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Chapter 1804: Annihilation!

In the illusory dreamland, Yan Zhaoges eyes remained clear, discerning the false and reality.

He stepped forward as if riding with the wind and spilling apart the opposing waves, separating the heavy fog in front of him.

In just a single step, Yan Zhaoge appeared in front of Wang Guan, treating the illusions as if they were nothing.

Immediately after, he slammed his palm down.

However, theWang Guan in front of him seemed like a phantom.

It was an afterimage as his main body did not seem to exist here.

Yan Zhaoges palm seemed to have passed through Wang Guans phantom, appearing as if his attack had struck empty air.

“Since you woke up from a dream today, why should you go back to sleep again” Yan Zhaoge looked calm.

His attacking palm stopped mid-air and pressed on top of the phantoms head.

A vortex seemed to have appeared in his palm.

As the vortex swirled, the surrounding mist was stirred up.

The phantoms appeared one after another, and then they were attracted to the bottom of Yan Zhaoges palm!

Yan Zhaoges palm continued to fall at this moment, and the “Wang Guan” under his palm was safe and sound.

But in the surrounding fog, there was a muffled groan.

The real Wang Guan stumbled and swayed.

His body was swaying like water waves.

He gritted his teeth, incarnating the hand seal with one hand in front of his chest while the other finger pointed at the center of his eyebrows.

The center of his eyebrows cracked, then spread.

Even Wang Guans figure had shattered.

What he seemed to enact was like a suicide.

However, the fabric of reality was twisted in the process.

It appeared he was forcibly erasing the actual damage that he had suffered.

However, despite Wang Guans best efforts, he could still feel the surging power of Yan Zhaoge coming, destroying his vitality.

The Immortal Courts Grandiose Dream Heavenly Lord took a deep breath, and his eyes became determined.

Immediately after, the phantom-shaped “Wang Guan” made a bold move at this moment, appearing right in front of Yan Zhaoge!

The fantasies become real, and the falsehoods become real.

Wang Guan took a gamble.

He raised his palms and launched a surprise attack at Yan Zhaoges heart.

Yan Zhaoge stood there, motionless.

While surrounded by Iridescent Clouds guarding him, Wang Guans palm could not reach his body.

Wang Guans face was calm.

Then, the attacking palm sent another shockwave, sending out ripples.

He intended to turn Yan Zhaoges Iridescent Cloud into an illusion and open the way for his attack.

However, he was well aware that he stood no chance.

Yan Zhaoge ignored it completely.

He stood still and continued the advances of his palm attack.

This time, Wang Guan couldnt avoid it.

Yan Zhaoges palm had blasted his head!

The fog that enveloped Immortal Court instantly dissipated.

“Its better to go back to my eternal sleep.” Wang Guans voice became tired and lazy again and gradually inaudible.

Yan Zhaoge said lightly, “Farewell.”

After sending Qu Su, the first Buddha of the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus, to death 800 years ago, Yan Zhaoge proceeded to kill the number one heavenly lord of Immortal Court, Wang Guan.

The two great heretics, who were rivals to each other, had fallen into the hands of the same person.

The other Grand Heavenly Immortals in Immortal Court fled away, seeking to escape when Wang Guan and Yan Zhaoge brawled against each other.

But as soon as they made a move, a swaying figure appeared in front of each of them, showing the appearance of Yan Zhaoge!

There was one figure for each fleeting immortal, and none were excluded.

Stationary Year Tai Sui Heavenly Lord Yin Jiao looked at Yan Zhaoge in front of him with a sigh, “This day has finally come.”

“Heres the Cyclic Heavenly Seal of your master.

Take it,” said Yan Zhaoge, raising his palm.

He seemed to have incarnated a massive hand seal capable of supporting a world.

However, the world soon collapsed.

The sky came crashing down as if the world creation process was reversed.

No matter how Yin Jiao dodged, it seemed that he could not escape the power of the worlds collapse.

That was the Jade Clear Lineages Cyclic Heavenly Scripture Supreme Martial Art, the purest Cyclic Heavenly Seal!

