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HSSB180: The catastrophic Nine Underworlds


Enveloped by that terrifying aura, everyone here was still affected to some extent.

For example, having been defeated by Yan Zhaoge and lost all his face, Xie Ziyi had innumerable emotions roiling about unceasingly within his heart.

As a Heavenly Thunder Hall disciple, he was the earliest to have known about this major happening that would be occurring at this time’s Heavenly Connection Meet.

However, having just been defeated domineeringly by Yan Zhaoge, he was precisely at a moment of intense emotional upheaval when his mental state was the most unstable.

Enveloped by that aura, stray thoughts were born within Xie Ziyi’s heart as various strange images even appeared before his eyes, virtually causing him to be unable to hold on and go berserk.

As a descendant of the Heavenly Thunder Hall whom they had spent much effort in grooming, while he had an arrogant personality, facing such a huge change, he still managed to keep his cool.

Feeling that something was wrong with his mental state, he attempted to control it.

But even so, many notions rampaged within his heart, which just could not be suppressed no matter how he tried.

Especially so when, the source of many of these notions, Yan Zhaoge, was currently right before his eyes!

Another person in a similar situation to him was Chen Lin, who was also in a temperamental, unstable mood.

Looking at the giant panda Pan-Pan who had killed her Ghost Wolf, her eyes were exceptionally bloodshot at seeing an enemy.

She wished that she could ignore her outer aura Martial Scholar cultivation base and kill Pan-Pan to vent out her emotions.

On the flip side, while Yan Zhaoge and Pan-Pan had managed to help to take revenge for his Black Water Mysterious Dragon, looking at Chen Lin now, Ye Zhongzhou just didn’t like the sight of her.

The others more or less also faced similar problems to an extent.

Even the Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar Song Chao had a bit of an unstable mind as he wanted to battle Tang Yonghao once more.

The direct lineage elites of the various Sacred Grounds all possessed a deep cultivation base and a firm will.

On Clear Concealed Island and the entire Clear Concealed Lake, the other Turbid Wave Pavilion martial practitioners present were clearly influenced more by this.

The vile notions usually buried deep within their hearts that even they themselves might not have been aware of before all floated to the surface.

The hated and rage accumulated over time all seemed to surface simultaneously at this moment as tensions grew even stronger and positions more extreme.

The middle-aged martial practitioner who had shot out an arrow to interfere with Pan-Pan’s advancement as he attempted to capture him previously and who in the end been heavily injured by Liu Shengfeng, had still yet to fully recover from his injuries and was currently placed on a small island of Clear Concealed Lake by Turbid Wave Pavilion to recuperate.

He had bloodshot eyes as he struggled to get up, his expression savage and terrifying, whilst also a little pained and hesitant.

He had been heavily injured by Liu Shengfeng earlier, but while Liu Shengfeng had been beaten by Yan Zhaoge to the point that he seemed half-dead, he had been brought away by Shan Shiweng following that.

This caused him to feel some hatred towards Infinite Boundless Mountain within his heart, though he was helpless to do anything about it.

Whether it was he himself or the power that he belonged to, they all lacked the strength to shake Infinite Boundless Mountain, the Mountain Domain’s Sacred Ground.

That lofty existence possessing such great strength made it such that he couldn’t even think of the notion of revenge.

However, the domineering positions of the six great Sacred Grounds still left him a little unhappy.

Actually, having been properly treated and settled down to recuperate by Turbid Wave Pavilion, he had come to feel slightly better.

But at this moment, his heart filled with hatred towards Infinite Boundless Mountain, this middle-aged martial practitioner hated Turbid Wave Pavilion, also of the six great Sacred Grounds, along with it as well.

These negative emotions surged unrepressed, becoming stronger and stronger, his rationality gradually fading as he was caught within their grasp, unable to get a hold on himself.

This middle-aged martial practitioner was but a single, minor figure of the many currently facing danger on Clear Concealed Lake.

On Hovering Island, Yan Zhaoge was busy calming his various emotions.

It was only that with his current cultivation base, considering he did not have his attentions split due to being injured, it was not too hard for him to stabilise his mental state.

