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HSSB200: An unprecedented reward


Towards Fang Zhun’s praise, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Second apprentice-uncle truly overpraises me, to the point that I almost feel embarrassed.”

Fang Zhun shook his head, “You are worthy of it.”

Gathering the other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners, they left the Lake Domain, returning to the Heaven Domain.

While they had come to an unanimous agreement on the problem of the Decimating Abyss Organisation, and had stood together against a common enemy in this time’s Clear Concealed Lake’s incident, with the battle having ended, their clash against the Decimating Abyss Organisation having reached a temporary end, Broad Creed Mountain was still Broad Creed Mountain, and the Sacred Sun Clan was still the Sacred Sun Clan.

Returning to the Heaven Domain from the Lake Domain, they still used that route passing through the Earth Domain.

While the Decimating Abyss’s headquarters was possibly in the vicinity, having just experienced a great battle, with the Sacred Grounds also having joined hands in suppressing the Earth Domain once more, it could currently still be considered safe.

Furthermore, from the Lake Domain to the Heaven Domain, if they didn’t use this route, they would have to pass through the lands of the Fire Domain.

With Huang Guanglie yet to leave seclusion, with the Sacred Sun Clan having been badly defeated in the war of the Eastern Tang, if in the third Extreme Yin Bout, Meng Wan had not won the Extreme Yin Crown, it would be fine even if Yan Zhaoge, Fang Zhun and the others travelled directly across the Fire Domain.

However, the Sacred Sun Clan currently possessed two Sacred Artifacts.

While they had not yet counterattacked to regain any losses , the situation was also not all that bad for them.

If Yan Zhaoge and Fang Zhun wanted to travel through the Fire Domain, they would have to face the Sacred Sun Clan’s attacks.

Not only Broad Creed Mountain, in leading the people of Infinite Boundless Mountain in returning to the Mountain Domain, Shan Shiweng similarly used the route through the Earth Domain, rather than passing through the Fire Domain.

And on the other side, the Heavenly Thunder Hall also had to pass through the Earth Domain to return to the Thunder Domain.

Otherwise, they would have to pass through the Water Domain.

Of course, the Heavenly Thunder Hall wouldn’t travel alongside Broad Creed Mountain and Infinite Boundless Mountain.

Yan Zhaoge, Xu Fei and Sikong Qing looked at Infinite Boundless Mountain’s side, then at their own side, feeling some emotions well up within their hearts.

Not counting those who had hurried to the Lake Domain later on to deal with the people of the Decimating Abyss, of the three younger generation disciples of theirs who had participated in the Heavenly Connection Meet, they currently still numbered three.

Infinite Boundless Mountain’s side, meanwhile, was a little tragic, having continuously lost Liu Shengfeng and Zhao Hao of their direct lineage, with Xiao Yu and Ji Hanru both heavily injured.

Of high-tier martial practitioners, Turbid Wave Pavilion had suffered the greatest losses this time.

While for younger generation disciples, Infinite Boundless Mountain’s spine had directly collapsed in half, with also no place to complain about it to.

Comparatively speaking, the Thunder Domain’s Heavenly Thunder Hall was also full of worrisome dark clouds in this area.

The oldest, Xie Ziyi, who was only a step away from the Heavenly Connection stage, had perished, while Chen Lin, most of her power lying in her two Ghost Wolves, had had her Extreme Cold Ghost Wolf directly sat into a wolfskin cushion by Yan Zhaoge’s Pan-Pan.

Adding to that Lin Zhou having previously been heavily injured at Yan Zhaoge’s hands, as well as Yan Shan’s sword-arm having been severed by Yan Zhaoge, the younger generation of the Thunder Domain had experienced a rarely seen setback.

Passing through the Earth Domain, arriving at where the Earth Domain, the Heaven Domain and the Mountain Domain intersected, the people of the two Sacred Grounds parted ways, returning to their own Mountains.

Fang Zhun led Yan Zhaoge and the others back to Broad Creed Mountain, with the others mostly first dispersing, while Yan Zhaoge followed Fang Zhun, the two heading to meet the old Clan Chief, Yuan Zhengfeng together.

Within the clan’s Great Hall, seated on the main position, Yuan Zhengfeng had long been awaiting.

On his two sides were Yan Di, Shi Tie and the two Grand Elders of the clan respectively.

Fang Zhun and Yan Zhaoge paid their greetings to Yuan Zhengfeng and the others.

