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HSSB193: Decimating everything that stands in his path!


The two spirit swords, one jade green, one pure gold, clashed in mid-air.

Brandishing his sword, within the concept of Yan Zhaoge’s sword technique actually vaguely appeared a bit of the majestic scene of chaos being extinguished and the universe opening up once again.

It was like the end of everything, whilst also the beginning of everything.

Where the sword-lights clashed, Zhao Hao’s sword-light of Starlight Fire Trailing Sky that flickered with golden flames was instantly extinguished.

The Incinerating Light Sword within Zhao Hao’s hands, the spiritual qi of its sword-light suppressed by the Jade Dragon Sword, instantly became dim and lustreless.

Yan Zhaoge’s terrifying sword-intent followed through, chopping towards Zhao Hao.

A slightly stunned expression surfaced on Zhao Hao’s face, as he could only feel that Yan Zhaoge’s sword contained a massively terrifying concept that could extinguish all objects.

His own aura-qi and sword-intent actually completely collapsed and dispersed on its own, not being able to withstand it.

“He didn’t execute this sword during the Heavenly Connection Meet; what exactly…” Zhao Hao could feel Yan Zhaoge’s current weakness, to the point where even externalising his aura-qi was hard.

In terms of cultivation, the current Yan Zhaoge didn’t hold an advantage at all.

If one said that a higher cultivation base led to a greater knowledge and outlook, he, Zhao Hao was a Martial Saint in his previous life, so how could he be facing a setback in this area now

However, without any reason whatsoever, without any doubt whatsoever, in this current clash, he had been cleanly defeated!

Zhao Hao yelled severely, “Earth Devouring!”

Flipping over his palm, a tiny incense burner that was pure black in colour and totally inconspicuous suddenly appeared within.

No aura was emanated from this incense burner whatsoever, and no spiritual light flickered from it whatsoever as well, with no unique energy fluctuations that were detectable from it at all.

It was as though it was a mortal tool which could not be any more ordinary.

However, when Yan Zhaoge’s sword met that tiny black incense burner, the force contained within was like mud entering the sea as it vanished in an instant.

Striking the exterior of the incense burner, the low-grade spirit artifact, the Jade Dragon Sword, completely didn’t leave behind any marks on its surface at all.

Yan Zhaoge squinted, not hesitating in the slightest as he immediately struck out with a palm!

Zhao Hao held the incense burner, seeming as though he was raising a shield as he moved around, withstanding Yan Zhaoge’s attacks.

Yan Zhaoge raised his brows, “Unable to wield the treasure, only able to rely on the mystical power of its body.

Only able to be used for defence”

His palm that struck towards Zhao Hao instantly changed, exquisite techniques and variations expanding as an all-encompassing series of palm-shadows bore down on Zhao Hao.

Brandishing his sword, Zhao Hao counterattacked, “Yan Zhaoge.

Today, I will kill you!”

The golden tower collapsed, the red door of light vanishing, the grand formation supporting the devilish domain suddenly circulating in reverse.

The world of red light everyone was currently located in gradually collapsed, the black devilish qi above their heads abruptly halting, then rapidly dispersing!

The two divine mountains resembling towering pillars than supported the very sky, one black, one red, appeared overhead once more.

From the black mountain echoed Elder Mo’s furious roar, “Child of the Yan Family, you’re courting death!”

The towering mountain peak directly smashed down towards Yan Zhaoge.

The light before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes instantly dimmed as a black shadow grew larger and larger overhead, obscuring the sky and concealing the sun.

The terrifying aura almost caused his body to be completely numb, not able to move in the slightest.

“Take care of yourself first,” His expression not changing, Yan Zhaoge laughed indifferently.

The Devilish Domain Grand Formation circulated in reverse, the numerous remaining dispersed strands of devilish qi beginning to surge wildly into the bodies of the various fallen practitioners.

At this moment, the fallen practitioners who had previously been bolstered by the devilish qi not only were not benefiting from an increase in their power, but instead even faced a massive threat from the devilish qi that, rapidly circulating in reverse, now violently assaulted their bodies!

Originally having been pressuring down towards Yan Zhaoge, that black divine mountain was currently instead shaking intensely, as though it was facing the danger of collapse.

The massive spirit formation that formed the black divine mountain also became unstable at this moment, as it began to fragment non-stop!

Runes and sigils were extinguished one after another, turning into streaks of light that dissipated within the air.

Elder Mo howled furiously, “Little bastard!”

At the same time, the red divine mountain formed of Shan Shiweng’s fist-intent slammed into the black divine mountain!

The black divine mountain that had originally already been at the brink of collapse instantly began collapsing and breaking apart for real!

