic Welkin Emperor Lu Yue looked grim as he looked into the cosmic void.

More than one surging aura was looming there.

Orthodox Daoism had launched a frontal assault on the Immortal Court.

Even though it was only Yan Zhaoge present at the moment, many more powerhouses were lurking in the periphery and laying an inescapable net!

Grand Heavenly Realm powerhouses lurked in the endless void, became one with the void, and drifted with the void.

They were undetectable.

It was undeniable that orthodox Daoism would not give mercy to the Immortal Court Grand Heavenly Immortals.

Sure enough, it would be a massacre at the Immortal Court!

Daoism sought vengeance for the grievances accumulated since the Great Calamity.

They were only at the first step.

“We cant just sit still, right Three Clear Lineages also survived since back then.” A lazy voice sounded.

Looking at Grandiose Dream Heavenly Lord Wang Guan, the other heretics Heavenly Lords came into silence.

When someone heard the words “Three Clear Lineages”, their complexion changed slightly.

However, they could only sigh in the end.

Lu Yue was about to speak up.

However, he saw the unawake Wang Guan walking straight to face Yan Zhaoge.

A moment ago, he asked everyone to try their best to escape.

However, he seemed to be sending himself into the tigers mouth.

When others saw it, they couldnt help but be shocked.

“Follow Dao Brother Wang, dont take chances.

Since we have ventured into the heretic path, theres no going back!” Lu Yue shouted in a deep voice.

Wang Guan yawned, “Fellow Dao Brother, youre worrying too much.

If heaven destined this catastrophe today, we wont be able to avoid it.

If so, why not face it calmly and bravely We need to let them know that were capable of sacrificing ourselves for our cause.”

Ignoring the Immortal Court Heavenly Lords with different expressions behind him, the sleepy-looking man in a cyan robe walked toward Yan Zhaoge face to face.

Yan Zhaoge stopped and assessed Wang Guan, “I believe heretics are willing to sacrifice, but I thought that sentiment should only come from younger generations but not someone like you.”

“Im not questioning your will.

But, since you attain the Grand Heavenly Realm, you should have a good understanding of your own Dao.”

After listening to Yan Zhaoges words, Wang Guan had an indescribable expression.

His voice was exhausted, “Ya, I get to know a lot of things now, but I have already embarked on this path.

As Brother Lu Yue said, we have no room to change our course, and we can only follow the path to its end.”

“If we manage to follow our path, thats it; if we dont, things will end today.” Wang Guan smiled, “There are only two outcomes, but we only have one path to follow.”

Yan Zhaoge asked indifferently, “You have only one eras worth of lifespan at most when you attain the Grand Heavenly Realm.

Where else can you progress Im afraid you all can only continue moving forward when the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord has transcended.”

“Its notus anymore.” Wang Guan sighed longly, “Itsme, or any fellow Dao Brother among us.”

Yan Zhaoges eyes flashed, while the heretic immortals such as Lu Yue and Yin Jiao reacted differently.

Some looked calm and did not change their expressions; some were angered, wanting Wang Guan to shut up; some showed helplessness.

“On the day of the Immeasurable Heavenly Lords transcendence, he will sacrifice all believers, including those who have ascended to the Grand Heavenly Realm.” Wang Guan laughed again, “There is only one exception.

The person who will become the continuation of the lineage inherits this path and automatically ascends to the Dao Realm.

After that, the Immortal Court will be reopened and rebuilt.

Faith will be spread, and that will be a new beginning.”

“As for who this exception is, we cant say for sure right now.

Its not necessarily who is the strongest and who can succeed.

It depends who the Heavenly Lord wants to give the blessing.”

Wang Guan shook his head.

He did not avert the words he spoke to Yan Zhaoge.

His voice came out from a distance and echoed in the Immortal Court.

But at this moment, it did not matter.

In those thousands of worlds, there were other Daoism folks taking care of them.

Many of the heretics powerhouses were mostly wiped out by Yan Zhaoge.

From today onward, the Immortal Court was destined to be history.

“Maybe its the strongest one” Yan Zhaoge looked at him, then at Lu Yue, Yin Jiao, and others, “Its similar to the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, right In that case, maybe there is someone behind you, looking forward to your death with Qu Su”

“Oh, no.

He should be looking forward to your demise at the last moment to settle the victor with the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.” Yan Zhaoge looked at Wang Guan playfully.

Wang Guan said wearily, “But, looking at it now, it doesnt matter.”

He looked at Yan Zhaoge, “It doesnt make much difference if I take the initiative to come to you now or run away.”

“Since I cant choose to withdraw from this path, Ill stick to it to the end!”

The sleepy and languid look on the face of the man in the blue shirt was swept away.

There was an illusory fog all over him.

The entire Immortal Court Heavenly Palace and even the Immortal Territories were becoming dream-like.

At this moment, Grandiose Dream Heavenly Lord Wang Guan, the most potent Grand Heavenly Immortal under the Immortal Court Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, displayed his peak strength for his entire life.

“Its comparable to Qu Sus last sword back then, and its much better than orthodox Daoism Grand Heavenly Immortals.” Yan Zhaoge sighed slightly, looking around at the fog that surrounded him.

This place seemed to be a dream world, and it was difficult to distinguish between true and false; it was indistinguishable from reality.

The reality and fake were in Wang Guans grasp.

Wang Guan could turn reality into falsehood.

At the same time, he could turn the falsehood into reality.

The fog enveloped the Immortal Court, Yan Zhaoge, and Lu Yues group.

At this time, the other Grand Heavenly Immortals in Immortal Court also moved in unison, taking the opportunity to flee in separate ways.

Yan Zhaoges movement air was exquisite, comparable to Roc of Ten Thousand Cloudy Miles, Yang Jian, and others.

If no bigwigs were restraining him, it would be difficult for others to run away even if they wanted to.

As for whether Wang Guan could contain Yan Zhaoge, no one was certain.

However, he was already the center of everyones hope.

No one bothered to see the result of Wang Guan and Yan Zhaoges fight, but they went all out in fleeing to secure their destiny.

As for whether they could break through the interception of other Three Clear Lineages powerhouses on the periphery, it was not something in their mind now.

The immediate priority was to escape from Yan Zhaoge.

However, everyone had chills down their spines.

A glance seemed to pass through the fog and land on them!

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