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HSSB190: All of you here, are trash


Yan Zhaoge gazed at that golden tower as well as the red door of light projected below it.

The door leading to the Nine Underworlds, would soon be opening.

After his initial moment of shock, Liu Shengfeng began chuckling strangely, “Returning it to me a hundredfold Based on what”

“That’s right; even if, having been refined and reborn allowing my power to rise, I am still not your match, so what”

Some madness dwelled within Liu Shengfeng’s smile, “With the Nine Underworlds descending, this is soon to completely become the hallowed ground of my people; unless you think you can stop it”

“Something that so many Martial Grandmasters outside can’t do-you think you can do it”

“That’s right, you indeed managed to secretly find your way in.

However, as a Martial Scholar, what can you do”

Liu Shengfeng smiled as he stepped to the side, sending Yan Zhaoge a ‘giving way’ gesture, motioning for him to head to the golden tower.

“We will open up a path for you, allowing you to attack the core of the formation as you will.

With your cultivation, you’ll not be able to damage such a great formation; it’ll be like an ant trying to topple a tree.”

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm, “It is true that with my cultivation, I indeed cannot do it.”

“The Nine Underworlds descending is also indeed something that I must stop.

Otherwise, even if I rescue Senior Brother Ye, Junior Sister Zhang and the others, the final result would still be that all of us would be finished.”

“Therefore, what do you think I was spending time preparing for just now, in not instead directly beating you into having a pig’s head, saving Senior Brother Ye and the others”

Amidst his words, the roiling noise of thunder suddenly resounded by everyone’s ears.

Along with a loud rumble, a purple orb slowly rose into the air, resembling a purple sun as it appeared in the blood-red sky.

It was precisely the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor!

Violent thunderbolts that brought with them a destructive pressure surged from within, countless purplish green snakes twisted unceasingly in mid-air.

Yan Zhaoge lightly pointed forward with his finger at an extremely slow speed.

The tip of his finger seemed as though it was carrying ten thousand jin of weight, bearing an incomparable burden.

The purple orb formed of the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor rumbled as it transformed into a purple streak of lightning, flashing towards that golden tower!

The purple streak of lightning collided with the golden tower with a bang.

On the golden tower, a crack clearly visible to the naked eye immediately appeared, extending from the peak of the tower all the way to its very bottom.

The numerous black spirit patterns entangling the golden tower trembled unceasingly, breaking apart in great numbers.

Even that door of red light at the very peak of the golden tower began to tremble, its exterior rippling like waves.

However, the golden tower did not completely shatter!

The door of red light projected on the ground, still existed!

The terrifying aura grew stronger and stronger, as the Great Nine Underworlds Door was still about to immediately open!

The formation’s core having been attacked, the formation itself circulated ceaselessly, dissipating the power as changes also came to the grand formation.

The red sky above their heads ripped apart, roiling black fog surging.

Amidst the devilish qi that surged to the heavens, two spiritual lights shot up, as two towering mountain peaks, one black, one red, now appeared before the eyes of Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Looking carefully, both of these mountain peaks seemed to be thousands of metres long, pressuring heavily downwards as they hovered within the air.

Numerous massive spirit talismans that stretched out far into the distance congregated, forming a massive spirit formation, lifting the mountain peaks up before the two divine mountains that touched the heavens, collided heavily!

A fierce momentum ripped the surrounding devilish domain apart!

That black divine mountain had evidently come up better in that exchange.

Great laughter resounded in mid-air, “Shan Shiweng, you were originally not my match.

Here, it is even more so!”

This laughter was precisely that of Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Elder Mo.

Originally supposed to have been surrounded and captured as soon as possible, he was currently standing stern and imposing as he suppressed Shan Shiweng.

His great laughter was deafening, “This is what you were relying on”

“Son of the Yan house, the son of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s Lin Tianfeng has already spread the news of you gaining a Sacred Artifact fragment all over-how could we not know of it”

“However, so what At the end of the day, you are still a mere Martial Scholar.

While a Sacred Artifact fragment, whilst being a fragment, is still the base of a Sacred Artifact, how much of the power within can you wield”

“This old man’s luck today is not bad, just happening to be in the vicinity.

This old man will gladly accept this Sacred Artifact fragment; I have to thank you for giving me a treasure ah!”

The black divine mountain seemed to grow even bigger and taller as it directly suppressed the red divine mountain, cracks even having begun to appear on the red divine mountain’s exterior.

Elder Mo laughed coldly, “A little one who still reeks of his mother’s milk; relying on the little talent that you possess as you no longer know the boundlessness of the heavens and the immensity of the earth.

You must know that geniuses like you, die young the most easily!”

“Still want to spar with me Okay, this old man will satisfy you today!”

“After the Nine Underworlds descends, this old man will slowly take care of you!”

From the ground, Zhao Hao expressionlessly spoke, “Leave him to me; if I do not slaughter him personally, my heart will be uncomfortable, and my thoughts will not be smooth.”

Elder Mo broke out into laughter, “See whether his life is so tough, as to be able to survive under this old man’s hands.”

While that golden tower had been cracked by the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor earlier, the Sacred Artifact fragment was currently embedded within, sucked in place by the golden tower.

Numerous streaks of blood-red light shone as like it had a life of its own, that golden tower attempted to swallow the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor!

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Liu Shengfeng smiled, “What are you still stunned for; hurry up and try to save your treasure”

“If you manage to do so and then turn tail and run, perhaps you’ll be able to escape with your life”

“As for me, you’d best not care,” Liu Shengfeng was all smiles as he walked towards Ye Zhongzhou and the others, “Letting them personally exact vengeance a hundredfold or a thousandfold on me is no longer really possible; you’d best place hopes on yourself being able to survive this day and take revenge for them in the future.”

“However, as you know, I am afraid of dying, and will definitely properly hide from you.”

Seeing the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor currently trapped by the golden tower, feeling the terrifying aura emanating from within the Great Nine Underworlds Door growing stronger and more tangible, Ye Zhongzhou, Zhang Yao and the others finally felt true despair within their hearts.

Zhang Yao glared furiously at Liu Shengfeng, yelling out, “Only able to bully the weak as the strong, a deformed goblin who bullies the soft and fears the tough!”

“Previously, having been beaten by Yan Zhaoge into a pile of rotten mud, then shaking your tail and acting like a pitiful beggar; you are worse than even a dog, really humorous beyond belief!”

Liu Shengfeng laughed, “Wanting to provoke me into killing you, getting instant relief ah How would it be so easy”

“Yes, I indeed bully the weak as the strong, and indeed bully the soft and fear the tough, acting like the most obedient and compliant little dog before the strong whereas being the most terrifying nightmare before weaklings like Junior Sister Zhang.”

Liu Shengfeng came before Zhang Yao, pinching her cheek, forcing her to meet his gaze, “Little lady, now, this pile of rotten mud wants to muddy your face.

Are you ready”

“Hands off,” Yan Zhaoge’s voice suddenly resounded by Liu Shengfeng’s ears.

Liu Shengfeng frowned slightly as he suddenly discovered that Yan Zhaoge’s tone was very calm, not carrying a sense of defeat in the slightest.

His gaze first sweeping over the trio of fallen practitioners led by Liu Shengfeng as well as Zhao Hao, then looking at Ye Zhongzhou, Zhang Yao and the others currently collapsed on the ground, Yan Zhaoge suddenly laughed.

“I am not specifically targeting anybody ah; I just want to say that…” Yan Zhaoge’s gaze turned cold, “All of you here, as long as you are standing, are trash.”


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