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HSSB183: The roaring right eye


The dim sword-light zigzagged, seeming as though it had completely merged with the dark domain of devilish qi.

The sword-light seemed as though it possessed a life of its own as, like a poisonous snake, it soundlessly stabbed towards the back of Yan Zhaoge’s head.

As a spirit beast, Pan-Pan who was by Yan Zhaoge’s side possessed a far superior sensory ability for danger than human martial practitioners.

However, at this moment, he was completely unable to detect the sudden assault by that sword-light.

Meanwhile, of the many spirit artifacts on Yan Zhaoge, not mentioning his spoils of war like the Flying Thunder Sabre and the Purple Gold Thunder Sword, none reacted.

Even his Jade Dragon Sword which had accompanied him all the way and whose mind was connected with his as well as the mid-grade spirit artifact, the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sabre, with its high spirituality, were unable to detect this sword.

A sword soundless and without presence, was incomparably terrifying!

To Martial Scholars, their difference in strength from a Martial Grandmaster expert was like a massive gulf which could not be remedied.

And if this Martial Grandmaster ignored his lofty status and lay patiently in wait as he devoted his utmost to launching a sneak attack to kill a Martial Scholar, not underestimating him in the least, there would be a ninety percent chance that this Martial Scholar would not be able to escape the fate of death!

While his strength was far superior to ordinary Xiantian Martial Scholars, currently facing grave danger, Yan Zhaoge was only able to vaguely detect something.

But just as he did, a coldness permeated the back of his head along with a slight piercing pain, as the other party’s sword-light was already at the brink of arrival!

This was the closest Yan Zhaoge had been to dying ever since his arrival at the current Eight Extremities World!

Earlier, whether it had been the Sacred Sun Clan’s Pan Botai and Twilight Lord or the Ghost Hatchet Elder and the Crimson Spirit Flag Master, their cultivation bases had all been higher than this person’s.

However, whether it was through preparations that had long since been set in place or not actually having to face their sharpness directly, while Yan Zhaoge had appeared to be in a precarious position, he had actually been stable as a mountain under those circumstances.

It was only at this moment that Yan Zhaoge clearly felt the shadow of death hanging over him.

While this sword was not all that fast, and not all that strong, it had truly been too covert.

By the time Yan Zhaoge discovered it, the sword’s blade was virtually already almost touching his flesh.

However fast Yan Zhaoge’s movement techniques were, it was also already too late for him to avoid it.

While he had the Lofty Mountain Armour, a defensive-type spirit artifact on him, even if it automatically activated in a bid to protect him now, it would also not be able to make it in time by a little bit.

And just that little bit, was the difference between life and death!

Even if the Lofty Mountain Armour rose, the person would already have been hit!

At this crucial juncture, whilst being shocked, Yan Zhaoge didn’t fall into chaos.

All unnecessary, chaotic thoughts completely vanished from his mind.

Yan Zhaoge’s mind was completely focused, only a single notion still remaining within, activating at full speed!

Eye of the Thunder Emperor!

Virtually at the same time that the sword-light contacted his body, an intense, piercing pain appeared in Yan Zhaoge’s right eye!

A purplish-green light was shot out from within.

A large amount of pure, refined lightning qi instantly travelled throughout Yan Zhaoge’s entire body.

Stimulating every single pore!

Every single bone!

Every single meridian!

Every single piece of flesh and blood!

In an instant, Yan Zhaoge erupted with a speed that far surpassed his normal level, his body resembling flashing lightning as he shot forward!

As he strode out, the assaulting sword-light behind him, missed!

Even so, from the back of Yan Zhaoge’s head, broken, severed strands of hair drifted in mid-air, some tiny droplets of blood even seeping out from his skin.

Having missed, that Martial Grandmaster pressed forward relentlessly as he chased Yan Zhaoge tightly, sending the sword within his hands stabbing towards him once more!

However, having managed to evade the most dangerous, most covert sword arriving from an ambush, Yan Zhaoge had already stabilised his position.

His entire body’s aura-qi turned icy cold as he executed the Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist.

Yan Zhaoge’s entire person resembled a spirit turtle concealed deep within the bottomless ocean, that deep abyss to which all objects belonged, kept concealed within, not a trace of them visible.

