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HSSB191: Killing consecutively!


Before Yan Zhaoge’s words had landed, the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor that was currently embedded in the golden tower, seemingly trapped, suddenly flickered intensely!

Accompanied by this, the golden tower shook abruptly!

As the golden tower shook, the entire grand formation seemed to be shaken slightly along with it as well.

The red door of light projected on the ground shook intensely, as time itself seemed to freeze at this very moment.

That boundlessly terrifying, intimidating Nine Underworlds aura also seemed to weaken slightly at this moment.

In the sky, Elder Mo’s enraged, alarmed roar resounded from that black divine mountain!

As long as they were a fallen practitioner, located within the demonic domain, everyone was affected by this without exception, their minds shaken as they were all momentarily dazed for a time.

At the same time, his body flashing, Yan Zhaoge had already vanished from the spot.

In that instant, a streak of jade light suddenly rose, like a rainbow streaking across the heavens as it instantly pierced through space, hacking directly before Liu Shengfeng!

Recovering from a momentary trance, Liu Shengfeng virtually unconsciously tried to exert force with his hand, wanting to twist and break Zhang Yao’s neck!

But to a martial practitioner like Yan Zhaoge, this brief moment was already sufficient!

Jade light flashed; fresh blood splattered!

Liu Shengfeng gave a muffled groan as his arm that had been pinching Zhang Yao’s face, had already been hacked off by Yan Zhaoge!

The two fallen practitioners beside Liu Shengfeng also returned to their senses at this time.

Not having the time to care about him, one on one side, they raised their hands together!

Two ropes flew out, numerous sigils and runes appearing on their surface.

In that instant, a bright light lit up, transforming into a sphere of light, wanting to lock Yan Zhaoge within!

Yan Zhaoge didn’t even bother glancing at it, flipping his left hand as a glass plate appeared within, shining with a blood-red light.

Yan Zhaoge had forged a new Blood Devil Plate following the one he had used to break Lin Zhou’s Blood Cocoon Net previously.

The blood-red light streaked out, instantly breaking apart that barrier in the shape of a sphere of light!

The two fallen practitioners frowned deeply.

With the help of the devilish domain here, the strength of their barrier was such that it was sufficient to trap Heavenly Connection Martial Scholars for a period of time, and was even able to trap Martial Grandmasters for a few breaths.

But who could have thought that it would actually be immediately broken through by Yan Zhaoge, not having obstructed him in the least!

Both being proficient in fighting and killing, having failed in their first strike, they did not hesitate, immediately beginning their second attack.

One of them gave a low howl as he threw out a foot, directly kicking towards Yan Zhaoge.

As he kicked out, his aura-qi immediately formed an illusory heaven and earth, boundless waves and tides surging towards Yan Zhaoge.

This martial practitioner threw a combo of kicks, endless howls of waves seemingly resounding, each one higher than the previous as they smashed wildly towards Yan Zhaoge.

As Yan Zhaoge prepared to meet the enemy, the other fallen practitioner formed a circle with his arms.

A large amount of aura-qi agglomerated in his hands, erupting with a fierce light.

As all his body’s aura-qi converged to form a gigantic sphere of light, this person pushed out with his palms, smashing straight towards Yan Zhaoge from the other direction!

With the size of the light sphere, not only did it encompass Yan Zhaoge, it even drew in the collapsed Ye Zhongzhou, Zhang Yao and the others along with it!

If Yan Zhaoge handled this improperly, Ye Zhongzhou and the others would immediately be harmed by the attack.

However, if he helped Ye Zhongzhou and the others to parry it, the other opponent’s attack would pose a threat to him himself!

Ye Zhongzhou and the others stared.

They knew that if they were placed in the same precarious situation, they would also be hard pressed to deal with it!

“What will he do” Ruan Ping’s heart tensed up.

Zhang Yao unconsciously opened her mouth, “Senior Brother Yan…”

Ye Zhongzhou clenched his fist tightly, “Don’t care about us anymore; at moments like this, you should prioritise yourself first!”

Liu Shengfeng’s gaze was ferocious as, cradling the wound of his severed arm, a black pendant hung by his waist now flew up, transforming into a light that attached itself to his severed arm!

