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Chapter 1833: Dao Extermination Formation!

When Yang Jian said “Dao Lord”, there was more than one person around who spoke in unison with him.

Among them were those in the same faction like Feng Yunsheng, Suo Mingzhang, and Ne Zha, and even the demon race factions great sages, such as Dao Monarch Lu Ya.

Although they were in different factions, everyone looked at Yan Zhaoge in awe.

The combatants were all in Dao Realm, but it was a one-against-five battle!

Such a feat was unprecedented.

Furthermore, everyone noticed that there was a golden bridge below Yan Zhaoge.

The end of the golden bridge was derived from a black and white Taiji Image representing the yin and yang.

As the Taiji Image rotated, it shielded away the shockwave in the clash among Dao Ancestors.

It stabilized the chaotic void, the earth, water, fire, and wind so that the great thousand worlds were unaffected.

Even Eastern Sovereign Taiyi and Amitabha were speechless after watching this scene.

The battle continued, but they slowed down involuntarily.

Amitabha should have taken this opportunity to retreat, but he stayed where he was in the end.

If Yan Zhaoge won, where could the loser hide

While the Monkey was staring at Eastern Sovereign Taiyi and Amitabha, he watched Yan Zhaoges attack with his eyes shining.

Watching the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord and the Tathagata join hands together as if history were repeating itself, the Monkey sneered and cheered Yan Zhaoge, “Great fight! Beat them up!”

Eastern Sovereign Taiyis line of sight moved between Black Skies Yellow Earth Exquisite Tower and Primordial Auspicious Cloud of Chaos, “Cultivating Three Clears Arts, Three Clears Physique, One Prana Vitalizing Three Clears, and Three Clears Qi returns to One Prana…”

His gaze grew distant, “Its almost like the return of the Three Clears, and they made a move at once.

No, its the authority of the Three Clears being attributed to one person, and it seems they have been strengthened.”

Yan Zhaoge blocked Future Buddha Maitreya, Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, and Origin Heavenly Devil with Black Skies Yellow Earth Exquisite Tower and Primordial Auspicious Cloud of Chaos, respectively.

Then, he stepped forward, destroying the Immeasurable Heavenly Lords Tathagatas Image.

The Immeasurable Heavenly Lord let out a long breath.

He reached out his hand, and the Tathagata Image sat in a lotus posture.

The images hands pointed to the sky with the momentum of recreating a world.

In the dharma image, there were countless udumbara flowers.

On the blossoming golden udumbara flowers, sariras rose up.

On each sarira, there were unlimited light rays.

The light rays crisscrossed as if puncturing time and space.

Finally, it summoned the Central Blessed Lands of Saha at its peak during the Middle era.

The Blessed Lands were bright, and the billions of buddha territories were unobstructed.

Bodhi could be seen everywhere in the Buddhist land, harnessing wisdom and compassion.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge raised his palm.

At this moment, he seemed to have transformed into a baldachin, carrying the weight of the entire universe and suppressing the whole primordial gulf.

Then, Yan Zhaoges palm fell.

The baldachin also seemed to be spinning, crashing into the Central Blessed Lands of Saha!

On the edge of the baldachin were streaks of Grand Peerless Primordial Qi hanging down and spinning according to the baldachin.

The terrifying force capable of shattering the universe slammed into the Land of Buddhism.

The countless light rays dimmed, thousands of sariras were broken, and thousands of udumbara flowers withered.

In the Blessed Lands, the Buddhist stupas collapsed.

The merit ponds and the Bodhi Trees withered.

The sky had overturned, the earth was cracked, the purity ceased to exist, and the Buddha light lost its brilliance.

It was a scene of an apocalyptic catastrophe!

The prosperous Land of Buddhism died in an instant.

Yan Zhaoges palm was like a baldachin, breaking the Central Blessed Lands of Saha and annihilating the Buddhism in it.

With the demise of the Central Blessed Lands of Saha, the Tathagata Dharma Image finally fell through and disappeared.

Even the five Sakyamuni Sariras were exhausted and disappeared.

They no longer exist in this world.