Even that Martial Grandmaster’s spiritual sense wavered slightly for a moment as he felt as though Yan Zhaoge had completely disappeared from before him.

Focusing his mind, he locked onto Yan Zhaoge’s position once more, his sword continuing to stab outwards.

However, two glows of red and yellow flickered as an armour that resembled lofty mountains now appeared on Yan Zhaoge’s body, blocking the opponent’s attack.

Exerting all its might in a single effort, then deteriorating, finally being exhausted.

That Martial Grandmaster’s sword-blow was already like an arrow at the end of its flight as it was currently no longer able to break through the Lofty Mountain Armour’s defence.

Lightning flickering within his right eye once more, Yan Zhaoge stomped on the ground as his entire body spun, turning back to send a palm flying towards his opponent’s head!

Earlier, his body’s aura-qi had been cold as ice.

Currently, it blazed like fire as it erupted with a terrifying force that shocked one’s very soul, resembling the eruption of a volcano!

With a strength surpassing his predictions, the other party was also caught a little off guard by Yan Zhaoge.

He had already appraised his opponent as highly as possible beforehand, but never would he have thought that he had still underestimated Yan Zhaoge in the end.

His sword technique having already been seen through,  combined with Yan Zhaoge’s speed and explosive power being greater than anticipated, Yan Zhaoge was instantly able to move into close proximity of him.

However, at the end of the day, he was still a Martial Grandmaster expert.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, he too hit out with a palm towards Yan Zhaoge’s head!

His palm forceful and domineering, it drew the surrounding roiling devilish qi to converge where it was, its power growing stronger as it was like a king of the devils had descended into this world.

At this powerful force, even with Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation, his aura was stifled for a moment!

However, the attacker suddenly became alert to the fact that in Yan Zhaoge’s cold gaze, the purplish-green light within his right eye was becoming more and more piercing.

This Martial Grandmaster hesitated slightly for a moment.

In such an intense fight as this one, such hesitation was indisputably a potentially fatal thing which should be avoided at all costs, especially so when Yan Zhaoge was far from an ordinary Martial Scholar.

After hesitating slightly for a moment, he finally decided not to counter Yan Zhaoge, instead choosing to retreat!

However, as he retreated, Yan Zhaoge advanced, the momentum of his palm even fiercer than before!

His palm swept past his enemy’s shoulder, the illusory purplish-red Tu**a fire formed of his aura-qi erupting, using the clothes and aura-qi of his enemy as fuel as they transformed into real flames, blazing strongly.

Not uttering a sound, that Martial Grandmaster continued retreating along with the purplish-red Tu**a fire on his shoulder that had still yet to be extinguished, not even turning to look back as he merged into the darkness once more.

The lightning in Yan Zhaoge’s right eye flickered slightly as he remained silent, his spiritual sense at its peak as he stayed carefully wary of his surroundings, guarding against any further attacks from the enemy.

The time the two had clashed had been the time taken for lightning to flash and a spark to fly off a flint.

The efforts made in the blink of an eye were already a round of a life and death struggle.

Only when that Martial Grandmaster had retreated did Pan-Pan, standing by the side, let out an enraged roar, looking, fixated in the direction to which the man had retreated.

Yan Zhaoge stopped Pan-Pan, standing back-to-back with him as he silently stood on alert for a moment to confirm that the other party had truly left before finally ending his fist stance.

“Who exactly was that” The person’s appearance flickered through Yan Zhaoge’s mind.

His entire body had been enveloped in a black robe, his appearance concealed by a black cloak.

Not only had he been hooded, he had even been wearing a pitch-black mask, causing people to be unable to distinguish his features.

It was only through the two slits on his mask that a pair of dark yellow pupils could be seen, flickering with a mournful red light as they revealed his identity as a fallen practitioner.

“Concealing his identity Someone I know” Yan Zhaoge frowned, “But there’s no meaning to it ah.

It’s just that the devilish will concealed within his heart has grown, but has not combined with the devilish qi outside, thereby completely falling to the dark side.”

“However, that he will be completely consumed by the darkness is something that cannot be reversed, and as soon as the devilish will within him and the outside devilish qi combine and he completely falls to the dark side, there would no longer be any possibility of continuing to lie hidden.

And with that, his identity would be as good as having exposed itself-what use would there be still in remaining concealed then


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