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18: You can’t just take anything you please!

Ye Jing took a deep breath, then secretly activated the ring on his finger.

Immediately, the Li true fire seed was absorbed by the ring.

Actually, every single one of his movements was grasped by Yan Zhaoge—who shook his head and prepared to say something.

However, his expression suddenly changed and he raised his head to look towards the sky.

Above his head the black mist continued to roil.

Suddenly, they explosively gained in violence and intensity, causing a gale to rise up.

The inside of the Sealing Dragon Abyss seemed to split into pieces!

The previously calm central flow region instantly ceased to exist!

The berserk strength began to sweep everything away, as the entire world began to be covered by black mist.

Those holding firelight suddenly felt as if the sky had dropped down upon them.

Buffeted by the increasingly violent waves of baleful qi, they felt as if they were bodies sundered and bones shattered.

A sound exploded out, shaking the world!

“The one surnamed Yan, you filthy animal, that disaster sown by your bastard of a father, you’ll be bearing part of the responsibility today!”

Seeing the glow of fire, Yan Zhaoge quickly reacted: “The Five Spirit Flags!”

This situation, after losing the Li true fire, he was still busy feeling depressed.

Unexpectedly, a martial grandmaster had appeared with killing intentions.

In the twinkling of an eye, the entire area became incredibly hot like a furnace as a heaving-shattering energy descended from above.

“Duo!*” Yan Zhaoge hurriedly channeled the entirety of his power in preparation to repel the incoming attack.

*TL Note: Evidently it suggests rage or great exertion Like a grunt I guess.

The entire group of black-clothed guards exerted their life energy to draw closer to Yan Zhaoge in order to ensure his safety.


At this time, as the Five Spirit Flags sect master cruelly shouted, the berserk fist strike from before landed.

Its target was pointed directly at Ye Jing!

Directed at Ye Jing…

Directed at … wait, what

Hold on, isn’t something wrong here!

Yan Zhaoge, who had already adjusted his stance to receive the attack, stood there completely dumbfounded as his gaze followed the Five Spirit Flags elder’s attack impacted, with Ye Jing directly at the epicenter of the attack, while he himself was barely on the fringe of the subsequent shockwave.

What tempo is this!

SI Kongqing, the black-clothed guards, and all the other disciples were absolutely stupefied.

The one taken to be Ye Jing was even more at a loss.

Hadn’t the opponent had just loudly proclaimed, what was it… “Surnamed Yan, you filthy animal”

Shouldn’t the attack have been aimed at Yan Zhaoge then

Then, what is this state of affairs

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze shifted over, only to see Ye Jing grasping the Li true fire seed, which was more vigorous than ever—bouncing around the palm of his hand as if to escape.

The surrounding wind’s turbulence did nothing to hide the fire seed.

Rather, it actually seemed to be resonating with the fire seed.

“He is relying on the fire seed as a target.

In the Sealing Dragon Abyss, that must be the only way they were able to track us down.” Yan Zhaoge suddenly had a flash of insight: “This Li true flame fire seed, I’m afraid it was first located by them, and used as bait to lure me into their trap.”

“No wonder, no wonder, they hid their presence so completely, and finally sensed that someone had absorbed some of the power of the fire seed, of course they believed that it was me.

When it came to blows, his attack was truly too sudden.

Even the Eastern Tang elder was not fast enough to block the attack for him.”

Yan Zhaoge turned around.

His expression was slightly odd.

The Five Spirit Flags elder had most likely also detected the presence of the Eastern Tang Broad Creed Sect elder.

In order to prevent interference, he could only make a split second decision and make his move.

Without even entering the Sealing Dragon Abyss, he directly smashed down with an enormous fist attack from outside the valley!

Yet he would never have expected that the attack meant for Yan Zhaoge was actually intercepted by someone else…

Ye Jing definitely did not foresee the turn of events that occurred.

The golden goose that had dropped from the sky had suddenly transformed into an unprecedented disaster.

He obtained the fire seed, but was turned into a shield for Yan Zhaoge as a result!

“Ah!” Ye Jing found himself surrounded in the furnace center, and could only feel five senses* of burning.

*TL Note: I think it’s supposed to mean that the only sensation he could feel is burning, but I left this for the spicy flavor

Compared to the previous pressure he felt when being suppressed by Chao Yuanlong, it was like the difference between the twinkling light of a firefly and the radiance of the celestial bodies.

The gulf was simply enormous.

Wild waves of qi cascaded downwards, causing Si Kongqing and the other disciples in the area to also have a difficult time.

Forced into continuous retreat, Si Kongqing had the presence of mind to make her way towards the outside, but her cultivation was absolutely no match even for even the slightest bit of the Five Spirit Flag elder’s attack.

Under such intense pressure, she was entirely unable to move.

The gulf between them was simply too massive—they were unable to even offer the slightest resistance.

The level of the Five Spirit Flag elder was something that they simply could not even touch at the moment.

Unless another martial grandmaster arrived, how many martial scholars would be able to even challenge a martial grandmaster

To even challenge the opponent face to face would be a difficult task.

To speak of the stratification of cultivation levels, martial grandmasters are all legendary figures.

The inner astral qi martial scholar Yan Zhaoge, even he only became the opponent of the Five Spirit Flags elder because of the actions of his father.

Ye Jing let out a mad scream and raised his right hand, causing the dark red ring on his finger to let out a flash of light which stopped the Five Spirit Flag elder’s attack.

