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HSSB189: The disdainful Zhao Hao


Liu Shengfeng lowered his head to look at Xiao Yu, saying indifferently, “If you’re stronger than me, you can speak, and I’ll just have to listen.

You’re so weak, and yet you jabber on all day long, full of nonsense; who can stand listening to you”

Bearing the intense pain, Xiao Yu gazed in another direction, “Junior apprentice-brother Zhao, help me persuade senior apprentice-brother Liu!”

In the distance, from behind the tall golden tower a figure emerged, his gaze cold whilst also intractable.

It was precisely Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao’s expression was his usual, his eyes clear as his jet-black pupils were completely calm, “If you have sufficiently firm wills, no one would be able to force you to fall.”

“It would at most just be dying; if you wish to live out your lives ignobly, what matter is there whether you’re a human or a devil”

“However, if I were in your place, rather than being like fish on a chopping board as you are now, life and death subject to another’s will, I might as well fall, obtaining the strength to put up a final struggle.”

Ye Zhongzhou and the others all looked at him, shocked, as Xiao Yu opened his mouth, “Even you, junior apprentice-brother Zhao, would be willing to become a devil But you clearly have not fallen…”

Zhao Hao said disdainfully, “To you, becoming a devil would only be amplifying certain desires within your hearts, gaining the courage to do what you have never dared to do before.”

“But there has never been anything that I have never dared to do before.

What I want to do, I do, living out my life as I want, as I please.”

“To me, there is no difference in being a human or a devil, and I also don’t care whether others are humans or devils.”

“To me, it is all the same.

I will kill all those who stand in my path, be it human or devil.”

Zhao Hao chuckled, his expression filled with contempt, “The most dangerous and venomous thing in this world is the human heart.

The devil is birthed from the heart; as long as sentient beings exist, devils will not be extinguished.

In fearing the Evil Devils, you are actually only fearing the deepest, darkest thoughts within your own hearts.”

“However, to me, I have never minded going by my true, innermost thoughts, yet will also not lose control of them.”

“What I pursue is freedom, free and unfettered, roaming the world as I like.

To me, the only real thing in this world is power; the rest are but merely illusions.”

“Old Man Mo has been pretty good to me, so I have accepted his goodwill.

While I have no interest in being like him, or aiding him in letting the Nine Underworlds descend, I will also not intentionally wreck his plans.”

Zhao Hao sent a disdainful look at Ye Zhongzhou, Xiao Yu and the others, “Therefore, I do not care about the Evil Devils, because I can control my own state of mind, unlike you pieces of trash who dare to think but do not dare to admit, still having to shrink back in fear, concealing and hiding.”

Ye Zhongzhou didn’t care about Liu Shengfeng and the others by his side as he could not help but break out scolding, “A heap of nonsense; you are merely selfish and self-interested, indifferent to others but yourself.”

Zhao Hao said contemptuously, “Trash like you-what qualifications have you to speak of me”

As these words left his mouth, Ye Zhongzhou and the others were stunned, and even Liu Shengfeng was slightly taken aback.

His gaze sweeping over Ye Zhongzhou and Ruan Ping, Zhao Hao let out a cold snort, “Already so old, yet still in the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar realm-you’ve lived your whole life as a dog.”

Ye Zhongzhou was immediately angered to the point of laughing, “You are merely at the late inner aura stage; and you say that I am merely in the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar realm”

Zhao Hao smiled disdainfully, “At my age, what was your cultivation Higher than mine If not, what face do you have to speak to me”

Ye Zhongzhou glared furiously at him, “This bastard, if not the fact that I am injured, I would definitely show you what’s good for you!”

By the side, Ruan Ping now also opened his eyes, glaring angrily at Zhao Hao.

Liu Shengfeng looked as though he was smiling whilst also not, his gaze moving between Zhao Hao, Ye Zhongzhou and Ruan Ping.

