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Chapter 1814: The Existence That Should Not Be Ignored

Once the Monkey transcended, orthodox Daoism would be knocked back into the abyss again if there was no new Dao Ancestor emerging.

Consequently, their living circumstances would not be as easy as it was at this stage.

The relationship between orthodox Daoism, the demon race, and the Blessed Lands of the White Lotus was not necessarily friendly.

It was just that there was the alliance composed of Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, Primordial Heavenly Devil, and Amitabha, so everyone stood on the same ship.

At the same time, the Eastern Sovereign Taiyi had a friendly relationship with the Monkey.

Apart from the Monkey being born in the demon race, the crucial reason was that the Monkey currently showed no signs of transcendence in the current era.

Compared to the direct rival Amitabha, the Monkey was a reliable ally for Eastern Sovereign Taiyi.

If the Monkey also competed for the transcendence slot in the current era, the relationship between the two parties would change.

In fact, having the Monkey and Immortal Extermination Formation pushed Daoisms comprehensive strength ahead of the Astro Mountains Starry Sea.

Similarly, orthodox Daoism had imposed great stress on the Western Pure Lands and Blessed Lands of the White Lotus.

The Immortal Court, which had just been destroyed, was a hint of what would be coming and alerted the rest.

Even Eastern Sovereign Taiyi and Future Buddha were wary of it.

Besides the Monkey, they were eager to join forces and break the Immortal Extermination Formation.

It was just that the dispute between Amitabha and Eastern Sovereign Taiyi had reached a critical moment to decide the winner.

Any slight mishaps might turn the winner into the loser.

It also involved the Future Buddhas safety, making it difficult for the two rivals to work together.

Therefore, orthodox Daoism could freely do things as they pleased.

However, there were future concerns and immediate worries at the same time.

Yan Zhaoges group had to beware that after Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil and Amitabha recovered, they would be facing four Dao Realm bigwigs together with Primordial Heavenly Devil and Immeasurable Heavenly Lord.

“Ancestor Amitabha will recover a little faster.

On the other hand, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil has suffered too much before and should need more time to recuperate.” Xu Fei said, “But the day the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil recovers may be the time for the next chaos.”

Yan Zhaoge touched his chin, “There is someone whose existence should not be ignored.”

He said, reaching out and making a gesture.

The fingers were placed in the shape of a peacock.

“Mahamayuri!” Both Feng Yunsheng and Xu Fei moved their eyes slightly.

In Nine Underworlds, Mahamayuri Kong Xuan assisted the demon races and Blessed Lands of the White Lotus because of the Sakyamuni Sarira.

As a result, he was suppressed by the Central Sara Stupa because of the foreshadowing previously planned by the Western Pure Lands.

Later, Yan Zhaoge attained the Grand Heavenly Realm, and the Monkey landed in Dao Realm.

The big picture was set.

After Central Sara Stupa disappeared, Mahamayuri did not stay but chose to leave immediately.

However, according to the agreement between Future Buddha Maitreya and Mahamayuri, as long as he tried his best to help Dao Monarch Lu Ya in the Nine Underworlds game, the fifth and last Sakyamuni Sarira would belong to him.

“Maitreya Buddha cultivates faith power and will not break his promise.

Thus, Mahamayuri would have collected five Sakyamuni Sariras already,” said Feng Yunsheng.

“In the Nine Underworlds match, Mahamayuri is also a winner.” Xu Fei frowned slightly.

Although the Monkey attained Dao Realm, Yan Zhaoge also showed incredible strength when he first became Grand Heavenly Immortal.

In Daoism Lineage, Yang Jian went a step further.

His Paramount Yin Yang Profound Arts continued to improve and become more profound.

He always wanted to fight Mahamayuri to pay back his loss during the ancient eras when he was still in the Grand Virtual Realm.

Suo Mingzhang had just shocked the world in the battle, which he fought against Five-Colored Divine Radiance head-on and undefeated.

Besides that, Feng Yunsheng and Nie Jingshen could not make a move due to the devils influence in the Nine Underworlds battle.

Thousands of years had passed.

They were in a period of rapid growth, pushing their strength to a new height.

While there were uncertainties previously, Suo Mingzhangs performance portrayed him as a strong anchor.

Before the Nine Underworlds battle against Suo Mingzhang, Mahamayuri was more alerted to Feng Yunshengs assassination saber besides the Great Sage Equalling Heavens true form.

He would not care much a thousand years ago, but he was unsure if he could survive Feng Yunshengs surprise attack.

The revival of Daoism was the primary trend.

With the continuous emergence of top powerhouses, Mahamayuri might not be afraid of a battle.

However, his dominance over others under the Dao Realm, which persisted for a long time, had inevitably faded.

However, all of this was limited to the contest between the Grand Heavenly Realm under Dao Realm.

In the scope of the Dao Realm, it would be another matter.

If Mahamayuri succeeded in taking that step and landed on Dao Realm, he would be at another caliber, just like the Monkey.

“It is said that the five Sakyamuni Sariras involved Mahamayuris attainment in Dao Realm, so how far is he from Dao Realm now” Xu Fei asked.

Feng Yunsheng looked at Yan Zhaoge with some uncertainty, “Is Mahamayuri waiting for the right moment, or is he still missing something I feel its more like the latter case, but Im not sure.”

Although she was proficient in combat, she had a slightly biased grasp of the principles of heaven and earth and was much inferior to Yan Zhaoge in terms of divination.

“I wasnt sure before attaining the Three Flowers Converged Crown, but now I can confidently say that Kong Xuan is a little bit closer.” Yan Zhaoge said, “Five Sakyamuni Sarira is a necessary condition, but not all.”

“Theres still a little something holding him off.” Feng Yunsheng said thoughtfully, “So, its not the vajra left by Dao Ancestor Zhunti.

Otherwise, everything has already been in his hands, and he wont be lacking anything.”

Yan Zhaoge lightly tapped his temple with his finger, “Maybe, the problem doesnt revolve around Buddhism.

Kong Xuan has never been a pure Buddhism bigwig.”

“He was born in the demon race.” Both Feng Yunsheng and Xu Fei realized.

“I guess Kong Xuan is short of something on the demon race side.” Yan Zhaoge was slightly occupied thinking, “However, the item may not necessarily be in the Astro Mountains Starry Sea.”

Xu Fei said, “If this is the case, the critical moment is when the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil recovers.”

Mahamayuri would have the opportunity to attain Dao Realm, attracting attention.

Other Dao Ancestors would be involved.

If Kong Xuan achieved the Dao Realm, his next choice was crucial and might affect the overall situation.

Whether it was to suppress Kong Xuan together or help Kong Xuan achieve enlightenment, there would inevitably be another fierce battle.

The scene would probably not lose out to the Nine Underworlds situation.

At that time, the participation of a Dao Ancestor like Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil might directly determine the outcome.

“Lets work on ourselves first.” Yan Zhaoge laughed.

Feng Yunsheng and Xu Fei nodded in agreement.

After bidding farewell to Xu Fei, Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng went to the back mountain together.

Standing outside Yan Dis seclusion gate, Yan Zhaoge was silent.

After a while, he turned his head to look at Feng Yunsheng and said softly, “Would you like to hear a story”

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