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HSSB188: Cruel and Merciless



Liu Shengfeng poked out with his finger.

A bloodied hole was instantly opened in Ye Zhongzhou’s arm.

“…” Ye Zhongzhou clenched his teeth, not uttering a sound, his eyes widened into circles as he stared angrily at Liu Shengfeng.

Liu Shengfeng smiled slightly, “A tough man, huh.”

Saying this, he tapped out with his finger once more.

Heavily injured, Ye Zhongzhou was unable to evade it, able only to watch on helplessly as yet another bloodied hole was added to his arm.

Liu Shengfeng laughed rather maniacally , “I love torturing tough men the most; because they can generally can hold out longer, letting me play with them a few more times.”

Ye Zhongzhou let out a stifled snort, “Madman!”

He stared at Liu Shengfeng, “You torture me for the sake of making me fall into anger or despair, you want to make me hate you, you want to make me fall to the dark side just like you Stop daydreaming!”

“I am indeed furious, and indeed hate not being able to kill the madman that you are, but I definitely won’t let these notions consume me, and become willing to be a devil just like you are!”

Liu Shengfeng said like it was nothing, “You are the one who shouldn’t daydream.

You were originally already not my match, and now that you are heavily injured, how can you kill me”

He smiled like he was playing a prank, “If you fall, your strength will increase, and you might even break through to the late Xiantian stage.

Only then would you possess the qualifications to battle me.”

“Also, at the same time that you fall, you will obtain a chance for all of your injuries to completely heal.

Look at me, originally having been beaten by Yan Zhaoge to the point of my Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body being forcibly terminated, with injuries serious to the point that I almost couldn’t even crawl up.”

“Under such circumstances, transforming into a devil, allowing devilish qi to refine and reforge my body, my injuries immediately healed, even allowing me to easily fight against the five of you simultaneously.”

Laughing, Liu Shengfeng once again pointed out with his finger, his aura-qi once again piercing a hole through Ye Zhongzhou’s arm, “My intentions are good.

I’m giving you a chance to rise once again where you fell.”

Ye Zhongzhou’s forehead dripped incessantly with cold sweat as he clenched his teeth, completely ignoring Liu Shengfeng’s words.

Liu Shengfeng was also not in a rush, all smiles as he looked at Ruan Ping on the other side, “Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Junior Brother Ruan.

Having been received by you a few days ago, I am truly grateful, and it is only right that I give you a return gift.”

Saying thus, pointing, a bloodied hole also appeared on Ruan Ping’s arm.

Ruan Ping let out a muffled groan, twisting his head to the side as he ignored Liu Shengfeng’s words.

Liu Shengfeng was also not in a rush as he laughed, “Actually, if the two of you both fall and join hands, perhaps you can even match me in battle; why not consider it for a bit”

From the side, the two other fallen practitioners looked on at this in amusement.

Ruan Ping remained indifferent as he did not speak, while Ye Zhongzhou laughed coldly, “Dream on!”

Looking first at Ye Zhongzhou, then at Ruan Ping, the corners of Liu Shengfeng’s mouth revealed a cold and wicked smile.

Getting up, he moved away as he said carelessly, “Forget it, it’s fine.

I, have never liked forcing people anyway.”

Saying thus, he moved over to Li Jingwan and Zhang Yao’s side.

Ye Zhongzhou’s face changed, “Liu Shengfeng, what’re you doing”

Liu Shengfeng said gleefully, “Nothing.

I’m just greeting these two young Junior Sisters, as we get to know each other.”

Smiling, he squatted down before Li Jingwan and Zhang Yao.

The two were still able to retain their calm, as Li Jingwan tightly pursed her lips while Zhang Yao clenched her teeth, closing her eyes.

Liu Shengfeng looked at them somewhat interestedly.

As his gaze fell on Li Jingwan, he pointed out.

Li Jingwan’s shoulder instantly had a bloodied hole added to it.

The female disciple of Jade Sea City let out a pained groan.

However, her gaze was still without fear as she who looked refined actually had a rather tough side to her.

Glaring angrily at Liu Shengfeng for a moment, Li Jingwan then abruptly shut her eyes, an abnormal redness surfacing on her face.

Her heavily injured body suddenly erupted with a powerful aura-qi!