As the two people beside him looked at Zhao Hao, they expressions were also slightly awkward and unfriendly, but Liu Shengfeng waved his hands, gesturing for them not to speak.

Zhao Hao also ignored the expressions of the trio, sending a sidelong glance at Ye Zhongzhou, “By the way, a year ago, I was still not even a Martial Scholar.

Now, I am already a late inner aura Martial Scholar.

In cultivating from the Body Refinement realm to the late outer aura Martial Scholar realm previously, how long did you take Was it faster than me If not, what are you if not trash”

“In this year, how much has your cultivation increased by Already so old, yet merely a mid Xiantian Martial Scholar- if your age was not eaten by the dogs, where would they have lived”

“Showing me what’s good for me Let’s compete not in cultivation speed, but in strength at the same cultivation level.

At the same cultivation level, I would be able to easily take on three or five of you simultaneously; yet you wish show me what’s good for me”

Zhao Hao looked a little pitifully at Ye Zhongzhou, “Actually, dying today-it might be better for you.”

“Otherwise, in the future, you would quickly see me surpassing you in terms of cultivation within a short period of time, at the same time suppressing you as I would an ant.”

Heat immediately rushed to Ye Zhongzhou’s brain, but being heavily injured, he was just completely unable to move.

He was instantly frustrated till his eyes turned bloodshot.

Shocked, Xiao Yu looked at Zhao Hao, “Junior apprentice-brother Zhao, you might have been too hurtful in your words…”

Appraising him with a glance, Zhao Hao then said disdainfully, “The greatest piece of trash is you, not knowing how to do anything at all, only knowing how to jabber on non-stop.

Someone like you-if not for your Master protecting you, you would long since have died a hundred times already.”

“I look down on your sort the most: clearly having potential that is not bad, yet not knowing how to treasure it, completely wasting it away, makes you even worse than trash.”

Amidst his words, the peak of the golden tower and the projection of the red door of light on the ground below were becoming more and more distorted.

The power contained within was also becoming more and more terrifying, as a strange and tyrannical aura emanated from within, causing the originally already heavily injured Ye Zhongzhou, Zhang Yao and the others to find it more difficult to bear.

The black chains that wrapped themselves around the golden tower began shaking non-stop.

This all-encompassing world of red light where they were currently located also began quaking ceaselessly.

Outside of the domain of red light, black fog rolled as numerous strong spiritual lights and fist-intents of martial practitioners met.

The opening of the Great Nine Underworlds Door had already reached its most crucial stage.

Meanwhile the offence and defence of the numerous experts outside had already reached the stage of a true life and death struggle.

The defensive line of the Decimating Abyss Organisation’s experts had already been gradually forced close to the core region of the formation.

However, accompanied by the growth of the terrifying aura emanating from within the Great Nine Underworlds Door, the crowd of Decimating Abyss experts grew braver and fiercer as they fought, actually beginning to repel the experts of the various Sacred Grounds once more.

His gaze sweeping contemptuously over Xiao Yu, Ye Zhongzhou and the others, Zhao Hao then said casually as he turned to walk back towards the golden tower, “If you find Yan Zhaoge, remember to tell me.”

Liu Shengfeng laughed, “You are looking for Yan Zhaoge”

Zhao Hao said, “Yan Zhaoge is at least different from these pieces of trash, but I will let him know that I and him, are also different.”

“Looking for me”

A voice suddenly resounded by their ears.

As Liu Shengfeng, Zhao Hao and the others turned simultaneously, they saw Yan Zhaoge looking at them from the distance.

Yan Zhaoge, however, didn’t look at Liu Shengfeng and Zhao Hao, instead looking solemnly and apologetically at Ye Zhongzhou and the others, “You guys, due to having to make some preparations, I have let you suffer; I’m sorry for that.

I assure you that a short while later, you will be given the chance to personally repay Liu Shengfeng tenfold, a hundredfold for his actions.”


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