“The legacy of the Flame Devil Emperor influences one’s emotions merely by leading them berserk.”

“The Nine Underworld Evil Devils, on the other hand, have multifarious means, especially being proficient in unearthing and magnifying the desires and fears within peoples’ hearts, being extremely hard to guard against.”

As Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly, Ah Hu bared his teeth beside him, “Young Master ah, Elder Fang and the others should also have made a move”

“It should be soon,” Yan Zhaoge gazed far into the distance, feeling carefully, as he could sense a number of martial practitioners nearing Clear Concealed Lake from all directions.

These martial practitioners mostly came from different places, with them not lacking Martial Grandmaster experts, even possessing some peak experts whose auras surged into the heavens, not inferior to that of Elder Chen, Shan Shiweng and the others.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, these were all experts of the Decimating Abyss Organisation, currently having congregated at Clear Concealed Lake in a bid to accomplish their nefarious plans.

However, having received the news beforehand, Turbid Wave Pavilion and the other five Sacred Grounds had already made preparations for this.

Numerous experts of Turbid Wave Pavilion had long been lying in ambush in the vicinity of Clear Concealed Lake.

After the Decimating Abyss forces congregated at Clear Concealed Lake, the ambushing forces instantly emerged from all around!

Lest their plan get exposed, and out of  respect for Turbid Wave Pavilion, the experts of Broad Creed Mountain and the other five Sacred Grounds had not entered the Lake Domain.

However, numerous experts entered the Earth Domain together, cutting off the possibility of the Nine Underworlds descending from the other side.

And on Clear Concealed Island, Fang Zhun and the others also finally moved.

Having long been prepared, Fang Zhun and the others acted according to plan, clear in the allocation of work and their order.

Having met up with the experts of Turbid Wave Pavilion who had been lying in ambush, of Fang Zhun and the others, some went to deal with the blood-coloured strange dragon within the lake, some went to capture the spies of the Decimating Abyss Organisation concealed amongst the various Sacred Grounds, and some sought to wrest back control over the formation of Clear Concealed Lake, putting a stop to their enemy’s plans.

Everything was proceeding in an orderly fashion.

Within the dark clouds that enveloped the sky above Clear Concealed Lake, the darkness gradually began to fade as they returned to being the ethereal clouds of before, the strange, violent red lightning disappearing for good.

The lake water that was jet-black like ink also began returning to its former clear state.

On Clear Concealed Island, a middle-aged, green-clothed man looked a little regretfully, a little sadly at the person before him, “Senior apprentice-brother Feng, why would you give yourself to the Nine Underworlds”

Before him was a rather old looking Martial Grandmaster, precisely the Elder of Turbid Wave Pavilion in charge of bringing its disciples over to participate in the Meet as well as controlling Clear Concealed Lake’s formation.

Looking at that green-clothed man, this Elder Feng said hatefully, “Our daos are different and cannot coexist.

There is no further need to speak.”

The green-clothed man sighed, “Why does it have to be so”

His cultivation was higher than Elder Feng’s, and he had currently already successfully wrested over control of Clear Concealed Lake’s formation.

With this, let alone win, even if Elder Feng wanted to escape, he would be hard pressed to do so.

Just at this time, the green-clothed man’s expression suddenly changed slightly as he turned, “Why are you here You should be at…”

“You!” His voice suddenly paused, “So you are actually also…”

On Clear Concealed Island, seeing the catastrophe before their eyes gradually calm, Yan Zhaoge and the others had only just let out a breath of relief.

But before they had truly relaxed, the scene before their eyes suddenly changed!

The massive formation that flickered with black light lit up at the bottom of the lake once more, the sky once again consumed by darkness as crimson bolts of lightning flashed!

That terrifying aura which shook one’s soul, appeared once more!

“Eh” Yan Zhaoge’s pupils dilated slightly as they shone with a brilliant light.

The next moment, Hovering Island suddenly shuddered beneath their feet.

Hovering Island, formed of the restrictions of the formation, shockingly, began to collapse!

A massive suction force emanated from beneath, dragging Yan Zhaoge and the others along as they plummeted downwards!


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