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HSSB192: Gao Zhe, you want to die once more, is it


Yan Zhaoge punched out with his right fist, then immediately stepped forward, jabbing out with his left elbow.

Then, he took his third step, lowering his body slightly as he slammed fiercely forward with his right shoulder.

Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder Three Combo!

Yan Zhaoge’s punch with his right fist directly shattered Liu Shengfeng’s new arm that was reformed of black light.

Greatly shocked, Liu Shengfeng wasn’t able to evade, and was only able to forcibly take it head-on as he circulated his Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body  that he had successfully re-accomplished after falling to the dark side to the limit.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s left elbow was like shocking thunder as it jabbed fiercely at Liu Shengfeng’s left chest, right before his heart.

Liu Shengfeng’s face immediately turned pale as a sheet.

His Divine Mountain Tyrannical Body, had been broken once more!

Next, Yan Zhaoge brought forth his third attack with Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder, his right shoulder slamming into Liu Shengfeng’s abdomen.

With a muffled breaking noise, Yan Zhaoge seemed to have heavily struck down a huge mountain with his shoulder as Liu Shengfeng’s body directly flew backwards.

Liu Shengfeng let out a tragic cry, fresh blood spurting madly out of his mouth as his entire body’s aura-qi had been dissipated by Yan Zhaoge’s attack.

His chest had collapsed inwards, leaving numerous broken, distorted white bones visible, directly piercing out of his flesh and blood.

Liu Shengfeng slammed onto the ground like a broken rag doll, his entire body limp as he could only exhale more than he inhaled, as he desperately tried to form words with a mouth that was endlessly leaking blood.

While Liu Shengfeng’s power had risen from falling to the dark side, the current Yan Zhaoge had also vastly improved from when they had previously clashed.

Illuminated by lightning, Yan Zhaoge’s visage was cold as he looked calmly at the collapsed Liu Shengfeng, “I said before; Senior Brother Ye, Junior Sister Zhang and the others will have the chance to personally exact vengeance on you.”

Liu Shengfeng stared, his body twitching as he struggled.

However, even moving a single finger was difficult for him now.

As though corroborating Yan Zhaoge’s words, in the golden tower, the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor began shining with infinite radiance and released countless thunderbolts within an instant, and then dimmed, vanishing without a trace as though that terrifying scene earlier had completely been an illusion.

However, the sound of thunderclaps resounded, ceaseless to the ear.

The light at the top of the golden tower dissipated, its exterior losing its lustre as it now seemed just like an ordinary stone pillar.

Its surface was riddled with cracks, as its exterior fragmented unceasingly and fell downwards, as though a meteor shower was descending.

The numerous black spirit patterns entangling the tower that resembled chains shook in unison, taut as it seemed like they were bearing an unimaginable weight.

Finally, these black spirit patterns, shattered.

Innumerable spirit patterns surged backwards, shrinking back into the surrounding black fog as the entire grand formation actually began circulating in reverse.

The sky resounded with Elder Mo’s enraged howl, as from the distance could also be heard the various shocked cries and enraged howls of many other Decimating Abyss experts.

What caused Liu Shengfeng was the most despair was that lying on the ground, as he struggled to twist his neck to look at the red door of light within the sky despite the immense difficulty of moving, he saw out of the corner of his eye that that red door of light which had originally stood tall in mid-air at the very peak of the tower was now also gradually beginning to dissipate along with the collapse of the tower.

It did not have to be asked for it to be known that there was no longer any hope for the true Great Nine Underworlds Door projected on the ground that had originally already been right about to open.

Ye Zhongzhou, Ruan Ping, Li Jingwan, Xiao Yu and Zhang Yao currently all had completely stunned looks on their faces.

In their eyes, the situation which was at the very edge of doom had suddenly flipped itself around within but an instant.

In the red light of the devilish domain, the menacing tower shattered and collapsed, leaving behind countless fragmented rocks that rained down from the sky like hail.

Below, Yan Zhaoge’s proud upright form resembled a descended divinity.

After a slight pause, the terrifying aura of the Nine Underworlds surged madly, yet showed signs of having reached the end of its tether.

An instant’s thunder, in a single moment, had blazed with all its power to erupt in a single burst, releasing incredible strength.

The fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor as wielded by Yan Zhaoge confounded everyone’s expectations as it truly shook the core of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

Having released all of its energy in such a grand fashion, the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fell irrepressibly into a state of slumber, the purple orb turning dim and lustreless, its aura completely vanishing as it returned to a dormant state, waiting to recover.

Since Yan Zhaoge’s own essence, qi and mind was closely linked with the Sacred Artifact fragment’s, at this moment, it also began deteriorating rapidly.

Suddenly, a sword-light ignited.

The sword-light shone like fire, immediately illuminating the dark space as it was targeted directly at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression did not change as he looked calmly at the attacking Zhao Hao.

Staring coldly at Yan Zhaoge, Zhao Hao wielded a crimson sword, overflowing with a brilliant light that resembled flying fire.

It was, shockingly, a spirit artifact!

Xiao Yu stared wide-eyed, because as a fellow disciple of Zhao Hao’s, he knew that Infinite Boundless Mountain had not bestowed any spirit artifact upon him.

Yan Zhaoge did not find Zhao Hao’s heaven-defying fortuitous encounters and possession of accompanying treasures unexpected, as he only focused on the sword attacking towards him.

“Your strength has currently been greatly damaged.

Originally, I disdain taking advantage of the distressed, but your cultivation base was originally higher than mine, and only now can a battle between us be counted as fair.”

Zhao Hao said coldly, “During the Heavenly Connection Meet, I communicated with Elder Mo, wanting to have a battle with you at the same cultivation level.

You didn’t dare to accept it.”

“But now, if you dare, you have to fight.

If you don’t dare, you still have to fight.

You do not have a choice in the matter.”

In the moment that it takes for lightning to flash and a spark to fly from a flint, his sword-aura spread out, resembling fire blazing across a plain.

His sword-light like fire, some starlight also seemed to light up, numerous meteors descending from the sky.

That one sword contained an imposing and profound sword-intent, as starlight and firelight seemed to have merged into one.

The crimson sword-light gradually turned golden.

The all-encompassing golden fire-light spread out, then condensed all of its power into a single line, heading straight towards Yan Zhaoge!

Pill Fire Divine Sword, Starlight Fire Trailing Sky!

“Yan Zhaoge, draw your sword!” Zhao Hao roared, “Do battle!”

Accompanied by this loud roar of his, the momentum of his sword skyrocketed madly.

While he was still a late inner aura Martial Scholar, this sword of his seemed like it could split the heavens and the earth apart.

At this moment, Zhao Hao’s figure seemed incomparably tall, as a figure vaguely surfaced within his pupils.

That figure presided loftily above with his sword, arrogant and overbearing, unbridled and without restraint as he domineeringly traversed the world.

With that one sword, hacking the heavens and splitting the earth, there seemed to be nothing that could obstruct his footsteps.

Zhao Hao clearly still just possessed the cultivation base of a late inner aura Martial Scholar, but the fearsomeness of his sword-aura that enveloped the area made hearts tremble, made hands and feet go weak.

Ye Zhongzhou, Zhang Yao and the others were all shaken, shocked to the extreme.

Only Yan Zhaoge’s expression remained calm as he just looked at Zhao Hao with a slightly strange gaze.

While Yan Zhaoge was currently in an extremely weak state, faced with Zhao Hao’s Starlight Fire Trailing Sky, he did not panic or become flustered.

A jade light lit up, meeting Zhao Hao’s golden sword-light.

The clear qi within Yan Zhaoge’s dantian spread to the sides, the chaotic qi mass surfacing as ice and fire intermingled, yin and yang mixed.

His aura-qi was no longer blazing hot, nor icy cold, and instead remained  in a permanent state of chaos, neither yin nor yang, with neither a beginning not an end.

The next moment, this chaos suddenly exploded.

It was not the Coiling Dragon Sleeve, not the Big Dipper Sword, not the Taiji Cloud Dragon Sword, nor any other sword art, nor was it any other martial art.

Emptying his mind, Yan Zhaoge seemed to congregate all his martial skills at a single area at this moment, then, using an inexplicable method, merged all of these forces together, erupting simultaneously!

It was as though all objects had returned to chaos, and then that chaos was extinguished, the universe opening up once again.

The jade green sword-light and the golden sword-light, met head-on in mid-air!

As the golden light abruptly shattered, looking at Zhao Hao’s expression of utter bewilderment, Yan Zhaoge murmured in a low voice, “Gao Zhe, you want to die once more, is it”


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