“Activating the Heaven Flooding Tide under such circumstances; are you thinking to end yourself” Liu Shengfeng was somewhat taken aback before he chuckled, quickly pressuring down with a palm to disperse Li Jingwan’s agglomerated aura-qi, “Sadly, the difference in strength between us is too great, and you are also heavily injured.

In front of me now, it would be hard for you to die even if you wanted to.”

Li Jingwan opened her eyes, looking furiously at Liu Shengfeng.

Coming in front of her, Liu Shengfeng laughed, “After falling, your injuries will heal.

If you want to commit suicide immediately then, perhaps I wouldn’t be in time to stop it.”

After looking furiously at Liu Shengfeng for a moment, Li Jingwan closed her eyes once more, still not speaking a word.

The smile on Liu Shengfeng’s face vanished, “Perhaps Junior Sister Li doesn’t understand me very well.

I, rather fear death.”

“Therefore, to those people who view death as returning home, I feel especially a bit of…haha, not respect, but hatred.”

Saying thus, Liu Shengfeng pointed, and a haze of blood instantly erupted from one of Li Jingwan’s legs, paining her till her face turned pale as a sheet, “Therefore, I just love torturing those who don’t fear death.

I have countless methods to make them feel worse than if they were dead, letting them know that not fearing death, is actually also nothing really worth mentioning.”

Liu Shengfeng swivelled his head to look at Zhang Yao, baring his teeth, “Turbid Wave Pavilion’s Junior Sister Zhang, we meet again.”

As Zhang Yao remained silent, her eyes kept tightly shut, Liu Shengfeng laughed, “Speaking of which, I have really let Junior Sister Zhang see an ugly side.

Earlier, when fighting with that Yan Zhaoge,  I lost rather pathetically.”

Liu Shengfeng lightly tapped Zhang Yao’s shoulder, his power condensed but not released, “Of the lot of you here, the one whom I had wanted to receive the most was you.

After all, the two of us meeting would be rather awkward.”

As Zhang Yao’s body trembled slightly, Liu Shengfeng continued, “I have always been thinking of how I could get rid of this awkwardness, and not being able to think of a way after a long time, I  eventually still decided that it would be better for us to meet no longer.”

“If we are to part ways forever, it would naturally be the most reliable for the barrier to be one of life and death.

I, being afraid of death, and also not wanting to die, am therefore only able to ask you to please go die.”

“Rip!” Zhang Yao’s shoulder was penetrated by the power of Liu Shengfeng’s finger, as she let out a tragic cry.

Liu Shengfeng said leisurely, “But before you die, you can still accompany me to play for a bit.”

Zhang Yao hissed, “Just kill me!”

Shaking his head, Liu Shengfeng laughed, “I will, but when I do, is to be decided by me.”

Ye Zhongzhou glared angrily at Liu Shengfeng, whose gaze turned to him as he laughed, “You want to save them ah Sadly, you don’t have that ability.

Why not try falling; at least there would be a chance then.

However, you alone would be insufficient; only with that Junior Brother Ruan over there would there be some chance of success.”

“You!” Green veins bulged on Ye Zhongzhou’s neck as he exhaled heavily, glaring at Liu Shengfeng.

By the side, Ruan Ping remained unspeaking, his eyes still closed.

“Senior apprentice-brother Liu, calm down a little.

Whatever the problem, it can also be discussed; it would be fine after talking it out, there’s nothing that cannot be solved through communication…”Xiao Yu said in a single breath from the side.

“You shut up,” Liu Shengfeng said coldly, “I put you at the last not because you are from the same clan as me, but because you are the one whom I hate the most, that I want to kill the most.”

Saying thus, Liu Shengfeng directly pointed at Xiao Yu, who let out a tragic cry as a bloodied hole appeared at his abdomen, fresh blood spurting out from within.

“Every sentence you say, I’ll do it once more,” Liu Shengfeng smiled coldly, “Now, as you wish, let us talk.”

Coming before Xiao Yu, Liu Shengfeng smiled, “Right, since we are of the same clan, it is only right for me to give you some preferential treatment.”

Saying thus, he pointed out once more, another bloodied hole instantly opening up on Xiao Yu’s body, “Every sentence you say, I’ll do it twice.”


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