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Chapter 1829: Dao! Dao! Dao!

A crack crept upon the white jade statue, and Clear Lights gushed out from it.

The lights were endless, illuminating the universe.

At this moment, the entire world seemed to be dyed with a layer of Clear Brilliance.

It was not only the great thousand worlds here, but the Monkeys newly established world when he challenged for the Dao Realm was also bathed in the light at this moment.

Under the basking of Clear Lights, the thought processes of those in it stagnated.

The world in front of them seemed to have suddenly changed.

At this moment, everyone seemed to have returned to the primordial gulf era before the establishment of heaven and earth with no concepts of date and time.

The world was intangible.

It was difficult to distinguish the distance, and there was no passage of time.

Countless mortals stared blankly at everything before them, watching the familiar things disappear.

As far as their eyes could see, these were scenes that they could not comprehend, could not figure out, and could not describe.

Martial art practitioners worldwide were shocked at this instance, whether they were humans, demons, Buddhists, or Daoists.

While they appreciate this primitive scene that only existed in old legends and classic texts, they lingered and indulged in fascination.

However, everyone was frightened at the same time.

They did not understand why the world before them had suddenly changed.

When Mahamayuri challenged the Dao Realm previously, it stirred up turmoil in this world, disintegrating the world back to its original five elements, as if to recreate the world.

However, the commotion was not as enormous as it was currently.

Mahamayuri resonated with the great thousand worlds, but it was a gradual process.

It was unlike now, where the world was toppled upside down as if bringing all living beings back to the starting point of the long river of time.

When everyone was in shock, the scene in front of them changed again.

The world withered with only death remaining.

The stars in the universe dimmed.

There was no light and no heat.

The truth of creation collapsed and disintegrated, ceased to exist.

In return, the whole world presented a distorted chaotic image.

The chaos gradually dissipated, and what remained was not peace but silence.

Until everything ceased to exist, everything disappeared, and everything returned to nothingness.

The mortals were still at a loss, unable to comprehend the scene in front of them.

But they could feel a genuine fear coming from the depths of their souls as if their souls were frozen.

In the current scene, all living beings were on the brink of extinction, whether humans, demons, insentient animals, flowers, fish, or insects.

Just being in this situation was suffocating, as if everyone were going to perish here.

From the martial art practitioners point of view, even though they had never seen such a scene, they could roughly guess that this was the total annihilation marking the episodes after doomsday!

Suddenly, they crossed the long river of time from before the creation of heaven and earth and came to the end of creation!

This was not a worldly catastrophe during the transition from one era to another.

Instead, the universe and the great thousand worlds were approaching their end, reverting to nothingness.

It was the end of the world and the beginning of the next cycle.

However, the scene in front of everyone returned to normal again the next moment.

Everything was still the same as before, and nothing had changed.

It appeared as if everything just now was an illusion.

However, Dao Monarch Lu Ya, Ne Zha, Yang Jian, and the others naturally knew it was not an illusion.

Even the Grand Heavenly Realm existences felt a little dazed upon witnessing the changes in the world.

With their strength, they could feel that they were closely connected just now.

The two polars had inverted for the yin and yang of the great thousand worlds and the newly created world of the Monkey.

It was such a magnificent power to alter the world without hurting them even in the slightest.

Everyone looked at the white jade statue.

The cracks on the statues surface enlarged, and the Clear Light emitted from it was getting more lustrous.

On the opposite side, the cracks on the surface of the white jade door became increasingly dense, gradually spreading over the entire door.

As a result, the mysterious aura imbued in the door was faltering.

In their contest, one was getting stronger while the opposition weakened!

The Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil descended and slammed eight palm attacks at the white jade statue Yan Zhaoge transformed into.

However, the Clear Light released from the crack on the statues surface suddenly condensed into a beam, pointing at the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil.

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil frowned.

An ancient mirror appeared before him.

The Clear Light struck the ancient mirror, and the beam was deflected and refracted.

Before the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil could continue his offense, the Clear Lights changed its trajectory and shot at him.

The light was like an invisible hand, pushing the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil away from getting closer.

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil transformed his body.

Every corner of the world seemed to have a mirror, and his figure could appear in any of it as he pleased.

He successfully avoided the Clear Light and came to the white jade statue.

However, the statue cracked entirely at this time!

A figure emerged from it.

It was Yan Zhaoge!

At this moment, Yan Zhaoge seemed to be the same as before.

However, everyone present, including several Dao Realmbigwigs above the void, focused their attention on him.

The treasured light was vast and boundless at the back of Yan Zhaoges head.

This perfect treasure light was divided into three layers.

Every treasure light layer was perfected, clear, mysterious, and unpredictable.

The three layers of the treasured light merged into one.

Invisible fluctuations spread out.

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, the closest to Yan Zhaoge, was pushed away.

The three treasured lights were united.

The top of Yan Zhaoges head rushed out three Clear Qis.

The Clear Qis condensed into three figures, sitting side by side in the sky above Yan Zhaoges head.

All the eyes looked at them, and everyone was shocked.

The three figures sat cross-legged, showing the faces of old, middle-aged, and young from left to right, respectively.

Upon a closer look, it seemed that all of them had simultaneously given off the feelings of old, middle-aged, and young.

They could not be discerned with the simple concept of age.

They seemed to occupy the past, the present, and the future at the same time.

The three figures held a treasured fan, a pearl, and a sceptre, respectively.

They sat side by side, giving out a profound and distant air.

The combination of the three seemed to have explained the whole meaning of the world from the opening to the end and then the new cycle again.

They represented all kinds of things, all-encompassing.

There was an answer to any question raised to them.

“Three Clears.” The white jade door declared its defeat as it shattered!

The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord inside the door looked at the three figures above Yan Zhaoges head.

Jade Clear Primordial Heavenly Lord!

Lord of Prime Clear Numinous Treasure!

Grand Clear Lord of Dao and Virtue!

It was the manifestation of Daoism Three Clears Dao Ancestor images.

The three figures changed in unison, becoming three Clear Qi again.

Then, the three Clear Qis merged into one and turned into an invisible and colorless Qi.

This Qi dashed straight up, jumped out of the worlds boundary, came above the void, and appeared in front of the other Dao Ancestors.

Everything in the world seemed unable to touch this Qi.

The creation of the two worlds trembled, and the sound of great dao echoed.

In this primordial gulf, one more person had set foot on Dao Realm!

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