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Chapter 1810: Revisiting the Old Place and Past Life at Current State

“Fellow Daoist Ling left the Extreme Yin Crown on her own accord.

It has nothing to do with Fellow Daoist Feng.” Gao Han spewed out everything he knew.

The purple-gold light in Yan Zhaoges pupils flickered and intertwined into mysterious runes.

Origin Heavenly Scripture was by no means omnipotent.

However, it was adequate to discern whether Gao Hans words were true.

“As for your father, Fellow Daoist Yan Di…” Gao Han uttered before Yan Zhaoge had to ask, “He is afflicted with the Grand Simplicity Image.

He can hardly see any clues if he doesnt dwell on it.

I have waited for him to enter the World Beyond Worlds with the Creation Sabre emerging with its first appearance.

Then, I managed to draw a connection through the names of Fellow Daoists Yan Xintang and Di Qinglian.”

Having said this, he suddenly smiled, “The worlds affairs are wonderful.

Yan and Di are the ancestors of Ling, the successor of the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, and the disciples and grandsons of Fellow Daoist Shao Junhuang.

Things went unexpectedly.”

Yan Zhaoge did not return a smile but said lightly, “Fate is intricate.

I never expected it back then.

I can only learn about the truth and the past from your words.”

“Fellow Daoist Ling treats the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor like an elder from the same sect.” Gao Han said with a smile, “I follow Southern Extremity Emperor because of like-mindedness.”

“In the past, I have some doubts that I have failed to unveil.

Since I tell you about it, maybe you can help me unveil it one day.” After saying that, Gao Han cupped his hands to Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng, then backed away and disappeared into the vast void.

Yan Zhaoge watched Gao Han leave silently.

Feng Yunsheng looked at Yan Zhaoge a little worriedly.

“Im fine.

Dont worry about it.” Yan Zhaoge noticed Feng Yunshengs gaze.

He turned his head away, smiled, and said, “There are just some things which require me to make adjustments.”

Feng Yunsheng did not reply but just nodded slightly.

Yan Zhaoge closed his eyes.

One picture after another appeared in his mind, moving swiftly.

Countless things buried in the deepest part of memory had resurfaced from the bottom of his heart at this moment, stirring up endlessly.

Gradually, the scattered beads were strung together by an invisible thread, forming a complete line.

It was just that this thread was still entangled and chaotic.

Yan Zhaoge kept sorting out all of this information.

Then, he started to try something that he had always wanted to do since he attained Grand Heavenly Realm but had been hesitant about it.

In the realm of Grand Heavenly Immortal, Three Flowers Converged Crown, Yan Zhaoge was imbued with an abundance of qi.

His grasp of spatial changes, the past, and the future was unprecedentedly powerful.

At the same time as the body became robust, his spirit and thoughts were extensive.

A baldachin appeared on his head and covered many worlds.

That top of the baldachin seemed to have broken through the limitations of great thousand worlds and moved to a broader level.

Yan Zhaoges soul seemed to have left his body at this moment.

The soul was separated and traveled afar.

The dignified Grand Heavenly Immortal seemed to have turned into a stray ghost like an ordinary mortal.

For a person with cultivation strength like Yan Zhaoge, this feeling was naturally extraordinary.

“This is the miraculousness that the Dao Ancestor possesses.

That is to ascend above the worldly creations and go beyond the primordial gulf.” Yan Zhaoge had a brief hang on it, “But, even the Dao Ancestors footsteps stop here.

Only transcendence can jump out of this limitation and break through the limits.”

“Im close to Dao Realm, and I attain the miracle of a Dao Realm bigwig, but it wont last long.

Still, thats enough.” Yan Zhaoge felt his mind was like a kite, riding the wind and fluttering in the air.

Soon, he managed to stabilize his spirit and headed in a designated direction.

He went straight for the furthest memory that was never forgotten.

Yan Zhaoge stopped when a blue world or a blue planet appeared in front of him.

The unpredictable time and space stopped changing, and the darkness quickly faded from his vision.

What entered his vision at this moment was a myriad of colors.

In front of Yan Zhaoges eyes was a world that seemed a little familiar.

It was nighttime at this place, with lights illuminating the entire city.

The honking of the cars made the night noisy.

Yan Zhaoge could tell right away that the city was still in the evening rush hour, with heavy traffic and jams everywhere.

It was not the memory that the Origin Heart Devil evoked.

This was the planet in his memory, the city in his memory, and the life in his memory.

It was just that he could not come back.

Amidst the traffic, everyone turned a blind eye to Yan Zhaoge, as if he was transparent or did not exist.

“Am I in a dream, or the reality is the dream” Yan Zhaoge laughed out loud.

He traveled between cities.

Every time he passed a section of the road, a clearer memory emerged, gradually becoming connected.

Yan Zhaoge traveled to his home in memory.

There was no one at home.

“In the past, I never needed to be worried about hunger, and everything was so convenient.”

“It is unlike now.

Not only my parents, but I have a gluttonous wife at Grand Heavenly Realm who loves to eat.

Luckily, she doesnt get fat.” Yan Zhaoge glanced around while he spouted nonsense.

“The time here stops at the moment when I left.” Yan Zhaoge muttered to himself, “Its not that the time here is stagnant, but that I can only go back to this time.”

Even if I leave now and come back next time, I can only return to this timeline.

“Ha! If I live here, wouldnt it mean that Im loading a save file and reliving my life There is only one save file, and its a little unsatisfactory.” Yan Zhaoge laughed and shook his head.

But there was no smile in his eyes.

Looking at himself in the photo, Yan Zhaoge was slightly entranced.

It was not that he no longer recognized his appearance.

On the contrary, looking at the photo, it felt like he was looking in the mirror now.

“I have the same appearance and name, so thats why I am myself” Yan Zhaoge said softly, “No, it should be more than that.”

He looked at the empty room.

“If my soul has left, where has my body gone” After thinking for a moment, Yan Zhaoge tried to pick up the photo and take it away.

Of course, he was unsuccessful in his attempt.

Instead of being annoyed or relieved, he stayed where he was and came into deep thoughts.

After a while, something erupted in his thoughts.

Something suddenly appeared within his spirit.

It was a tangible thing.

Yan Zhaoges strength was at the peak of the Grand Heavenly Realm.

However, as he leaped out of the primordial gulf to come to this place like a lonely stray ghost, the item that came here was tangible.

It was the Triratna Jade Sceptre left behind by the Primordial Heavenly Lord.

This treasure was said to be extraordinary.

No matter whether it was Yan Zhaoge, the Southern Extremity Longevity Emperor, or the North Star Emperor, they could not harness the treasure to attack the enemy or exert its power.

Most of the time, it was just a magical treasure apart from the symbolic meaning.

However, at this moment, Yan Zhaoge communicated with the Triratna Jade Sceptre.

Under a “whoosh”, the photo frame he was thinking about disappeared at its original spot.

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