On the other side, the Origin Heavenly Devil snorted coldly.

Being oppressed by the Primordial Auspicious Cloud of Chaos, his body turned into a piece of chaos, collapsing toward the center.

The two sides of chaos were squeezing and devouring each other frantically at this moment.

The Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil worked hand-in-hand with Maitreya Buddha to attack the Black Skies Yellow Earth Exquisite Tower and gradually found some way out.

Seeing what happened to the Origin Heavenly Devil, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil sent the graceful mirror light over after giving it a brief thought.

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil attempted to assist Origin Heavenly Devil, engulfing Yan Zhaoges Primordial Auspicious Cloud of Chaos!

As long as he succeeded, the Origin Heavenly Devil could regain its original Primordial position and would be no longer restrained by Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge looked back at them at this time and smiled, “Since you plead to die quickly, I shall fulfill your wish.”

After all, he nudged the crown on his head.

Seeing his movement, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devils heart skipped a beat.

Sure enough, a Clear Qi burst out from the top of Yan Zhaoges head, divided into three, and turned into three Daoists.

A young Daoist wore the Nine-Cloud Crown, a red and white silk robe, and rode his mount with a sword in his hand.

Then, it came the middle-aged Daoist, wearing a Ruyi Crown and pale yellow gossip Bagua Robe [1].

He came riding a horse, holding Ruyi Lingzhi [2] in one hand.

An old man with white hair and a face filled with vigor arrived.

He wore the Nine-Firmament crown and the Eight Treasure Longevity Purple Robe, holding the Dragon Beard Fan in one hand and a Triratna Jade Sceptre in the other.

His mount was the Ground Lion.

“Daoist Brother, Im here to help you!” The three Daoists said in unison and came to Yan Zhaoges side.

Yan Zhaoge reached out his hand, “Slay the devils.”

The three Daoists also did the same thing, reaching out their hands.

In the void, golden light and yellow mist rolled in.

In the Immortal Extermination Formation, the Incongruence Divine Mother and the Cloudy Firmament Fairy bowed to Yan Zhaoge, “Bow to the greatest Dao Lord who enjoys boundless longevity.”

Immortal Exterminating Four Swords flew away from them and came to Yan Zhaoges side.

Yan Zhaoge and the three Daoists held four ancient swords: Immortal Exterminating Sword, Immortal Ending Sword, Immortal Slaughtering Sword, and Immortal Trapping Sword.

Then, the limitless ruthless qis killing intent rose into the sky.

A new Immortal Extermination Formation was erected here, engulfing the Origin Heavenly Devil and the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil.

Four high platforms were erected in the rolling yellow mist, each with a gate.

The quartet hung four ancient swords on each gate, respectively.

Then, they snapped their fingers together to make thunder, waking up the ancient sword!

The terrifying sword-light capable of destroying Dao and splitting the primordial bombarded like torrential rain, aiming directly at the two devils.

Origin Heavenly Devil and Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil felt something different in this Immortal Extermination Formation at the first moment.

The Immortal Extermination Formation driven by Dao Lord Yan Zhaoge was comparable.

Whats more Yan Zhaoge complimented it with the One Qi Manifesting Three Clears art with a clone manning each node of the formation.

How could this compare to the Immortal Extermination Formation in the past

“Its stronger than the Immortal Extermination Formation built by the Numinous Treasure in ancient times.” Amitabha looked at the Immortal Extermination Formation with racing thoughts.

Immortal Extermination Formation, as the name suggested, even the immortals would perish when they entered the formation.

The existence under Dao Realm could not escape their demise even with the help of a Dao Realm bigwig, except for the unique situation of the Monkey who had the Earthly Essence Stone in those days.

On the other hand, if the Dao Realm bigwig entered the formation, the Immortal Extermination Formation would be helpless against him.

However, Yan Zhaoges Immortal Extermination Formation went beyond exterminating immortals.

It could eradicate the Daos instead!

“The ruthless devils bring extinction.

This formation is the grave dedicated to you.” Yan Zhaoge said indifferently, “Today, lets see who is more ruthless.”

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