Unlike the last time Yan Zhaoge had come to see the Chief, this time, Fang Zhun did not get seated, instead standing where he was, first reporting in detail the complete proceedings of the Clear Concealed Lake incident to Yuan Zhengfeng.

Yuan Zhengfeng and the others had already read Fang Zhun’s report before this, but still listened patiently at his narration now.

Fang Zhun’s words were clear and ordered, objective and just, not adding any subjective judgments at all on points on which doubts still remained, only listing out the information he could already confirm in a complete, objective manner.

When he had finished, Yuan Zhengfeng nodded slowly, not rushing to say anything as he instead looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Zhaoge, you speak too.”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, slowly recounting his own experience with the Devilish Domain Grand Formation like Fang Zhun had done, reporting it all truthfully except for a select few details which he slightly concealed.

Yan Zhaoge’s report included his previous comprehending of the concept of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor, absorbing the pure, refined qi within as he rose from the early Xiantian stage to the mid Xiantian stage.

He also explained how he had analysed the Devilish Domain Grand Formation, and from there relied on the power of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor to break the formation.

After having finished listening, Yuan Zhengfeng said, “Zhaoge, this time, you have done very well, extremely well.”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “Some part of it was still due to luck; if I could have analysed more deeply into that Devilish Domain Grand Formation, it might have been a little easier.”

“I especially wouldn’t have to see Senior Brother Ye of Jade Sea City, Junior Sister Zhang of Turbid Wave Pavilion and the others being tortured by that Liu Shengfeng like that.”

Shi Tie’s stern expression held a seldom seen softness, “You have already done very well.

Let’s first not speak of your strength; intruding into the core of the devilish domain with the cultivation of a Martial Scholar, attempting to prevent the Nine Underworlds from descending-just this spirit and courage is already very hard to come by.”

“Especially when you did not do so based on a moment’s recklessness, instead truly possessing the ability to turn the situation around.”

Opposite Shi Tie and Yan Di, the two Grand Elders similarly nodded slightly, “That’s right, you have done very well this time.”

Yan Di did not say anything, only smiling as he looked at Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge was clearly able to see a bit of a seldom seen smile on Yan Di’s face.

That was clearly a rather proud and bragging smile, as though soundlessly showing off this splendid son of his.

With Yan Di’s current age and position, wanting to see him reveal this kind of expression in front of others was really harder than ascending to the heavens.

Yan Zhaoge expressed, you see more when you’ve lived long ah…

On the main position, Yuan Zhengfeng was evidently in a very good mood, suddenly seeming like a playful child as he turned and glanced at Yan Zhaoge.

Yaun Zhengfeng stared at Yan Zhaoge until the latter felt uncomfortable and looked away.

Yan Zhaoge soon heard Yuan Zhengfeng say, “Zhaoge ah, this old man has a bit of a headache now.

Your speed in contributing merits is too fast, and each merit is greater than the previous.

The clan doesn’t even know what to reward you with now.”

“If the reward was light, it would be inappropriate and unfair to you, also going against our clan’s principles of being just in our rewards and punishments.”

“But on the flip side, this flimsy background of our clan will very soon be all be taken away by you, with no reward possible to be given.”

Yuan Zhengfeng was not a stern person, the old man actually being very warm, liking to play around with juniors like this when in a jovial mood.

However, this did not harm his dignity.

The old Chief’s authority had never been established through putting on a tough, strict face.

For those who truly didn’t know the height of the heavens and the boundlessness of the earth, Yuan Zhengfeng would let them know why he was known as the Heaven Equaller.

Yan Zhaoge also understood Yuan Zhengfeng, as he smiled upon hearing this, “Grand Master should just give as he sees fit.

You have always been generous, and definitely won’t mistreat me.”

Yuan Zhengfeng smiled as he pointed at Yan Zhaoge, “You ah.”

He looked towards Shi Tie, who nodded, then, looking at Yan Zhaoge, said, “The reward given to you, is a special power.”

“From this day on, you can act without reporting matters when encountering them, handling them at your own discretion, only needing to report the matter afterwards.

You are allowed to immediately make prompt decisions of your own and handle the matter as you deem fit, and can deploy the clan’s resources to assist you.”

After a slight pause, Shi Tie said, “Any matter.”

Yan Zhaoge let out a long breath.

In Broad Creed Mountain’s entire history, from its founding up till now, this power, had never been possessed by a Martial Scholar!


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