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Chapter 1834: Bringing an End to Immeasurable

Following Yan Zhaoges words, the sword rain poured down in the formation.

Origin Heavenly Devil and Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil tried to break free from the formation.

However, the sword lights came in every direction and every angle.

They were surrounded even from above and below.

What entered their eyes was only left with sword lights.

Origin Heavenly Devil realized that he could not avoid the attack.

So his last resort was to transform into a chaotic nothingness to bear the weight and devour the sword lights.

Every sword light fell into the chaos, diffusing the devils chaos incarnation.

One sword light was difficult to inflict a qualitative impact on diffusing the chaotic properties.

However, when the numbers accumulated to trillions, it was enough to trigger it!

The hazy chaos gradually became clear and discernible.

Its profundities became weaker and weaker.

Origin Heavenly Devil felt his injuries constantly accumulating.

An ant nest could destroy a dam of a thousand miles.

When the accumulated fine cracks reached a particular scale, it was time for it to collapse!

Vast Freedom Heavenly Devils figure vanished into nothingness.

Ancient mirrors seemed to light up everywhere in time and space.

The mirrors were in billions, free from shackles, and existed everywhere.

The mirror lights shone on each other, reflected thousands of times, and crisscrossed each other, hoping to disintegrate the formation or find a way out.

However, the airtight sword lights bombardment kept pouring.

The sword lights severed the mirror lights that reflected on each other.

Even if the mirrors were ubiquitous, the sword lights would still reach them in the end, flooding them and destroying them.

None of the mirrors could escape.

The countless mirrors that seemed to exist at every node of time and space failed to expand out of the formation and were contained in it.

The pouring sword lights appeared in all directions of time and space.

The attacks never failed.

One mirror after another was shattered.

The time and space in which the ancient mirror existed were continuously compressed from the outside to the inside.

Soon, the ancient mirrors territory was forced to one point, pulling out the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil with eight arms into material existence.

The surging sword lights slashed, stabbed, and pierced the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil.

The injuries were not fatal.

However, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil could not recover from this injury shortly, even with his cultivation.

The accumulation of thousands of wounds in the caliber of the Dao Realm was enough to destroy everything.

A devil ancestor like Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil was no exception!

Many a mickle makes a muckle.

The vast sword light fell.

The wounds came together, and one of the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devils arms was torn apart!

And then, the second, the third…

An unbelievable and petrifying scene was presented to everyone at this moment.

No one could have imagined that a dignified devil ancestor would end up in this state.

In the Nine Underworlds incident, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil suffered a massive loss because of the Supreme Elder Lord and the Monkey.

He failed to recuperate back to his peak state even today.

However, the Heavenly Devil did not lose to this extent even back then.

The Heavenly Devil had no way to fight back.

Instead, he suffered torrential heavy blows with his defense tearing apart, approaching his end.

Even though he suffered heavy losses in the Nine Underworlds game and could not recover until now, the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil had always been one of the Six Ancestral Devils, meaning the top-notch bigwig in Dao Realm.

However, he lost even the hope of escaping.

Not only was the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, but the Origin Heavenly Devil, stronger than him, was in equal peril.

The endless sword rain brought the Origin Heavenly Devil into a miserable state.

He turned into chaos and kept dodging, trying his best to devour and eliminate the sword lights.

He was still trying to rush out of the formation.

However, he was helplessly getting caged in the formation.

The Origin Heavenly Devil was helpless.

The chaos suddenly shrank to a single point of nothingness.

The next moment, this nothingness suddenly expanded and exploded.

Countless devilish qis and devilish intents erupted from that point.

Those devilish qis and devilish intents rushed in all directions with an explosion.

Origin Heavenly Devil utilized the art of Devil Physique Disintegration.

If one of his devilish intents managed to flee, he still had a slim hope of surviving.

During his life and death moment, he incurred an explosion with all his life force, blasting out the chaos and exposing the primordial gulf before the worlds creation.

The mighty explosive even trembled the formation slightly.

The terrifying sword light had also come into a pause.

But in a flash, the heaving downpour of sword lights resumed.

One after another sword light fell.

The devilish qis and devilish intents, which the Origin Heavenly Devil separated into, were annihilated.

Although the devilish qis and devilish intents were abundant, the sword lights were in a more significant number.

Origin Heavenly Devil was thoroughly surrounded with no chance to escape at all.

While sweeping away the fish that slipped through the net, Yan Zhaoge continuously slayed away the Origin Heavenly Devils vitality.

As the spectators witnessed the battle, they were shocked in their hearts.

Compared with the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, which had always existed, everyone was wary of the Origin Heavenly Devil, which had been suppressed for many epochs.

As the ancestor and the origin of ten thousand devils and the number one devil in the world, the Origin Heavenly Devils power was naturally unquestionable.

The Primordial Heavenly Lord suppressed the Origin Heavenly Devil not because the devil was weak, but because the Primordial Heavenly Lord had the Earlier Heaven advantages that restrained the Origin Heavenly Devil.

After the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil, the Origin Heavenly Devil was on the verge of dying!

The Origin Heavenly Devil and the Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil had been rampant since before the worlds establishment when there were no concepts of time in the primordial gulf.

If it werent for Lord of Dao and Virtue and Amitabha, who preempted the devils fortune, the devil might have been the lineage with the most Dao Realm bigwigs in their ranks.

If the Twelve Devilish Gods Formation could be truly established, it would be the number one formation in the world.

However, they would soon return to ashes as if things were meant to be.

The Twelve Devilish Gods Formation became merely a fantasy, and the Great Devils such as the Origin Heart Devil were exterminated.

At this moment, even the two great devils would meet their end!

After today, the devils would become history!

Watching this situation and this scene, the spectators sighed in a complicated mood.

The person, who led the event to this stage, stood quietly in the formation.

He stood on a high platform with a leisurely demeanor.

The thunderbolts shook the Immortal Exterminating Sword hanging at the gate.

When onlookers saw this, more and more people were convinced.

“Praise the Supreme Dao Lord with immeasurable longevity!”

Since the Primitive era, no Dao Realm powerhouses had fallen after the fall of the Existence Creation Heavenly Devil and Emperor Xi.

However, there had been conflicts between the Dao Realm bigwigs.

There had been countless fallen Immortal Realm powerhouses since time immemorial, but Dao Realmbigwig had always survived.

The Vast Freedom Heavenly Devil seemed to suffer terribly in the Nine Underworlds game, contributing to this frightening ending.

However, what happened back then was not a big deal in comparison.

A new Dao is born to annihilate another Dao.

More and more people had this thought surfaced in their minds with horror surging in their hearts.

When a new Dao Ancestor was born, there would be Dao Ancestors who would perish.

Only through the dead could bring new life!

There were two deaths in the formation!

Yet, everyone knew it was not over yet.

“As I said, the end is the end, and there will be no new beginning.” Yan Zhaoge quietly looked at the Immeasurable Heavenly Lord, “Today, I will bring an end to the immeasurable.”

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