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HSSB197: Who under the heavens doesn’t know this Lord!


Hearing Yan Zhaoge’s query, Tang Yonghao fell silent for a moment.

Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei both felt rather surprised at this, as the latter asked, “Senior Brother Tang, do you know something”

Frowning, Tang Yonghao answered, “On the way here, I met others and heard some rumours, but also cannot properly confirm the rumours now.”

Yan Zhaoge asked, “How about just sharing it with us”

Glancing at Ye Zhongzhou and Li Jingwan, Tang Yonghao sighed but did not speak, instead sending a sound transmission with his aura-qi over to Yan Zhaoge and Xu Fei, “According to rumours, it was Elder Chen, who led Jade Sea City’s disciples over here this time.”

The features of that intractable Elder of Jade Sea City surfaced in Yan Zhaoge’s mind, “Elder Chen”

Tang Yonghao said, “It still can’t be confirmed now.

Elder Chen seems to have vanished, and we can only understand the truth of the matter once he has appeared.”

Tang Yonghao being from the Sacred Sun Clan, greatly at loggerheads with Jade Sea City, it was not good for him to evaluate this, and he himself was also not a person to jump to conclusions lightly.

However, Yan Zhaoge still understood Tang Yonghao’s meaning, which was that currently, whether dead or alive, Elder Chen was nowhere to be seen.

Such a longtime Martial Grandmaster expert actually vanishing was truly rather incomprehensible.

“Being bewitched by the Nine Underworlds can generally be attributed to various reasons.

For example, Liu Shengfeng had an abusive personality and liked to torture others; this personality of his also having been suppressed and restricted by his clan, he made an easy target.” Yan Zhaoge rubbed his temple.

“Martial Grandmaster experts, especially one with a high and deep cultivation, generally have firmer wills, and are thus not easily shaken by the Nine Underworlds.”

“However, it is also precisely because of their firm wills that once their state of mind changes, they also appear more stubborn, as well as more obstinate and more crazed.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath, “I am not clear about Infinite Boundless Mountain’s Elder Mo, but from the looks of him, he is clearly antagonistic to the extreme, filled with anger and hate towards things.

As for Jade Sea City’s Elder Chen, while he seemed rather intractable and temperamental before this, he still seemed overall upright and aboveboard.”

Tang Yonghao nodded upon hearing his words, whereas Xu Fei, after considering for a moment, said somewhat hesitantly, “Could it be, because of the matter of his grandson”

“Ah” Yan Zhaoge was rather confused by this, while Tang Yonghao looked like he had suddenly realised something.

Xu Fei explained, “Zhaoge may not be too familiar with it, because this matter happened rather long ago.

Elder Chen lost his son many years ago, leaving only a grandson remaining.

However, his grandson was full of ailments and weaknesses, and was also not able to cultivate.

Therefore, he could only slowly try to deal with his condition.

Seeing his grandson’s body getting weaker and weaker became Elder Chen’s greatest problem in his heart.”

He sighed, “This is already something from long ago; in recent years, no news about this have been incoming.

It is also unknown whether…sigh!”

“Like this…” Yan Zhaoge nodded, not saying anything further.

He gazed into the distance, where victory was gradually being decided in the various battlefields.

With no hopes of the Nine Underworlds descending, and the devilish domain shattering and assaulting them instead, the Decimating Abyss experts already had no hopes of victory.

Those who could escape all began to escape, while those who couldn’t fought on where they were.

Having been captured alive, those few who had not fallen still had some chance of surviving.

The majority who had already fallen, even having been captured alive, would most likely be killed following interrogation.

Great battles ended one after another, as the battle of Clear Concealed Lake finally came to an end.

One after another powerful auras began converging at the middle of the lake.

The first to arrive was a white-haired old woman, back arched and coughing intermittently as she seemed extremely weak.

However, Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei, Tang Yonghao and the others all recognised her as a Grand Elder of Turbid Wave Pavilion, one of the top experts in the entire Lake Domain.

Seeing that old woman, Zhang Yao called out in joy, “Grand Master!”

Ruan Ping bowed, “This disciple Ruan Ping greets Grand Aunt-master.”

Looking at Zhang Yao, some affection was revealed on the old woman’s face.

Yan Zhaoge and the others, including the still heavily injured Ye Zhongzhou, Li Jingwan and Xiao Yu all went up together to greet the old woman as well.

After hearing Ruan Ping and Zhang Yao’s reports, the old woman’s gaze landed on Yan Zhaoge, as she slowly said after appraising him for a moment, “Broad Creed is fortunate.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Senior overpraises me.”

