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Chapter 1827: The Opportunity Today Is My Destiny!

A monstrous purple light slashed toward the white jade door.

It was like a purple tidal wave slapping on the white shore.

The tide receded, but the reef remained.

The opponent was a Dao Ancestor.

Yan Di was mentally prepared for this, so he had no fear or hesitation.

No matter who stood before him, he would draw his saber dauntlessly!

The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord calmly looked at Yan Di in front of him, without getting angry, and said indifferently, “Then, its better to settle for the next best option.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yan Di frowned.

He could feel the white jade door also had a great suction imposed on him, dragging him into it.

“Its still in my plan no matter if you face off against Yan Zhaoge.” The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord said indifferently, “Your resistance is in vain.”

With Yan Dis slash, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord had fulfilled his plan, and Yan Zhaoge would no longer be able to resist.

If Yan Di did not unleash his slash, then the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord would possess him first and then take Yan Zhaoges authority over the practice of Three Clears Cultivation.

There was an extra step — a layer in the middle.

It was not as perfect as before, but it did not change the outcome.

Therefore, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord could also accept it.

Splitting the plan into multiple layers made it complex with numerous variables.

As a result, the risk of failure would naturally increase relatively.

But to the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, the most intuitive threat had always been the other Dao Realm bigwigs.

The important part for him was to hide his plan from Amitabha, Eastern Sovereign Taiyi, and the others in the early stage until everything was ready and set.

Then, even if there were variables in the chains of events, the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord was confident in controlling the situation.

Just as Yan Zhaoge said earlier, this was also one of the goals of the former Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor to use the heretic faith power to land on the Dao Realm.

If he had enough strength, that would ensure the plan to not deviate from the right track.

“Youre not Yan Zhaoge.” The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord looked at Yan Di without the slightest fluctuation in his tone.

Being absorbed by the white jade door, Yan Dis figure was quickly drawn nearer to it, unlike Yan Zhaoge, who could stand his ground.

“You are wrong.” Yan Zhaoge said at this time, “Your actions are all in vain.”

While speaking, there were two light spots in the distant void, flashing on Yan Zhaoges left and right.

A black-clothed man and a cyan-clothed woman resembled the extremes of creations, one at the beginning and the other at the end.

Although the distance was far away and the span of time seemed endless, Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye connected to Yan Zhaoge faintly in one line.

The Three Clears integrated as a whole and communicated with each other.

Yan Zhaoge smiled as he looked at the white jade door in front of him and the jade light soaking his body.

As the baldachin spun above his head, not only did he stabilize his body from being absorbed by the jade door, he even retaliated against the glaring jade light!

The jade light on Yan Zhaoges body not only did not subside but began to solidify gradually.

He seemed to be sealed in a piece of white jade.

However, not only was his aura not weakened, but he had become more mysterious and profound.

Yan Zhaoge siphoned out masses of jade light in the white jade door and gathered them within himself.

Consequently, the suction of the white jade door upon Yan Di also weakened, and Yan Di regained his footing.

“You might have your mind on cultivating Three Clears at the same time and plans to achieve that.” Yan Zhaoge looked at the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, “But, I have walked the path step-by-step in a solid manner to achieve what I have today.”

Immeasurable Heavenly Lord was neither shocked nor angry but nodded, “Not bad.”

“But, you had revealed too many flaws earlier.” As he spoke, he poked in the air.

Another figure appeared beside the Earths physical body in the white jade door.

It was a person who was completely white, like jade.

However, this person had soft facial features.

He had an aura like a living person, but his eyes were closed like Yan Zhaoges physical body from Earth.

There were no signs of breathing as if he was dead.

Everyone looked closely, only to feel that this jade-like person had distinct facial features and was similar to Yan Zhaoge.

Others might not recognize it, but Yan Zhaoge knew this person all too well.

He looked at the body with no sorrow or joy in his heart but sighed, “Sure enough, the body of my second life also fell into your hands.”

Yan Zhaoge had become the hall spirit of Heavenly Courts Divine Palace Martial Repository in the first soul-crossing.

After the initial anxiety and fear, Yan Zhaoge, who gradually calmed down, began to read the scriptures while trying to figure out why he was soul-crossing.

Yan Zhaoge knew the changes in the Martial Repositorys hall spirit could not hide from the top powerhouse here.

Of course, the Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor, the ruler of the heavenly court, concealed the secret since he was the culprit.

Yan Zhaoge, who knew nothing about it at the time, was not only eager to “be a human again”, but also planned to use this opportunity to toss a stone to find out what was ahead.

Then, he wanted to test the reaction of those legendary bigwigs, and he made a crazy move.

He attempted to recreate a person as the hall spirit.

After a long period of hard work and attempts, he finally succeeded—an extra “person” spawned in the Heavenly Courts Divine Palace Martial Repository of thin air.

However, just like Yan Zhaoge transmigrated into a hall spirit, the fake body he created still seemed to be undetected.

Heavenly Courts Divine Palace suffered misfortune by the time of the Great Calamity.

The Martial Repository was destroyed, and Yan Zhaoge lost contact with his second body.

This body appeared in front of him again.

Now that he thought about it, it was naturally still the work of Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor.

Yan Zhaoge could feel the fake body made by himself in the second life.

Like the physical body of his first life on Earth, he had a vague connection to it.

The former Jade Eminent Heavenly Lord Emperor and the current Immeasurable Heavenly Lord reached out his hand.

The jade-like body trembled slightly.

Even Yan Zhaoge was affected, and his figure was shaking.

The jade shell surrounding him immediately dissipated.

His action in absorbing the jade light from the white jade door had immediately stopped.

The baldachin above Yan Zhaoges head swayed slightly.

It seemed to be engulfed by the white jade door.

Even Yan Dis figure became unstable, and he was about to be thrown into the jade door.

“Get up!” Yan Zhaoge snorted softly.

Nie Jingshen and Yu Ye, who represented the extremities of time and space in this world, raised their hands at the same time.

The Triratna Jade Sceptre sent out purple, white, and gold flashes.

Each side had a long sword flowing with the Clears shimmers.

They were like floating water on their spot.

They were the Triratna Jade Sceptre left by the Jade Clear Primordial Heavenly Lord and the Green Duckweed Sword left by the Lord of Prime Clear Numinous Treasure.

Yan Zhaoge was in the middle with Clear Qi all over his body, interpreting all phenomena of creation.

He seemed to be the incarnation of great dao, which was infinitely profound.

The three combined to counterattack the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord again.

Yan Zhaoge was aware of the past and dared to step into the trap, like throwing himself into the net.

There was no doubt he had something to rely on in this predicament.

The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord wanted to take away his Three Clear Cultivation physique.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge also wanted to use the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord to progress his cultivation further!

It was not Mahamayuris chance to attain Dao Realm but Yan Zhaoges chance!

“I knew you had tricks up your sleeves.” The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord was unsurprised.

He stretched out his hand and commented lightly.

Then, two light groups flew out to besiege the Triratna Jade Sceptre and the Green Duckweed Sword.

One was the Tempest Fiery Praying Mat, and the other was the vajra left behind after the Tathagata Buddhas transcendence!

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