Since he was attacking from outside the Sealing Dragon Abyss, the Five Spirit Flag elder’s attack was already weakened considerably.

Even so, the remaining power was far more than enough to kill a single Ye Jing!

Yan Zhaoge saw this scene unfold, and also had some unwillingness: “Like I said, don’t just take anything as you please!”

“Although you are enveloped by a main character halo that designates you as an ordained son of heaven, and you can jump multiple levels to fight opponents, this level jumping still has a limit, ah.

Having just departed from the village, don’t think that you can skip straight to the endgame and defeat the big *boss, ah.”

*TL Note: lmao, the boss was in English in the raws

“The level discrepancy is too much, from a 10th level boundary body refinement to 9th level directing qi late stage, this is even greater than the distance between mid-level qi direction or late-stage qi direction and a martial scholar.

“And this Five Spirit Flags elder is a martial grandmaster, meaning that he is not just around 10 levels higher, but rather a couple of tens of levels higher.”

This was already an enormous distance that couldn’t even simply be described as a suppression of realms.

It was able to be seen, that at this critical life and death juncture, Ye Jing was already forced to reveal his secret, and exploded out with his fullest force, not leaving out a single reserve of strength.

The danger of the current situation, compared to time with Chao Yuanlong, was simply too much more.

However, it was a pity that the opponent was over a kilometer away in distance, since there was no difference from if he was only a couple of centimeters away.

“Wait, let me think about it… encountering this type of situation, certain main characters are very difficult to kill.

“ Yan Zhaoge simultaneously protected the people surrounding him, while also moving towards the center of the gale where Ye Jing was located: “At this time, oftentimes another freakish old monster will suddenly appear for this or that or whatever reason, helping the main character survive this trial”

“Sometimes it’ll be because they have prior karma, or possibly because the fox exploits the tiger*, but either way, the main character will get to escape with his life.”

TL Note: Chinese idiom meaning that the fox (MC) exploits the connection between two powerful people, or borrows the power of someone to intimidate others

“Afterwards, it may even be another karmic bond that forms for the main character.”

Yan Zhaoge was in the middle of this thought, when suddenly, the deepest parts of the Sealing Dragon Abyss began to vibrate.

An extremely terrifying aura appeared from within the black mist.

It seemed that this presence was even stronger than the elder of the Five Spirit Flags!

Yan Zhaoge gave a blank stare: “….seriously [1], you really do have one”

“Who was it that ruined my happy occasion” An irascible voice boomed from within the Sealing Dragon Abyss.

Just the pressure of the voice was almost enough to cause the crowd of disciples to have their souls leave their bodies.

The Ye Jing who was already at death’s door, upon hearing this ferocious voice, was actually overjoyed at his good fortune.

Struggling, he shouted: “Big bro Han!”

“Yi, it’s my little brother Ye Jing” the voice exclaimed loudly.

“What person dares to mess with this Han’s sworn brother”

From within the black mist, a palm reached out.

Incredibly, the palm seemed to be ceaselessly enlarging as it reached outwards, until it was large enough to blot out the sky.

This palm then actually reached above Ye Jing to shield him from the fiery rain!

Within the Sealing Dragon Abyss, the mountains were quaking while the rivers shook.

The other Broad Creed Sect disciples were unable to react to all the changes that had just occurred, and were dumbstruck for a while.

Yan Zhaoge gave another supercilious look: “Oh, you two are actually sworn brothers.

How did a martial grandmaster and a body cultivation martial scholar come to be sworn brothers Are you like me, able to see his blinding main character halo”

“…wait, my inner crystal furnace!”

In the moment of intense peril, when he blocked the attack of the Five Spirit Flags elder, just the aftermath of the exchange between two martial grandmasters had leveled everything else to the ground.

The black mist in the Sealing Dragon Abyss surged as if it was a tidal wave.

The special environment suffered such energy backlash from the fight that the spatial laws in the area were beginning to distort.

The cliff face collapsed into sheets of rock and disappeared, also causing Yan Zhaoge’s inner crystal furnace to meet a calamity.

It fell straight down into a deep ravine!

The Five Spirit Flags elder, after realizing that his attack had been blocked, immediately flew into a rage.

The owner of the giant hand was also someone who possessed a fiery temper.

He transformed into a bolt of lightning and split apart of the sky of the Sealing Dragon Abyss as he raced towards the Five Spirit Flags with murderous intent.

At this time, another terrifying presence emerged outside of the Sealing Dragon Abyss, releasing an aura like that of the celestial galaxies overhead.

This marked the arrival of the Eastern Tang elder, who had finally come.

The crowd of Broad Creed Sect disciples was just about to heave a sigh of relief when a heaven frightening roar issued out of the nearby ravine.

“Second Elder Yan!”

“Old monster Han, you aren’t dead”

“Elder Yan, thanks to you, I barely managed to escape nine deaths with my life! Today, you and I will have a reckoning!”

From outside the Sealing Dragon Abyss, the aura of suppression became even heavier.

An heaven-shattering battle between two martial grandmasters erupted on the spot.

The ripples of their battle affected everything in the radius of five hundred li!

The disciples in the Sealing Dragon Abyss were once again dumbfounded.

Among them, no one would have guessed that the expert who had just saved Ye Jing actually turned around and started to fight with their own sect’s Eastern Tang affairs elder in a heaven-upending battle between grandmasters!

In a twist of fate, suddenly no one cared about the Five Spirit Flags elder….


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