“Yan Zhaoge!” Liu Shengfeng roared wildly as, at the stump of his severed arm, black light actually solidified to a form a whole new arm within a short period of time!

Gathering the aura-qi of his entire body, he then simultaneously struck out with both his palms towards Yan Zhaoge!

Knowing that Yan Zhaoge had several spirit artifacts on him, in order to prevent Yan Zhaoge relying on them to forcibly block their attacks, the trio of fallen practitioners roared simultaneously.

As they roared, black light individually spouted out from their mouths, forming a ring in mid-air.

The ring was not a spirit artifact, but a strange, unique treasure.

As the black light flickered, Yan Zhaoge temporarily lost his connection with his spirit artifacts.

Seeing this, neither panicked nor harried, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze remained calm as his body shook abruptly, one hand clawing forward, resembling an illusory shadow!

Coiling within a sea of stars, swallowing true dragons whole-the twelve-winged Heavenly Snake King seemed to reappear within this world!

Yan Zhaoge clawed out, breaking through the sea waves, grabbing his opponent’s right leg.

Not giving the fallen practitioner any time to react, Yan Zhaoge spun, exerting force with his arm, directly travelling in a huge arc!

The next moment, this fallen practitioner was flung away in another direction by Yan Zhaoge!

In that direction, precisely existed the gigantic light sphere pushed over by the other fallen practitioner’s palms!

A loud bang resounded as Yan Zhaoge’s first opponent was directly used by Yan Zhaoge as a human shield to block his second opponent’s brutal attack!

Violent light dissipated in all directions, not able to harm Yan Zhaoge, whilst also not able to injure Ye Zhongzhou, Zhang Yao and the others.

After flicking out with his arm, Yan Zhaoge rushed out like a thunderbolt, his palm continuing to smash on the first fallen practitioner who had served as a shield for him.

Having originally already been injured from his own companion’s full-powered strike, now having another palm supplemented to him by Yan Zhaoge, the fallen practitioner instantly perished!

At this moment, the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor on the golden tower, roared!

The purple orb abruptly shuddered, shaking at a speed indiscernible to one’s eyes.

It was as though the ancient Thunder Emperor of legend had blinked, the flicking of a finger, the blinking of an eye, a single moment, a single instant!

Infinite, boundless violent thunderbolts completely erupted within this incomparably short instant!

An Instant’s Thunder, in that moment, incinerated everything, all its power completely concentrated to be released in that one instant!

Illuminated by the light of lightning, Yan Zhaoge’s expression didn’t change, pushing the first fallen practitioner’s corpse with his palm, as though raising a shield high as he continued slamming towards his second opponent!

His enemy grit his teeth tightly, pushing out with his palms once more, wanting to shatter his companion’s corpse along with Yan Zhaoge!

However, in the moment where the two were about to make contact, Yan Zhaoge’s figure seemed as agile as an ape as he abruptly spun.

His opponent’s palm only shattered that corpse, while Yan Zhaoge, appearing on his other side, slammed out violently with his palm, with a momentum that could collapse the heavens!

The sound of an explosion resounded as Yan Zhaoge’s second opponent had his head directly shattered by his one palm!

Only now did Liu Shengfeng, frantically chasing Yan Zhaoge, arrive behind him.

Turning, Yan Zhaoge’s eyes were like lightning as he gazed at Liu Shengfeng.

Liu Shengfeng’s heart trembled as the light of lightning illuminated his face a purplish-green.

While Yan Zhaoge strode forward in a huge stride, punching straight towards Liu Shengfeng!

Aura-qi congregating, blazing fire raging, obscuring the heavens and covering the earth, sweeping away all demons and monsters.

Not daring to hesitate in the slightest, with his new fist formed of black light, Liu Shengfeng also punched out!

As the light flickered, it formed layers upon layers of illusory scenes, innumerable Evil Devils seemingly howling savagely in unison within the black light!

As Yan Zhaoge punched out, the sound of dragons roaring and tigers howling resounded, the resulting terrifying force extinguishing the silhouettes of innumerable Evil Devils, decimating all that stood in its path!


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