The old woman similarly smiled, no longer speaking.

To a figure like her, the Yan Zhaoge who had dispelled the Devilish Domain Grand Formation was more worthy of her attention than the Yan Zhaoge who had domineeringly swept away many similarly-aged geniuses during the Heavenly Connection Meet.

Granted, a monstrous genius who presided loftily over those geniuses of the same age indicated that his future could not be estimated, possessing the possibility of achieving legend in the future.

However, a mere Martial Scholar coming out of nowhere and entering a major matter in which only longtime Martial Grandmasters would prove decisive, and also succeeding in a single go-this meant that the brilliance of Yan Zhaoge’s vision, judgement, breadth of spirit as well as talent had already completely surpassed the level of his current cultivation as well as age.

As a Martial Scholar, he could influence a matter which concerned the situation of the entire world.

Then, if Yan Zhaoge’s cultivation rose in the future, what kind of legendary feats could he accomplish

From another perspective, only a genius who did not die young could truly be considered a genius.

Of all humans, while the percentage of geniuses and heroes was small, given the condition of a massive amount of people, monstrous geniuses would still abound.

With the old woman’s identity and age, she had seen too many different kinds of geniuses over the years.

Not talking about others, being able to achieve her current position and cultivation base, when she herself had been young, how was this old woman not a Heaven’s favoured daughter at the top of her peers

However, heroes were innumerable, but those who could achieve these heights were always only a limited few.

Huge waves cleansed the sand; too many geniuses never achieved their predicted heights.

And Yan Zhaoge’s feats, in the old woman’s eyes, as compared to those young geniuses who were only outstanding in terms of martial arts, at least increased his chances as he continued heading somewhere higher and further.

“Broad Creed Mountain has a successor ah; now all that remains to be seen is if he can surpass those before him,” Looking at Yan Zhaoge, the old woman sighed within her heart.

The experts of the other Sacred Grounds all arrived in turn.

A purple-haired old man, a longtime Elder of the Heavenly Thunder Hall, after having heard about the details of this matter, focused his gaze on Yan Zhaoge, not speaking for a long time.

A middle-aged Martial Grandmaster beside him frowned, “The Decimating Abyss experts were all held up by us; this kid was merely lucky, relying on the power of the Sacred Artifact fragment and succeeding in his ambush, also not having been obstructed by any Martial Grandmasters.”

Hearing this middle-aged man’s words, that purple-haired old man turned to look at him.

The old man did not say a single word, but caused the middle-aged man to feel numb across his entire body, nearly suffocating as he broke out in a cold sweat.

Only when the middle-aged man nearly couldn’t take it any longer did the purple-haired old man retract his gaze, saying mildly, “Firstly, his Sacred Artifact fragment was also not picked up by the roadside; it was obtained after consecutively defeating my Heavenly Thunder Hall’s disciples.

Let’s first not talk about Yan Shan; do you think you could defeat the mid Xiantian stage Lin Zhou with a cultivation of the early Xiantian stage”

“Afterwards, giving you a Sacred Artifact fragment, how much of its power would you be able to wield in the mid Xiantian Martial Scholar realm”

“Finally, you also saw the strength of that Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

Trapped within the devilish domain, how many Martial Grandmasters would still be able to accurately find the core of the formation Even possessing a Sacred Artifact fragment, wanting to shake the core of the formation, the timing of the circulation of the formation also has to be accurately judged, only then being able to succeed in a single blow.

Otherwise, it would only be wasting the power of the Sacred Artifact fragment for no good reason.”

The purple-haired old man looked at that middle-aged man, “Now, do you still feel that this was merely a matter of luck, something that any other Martial Scholar, as long as they had a Sacred Artifact fragment in hand, would be able to do”

That middle-aged man’s face looked rather sooty as he lowered his head silently.

The purple-haired old man said mildly, “Granted, the Decimating Abyss experts were all engaged and held up by us on the outskirts.

However, if not for him, The Great Nine Underworlds Door would have opened, and the results would have been completely different.”

Looking at Yan Zhaoge, he sighed, “From now onwards, in this old man’s eyes, you are no longer just the son of Yan Di.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge; this name-this old man shall remember it.”

Not only this purple-haired old man, the gazes of the experts of the various Sacred Grounds present were all focused on Yan Zhaoge.

Following today’s incident, the name of Broad Creed Mountain’s Yan Zhaoge, would be known by all.

Who under the heavens doesn’t know this Lord! 


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