At this moment, Yin Jiao seemed to see the figure of Broad Accomplishment Master, who died in Great Calamity.

The Cyclic Heavenly Seal in front of him was even more robust than the peak of Lord of Broad Accomplishment in the past!

It was undoubtedly the strongest Cyclic Heavenly Seal ever!

It was stronger than the combination of Lord of Broad Accomplishments Cyclic Heavenly Seal and Supreme Martial Arts Cyclic Heavenly Seal!

As the palm came crashing down, Stationary Year Tai Sui Heavenly Lord Yin Jiao perished without leaving any traces in the world!

Not even its ashes were left.

At the same time, Epidemic Welkin Emperor Lu Yue also faced another Yan Zhaoge.

“Master of the Ministry of Plague,” uttered Yan Zhaoge lightly.

Lu Yue said with a sullen face, “Since I chose this path, theres no need to mention the past.

Im incompetent and deserve to suffer this disaster, but I will never stay still and die!”

He incarnated his alternate form, possessing three heads and six arms, wielding treasures such as Temporal Heavenly Seal, Plague Bell, Settling Plague Banner, and Plague Sword.

Then, he confronted Yan Zhaoge directly.

“If the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord will leave you a place after transcendence, you may succeed in snatching the seat from Wang Guan, Yin Jiao, and the others.” Yan Zhaoge looked at Lu Yue and pointed at him, “However, you will not live longer than one era.

Even if the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord will transcend, can you wait until that day Its more likely to be a benefit for your juniors, right”

As Yan Zhaoge pointed his finger, Lu Yues seal, Settling Plague Banner, and other treasures shattered.

They were all rendered useless.

Before the Great Calamity, Lu Yue sat on the throne of the Lord of the Ministry of Plague with Grand Virtual Immortal Cultivation in Heavenly Courts Divine Palace.

But at the moment, all his efforts were in vain.

Yan Zhaoge tapped his finger lightly on Lu Yues forehead.

The seemingly slow movement put Lu Yue defenseless.

He seemed immobilized and could only watch Yan Zhaoges finger fall onto him.

Then, a hole that was dripping blood appeared on his forehead.

Like a deflated ball, all his life had left his body.

Yan Zhaoges figures overwhelmed the Immortal Court at this moment, with each of them disappearing and reappearing at every second.

All of the heretic Grand Heavenly Immortals had perished in his hands.

The Grand Heavenly Realm was difficult to attain, and the heretics were no exception.

However, thousands of years had passed.

Since the deaths of Zhao Jiang, Yu Hualong, Great King of Inspiration, and others, the Immortal Court had added new Grand Heavenly Immortals into their ranks over the years.

Although the number was still limited, there was still new talent emerging.

After illuminating the Nine Underworlds devils, there was no shortage of Devil Lords at the Grand Heavenly Realm.

However, Yan Zhaoge had defeated all of them today.

When Yan Zhaoge stopped, only one person was left in front of him.

It was an old acquaintance.

“Brother Jiang, it has been a long time.” Yan Zhaoge looked at the old man in front of him.

It was Earthly Sovereign, Exalted Earth Luminary, Jiang Shen.

He was the head of the Five Emperors and the Three Sovereigns of World beyond Worlds many years ago.

Years ago, Yan Zhaoge killed He Mian to avenge Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye and made a commotion at Immortal Court with the Golden Body of the Great Sage.

In retaliation, the Immortal Court annexed World beyond Worlds.

In a blink of an eye, many years had passed.

After Yan Zhaoge left World beyond Worlds in the past, Jiang Shen had already become a different person.

He had suffered the Immortal Courts calamity and was illuminated into a heretic.

Jiang Shen, a newcomer to the Grand Virtual Immortal realm at the beginning, had now adopted the method of heretics and became a Grand Heavenly Immortal.

Since the appearance of Yan Zhaoge, Jiang Shens expression had been calm, standing still.

It was unlike Wang Guan facing Yan Zhaoge, the escapers like Lu Yue, Yin Jiao, and others.

He was like an outsider to this event.

He stood there, waiting for Yan Zhaoge to come before him.

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