Having instead been assaulted by the devilish qi, Elder Mo’s power was instantly overtaken by Shan Shiweng, whom he had kept suppressed earlier!

The battle situation instantly reversed.

The black divine mountain and the black talismanic formation broke apart simultaneously, revealing Elder Mo’s maniacal, disbelieving face, his golden-yellow eyes staring at the red divine mountain before him, also at the Yan Zhaoge beneath, blood shining madly within his pupils as his fury soared to the heavens.

However, Shan Shiweng capitalised mercilessly on his momentum, his red body formed of his fist-intent descending once more, smashing till fresh blood wildly spurted out from Elder Mo’s mouth!

Elder Mo roared and howled in rage and hatred, his body connected to one after another long, thin chains formed of silhouetted black runes.

The long, thin chains formed of devilish qi surged in reverse into his body, as the assaulted Elder Mo instantly spat out yet another mouthful of fresh blood!

While Shan Shiweng’s attack, not giving him any chance of counterattacking whatsoever, struck once more!

“Child of the Yan Family, there won’t be a good ending for you!” Knowing that it was already basically impossible for him to escape, Elder Mo howled madly, completely ignoring Shan Shiweng, wanting to muster his final strength and kill Yan Zhaoge, to vent the hatred within his heart.

However, the black runic chains that surged in reverse caused his already injured heavily injured body to be unable to bear the burden, as his flesh and blood nearly imploded.

As Elder Mo’s figure halted momentarily in mid-air, Shan Shiweng’s attack instantly caught up with him!

A massive ‘boom’ sound resounded, resembling a massive, ancient rock completely shattering and breaking apart.

With it, Elder Mo’s life came to an end, spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood as his aura-qi and fist-intent were completely extinguished.

He died with great grievance, glaring fixatedly at Yan Zhaoge, “…This old man cannot accept it!”

Thus fell a longtime Martial Grandmaster expert!

His violent vital qi dissipated within the air, momentarily causing boundless winds and clouds to surge as the people beneath were gusted to the point of being unable to stand stably.

Having just managed to stand up with great difficulty, Ye Zhongzhou, Zhang Yao and the others all toppled down in varying directions once more.

Bearing the impact of the airflow, Yan Zhaoge also seemed like a lone vessel within the gusty sea, but his attacking hands remained as stable as a rock!

He thrusted out with his sword towards Zhao Hao, who returned a blow with his Incinerating Light Sword.

Empty handed, Yan Zhaoge punched towards Zhao Hao, the terrifying concept of chaos being extinguished and the universe opening once again appearing once more!

Faced with Yan Zhaoge’s iron fist, Zhao Hao’s gaze was both cold and fiery at the same time as he held out his tiny black incense burner, wanting to block Yan Zhaoge’s attack with it.

However, in the instant before Yan Zhaoge’s fist contacted that tiny black incense burner, the extinguishing force suddenly calmed, as all became soundless and peaceful.

It was as though the process of the universe reopening had temporarily stopped, all returning to chaos once more.

Without yin, without yang; without before, without after; without a beginning, without an end, without knowledge, without feeling.

Zhao Hao’s face changed slightly.

His face expressionless, Yan Zhaoge’s stance abruptly changed as he spread out his fingers, clawing towards Zhao Hao’s wrist!

Being extremely rich in combat experience, Zhao Hao’s reaction was swift.

As Yan Zhaoge changed his stance, his hand carrying the tiny incense burner also abruptly exerted more strength, the back of his hand like a massive hammer as it slammed down towards Yan Zhaoge’s arm.

It was Infinite Boundless Mountain’s direct lineage martial art, Heaven Breaking Hammer!

His gaze like lightning, Yan Zhaoge speedily returned his qi, exerting force once more!

Finger Flicking Shocking Thunder!

Spreading out his fingers, they abruptly became supple as they breezed gently past Zhao Hao’s wrist, as though playing on a lute.

However, Zhao Hao’s arm trembled as though it had been struck by electricity, fresh blood spurting uncontrollably from his wrist as the meridians within were shattered!

Zhao Hao’s hand, was no longer able to grasp the tiny incense burner.

Not giving him any time to react, Yan Zhaoge struck out with a roaring Jade Dragon Sword in his other hand , the terrifying power of chaos being extinguished chopping towards Zhao Hao once more!

“Yan Zhaoge!”

An unresigned enraged howl left Zhao Hao’s mouth as, a cold wind blew past his neck!

Following that, an extinguishing sword-intent spread out from the wound at his neck to his entire body, ripping his entire body apart!

Flesh and blood, shattered!

Muscles and bones, shattered!

Soul, shattered!

Everything, shattered!

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was cold and indifferent, “It’s the second time, and the feeling now-it’s like, it’s really nothing special at all”


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