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HSSB206: Fourth Level of the Martial Repository


Looking at the youths before him, Yan Zhaoge no longer continued speaking.

Some things were good in moderation.

If they knew more, it would instead be detrimental to their vigour and self-confidence.

Having reached the Martial Scholar realm, other than the mid inner aura stage and the early outer aura stage, Ying Longtu’s advantage in terms of his qi and blood would still be very clear, just not as heaven-defying as before.

Having become a Martial Scholar, the advantages in his qi and blood would mostly present itself in actual combat, his usual cultivation speed no longer being as shocking as before.

However, for the Big Dipper Body, other than blood being like dragons or elephants, the mind would still be intelligent and the senses acute.

The important bottleneck from the outer aura stage to the Xiantian stage saw spirituality being developed in the aura-qi as a martial practitioner comprehended the heavens and the earth.

This would also be far simpler for Ying Longtu than for others.

At the same time, this advantage would still exist in his future cultivation, influencing him deeply even at higher cultivation realms.

Yan Zhaoge himself, through several fortuitous encounters and methods, had unceasingly improved and strengthened his physique in his usual cultivation.

And like Shi Tie, cultivating in the Vajra Body till its peak to the point of the body resembling glazed Vajra, the defensive power of his fleshly body would far surpass ordinary martial practitioners.

Such situations were still not rare, just that these had all been developed through cultivation, rather than Ying Longtu, already being gifted this at his birth.

Looking around at the younger disciples, Yan Zhaoge said, “Having good talent means that your starting point is higher, but it ultimately cannot determine your eventual accomplishments.

At the end of the day, that will still have to depend on yourself.”

“Having a simple mind, Longtu focuses single-mindedly on cultivation, actually not needing people to worry too much about him.”

“It is instead everyone who has to keep their hearts stable the more things are like this,” Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “Someone’s talent being superior is not to be feared; what is to be feared is someone more talented than you being even more hardworking than you.”

“Already behind in your starting point, not putting in more effort in the process of pursuit-how ever will you surpass those ahead of you”

Yan Zhaoge clapped his hands lightly, “If you only hope for those in the lead to stumble and fall, such things that are wholly based on luck-do you think they are reliable”

The crowd of younger disciples all heard a warning bell sound as they came to a start, “We thank senior apprentice-brother Yan for your guidance; we will definitely work hard in our cultivation.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, swivelling his head to glance at Feng Yunsheng.

As he knew, this was akin to a model for would-be pursuers.

Even Shi Tie and Fu Enshu, those cultivating maniacs, were full of praises for her.

And with her talent originally also top notch, through her painstaking effort, her cultivation had increased by leaps and bounds, while not as eye-catching as Ying Longtu’s, her progress also causing everyone to involuntarily sigh in admiration.

Feng Yunsheng expression was normal, smiling as she looked at the crowd of younger disciples.

However, exchanging glances with Yan Zhaoge, they both soundlessly sighed.

However, while Yan Zhaoge’s encouragement was not wrong in principle, if these youths wanted to catch up to Ying Longtu, the difficulty of this would be extremely immense.

In this flourishing martial civilisation, a great advantage like this was oftentimes not something that effort could make up for.

Not only Broad Creed Mountain, the Sacred Sun Clan and the other Sacred Grounds, any single power, whether first-rate, second-rate or even lower, would devote their efforts to grooming their most outstanding disciples.

At the end of the day, their best resources would always be prioritised to a select few-this was an unavoidable thing.

Therefore very easily leading to the situation of the strong growing stronger.

The information known by Yan Zhaoge surpassed what Feng Yunsheng knew of.

For example, as Yan Zhaoge knew, the Qilin Spring Baptism of Broad Creed Mountain had actually had three chances left.

After Yan Zhaoge and Feng Yunsheng had undergone the baptism, there was currently only a single chance left.

And there was at least an eighty percent chance that this chance would fall to Ying Longtu.

Sadly, also a direct disciple of Broad Creed Mountain, having always had the Qilin Spring Baptism on his mind, Lu Wen was probably going to have his hopes completely dashed.

Was this fair to Lu Wen If he were stronger than Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng and Ying Longtu, it would definitely be unfair.

But if he truly displayed greater potential and strength than the trio, other than Feng Yunsheng, whose situation was special, Lu Wen would most likely be able to squeeze out one of the other two.

As Fang Zhun’s direct disciple, for this important reward of the clan, even faced against Yan Di’s only son Yan Zhaoge, Lu Wen could also compete for it.

Sadly, even discounting Feng Yunsheng being a Maiden of Extreme Yin, against the trio, Lu Wen didn’t possess any advantage at all, instead being inferior to them.

Yan Zhaoge and Ying Longtu having consecutively come out of nowhere, it was too strong a blow for those who were striving for the Qilin Spring Baptism.

However, for Lu Wen, even without Ying Longtu, he would still have to face the competition of Sikong Qing.

After stepping into the Martial Scholar realm, Sikong Qing’s rate of improvement had been too stunning, her potential and limelight having vaguely come to overshadow Lu Wen.

If not for Ying Longtu rising up from nowhere, for this final Qilin Spring Baptism Ceremony, Sikong Qing even had a greater chance than Lu Wen.

It was just that Sikong Qing didn’t seem to mind this much at all.

Thinking about it sometimes, Yan Zhaoge would also feel rather bad about it.

Although he had been defeated, Lu Wen could not be said to not be diligent in his cultivation, and could not be said to not be outstanding.

Sadly, new waves had surged ahead of the old, each wave fiercer than the last, causing Lu Wen to become like a large table filled full of cups.

Everyone was superb, far more superb than the ordinary martial practitioner, but resources and fortuitous happenings were, at the end of the day, limited.

Only the more superb could be chosen from amongst all those who were superb.

In planning for the long term, while the clan should be fair and just in terms of the grooming of its younger generation, it still couldn’t make for equality.

Good iron was used on a blade; no matter where it was, this principle didn’t change.

“When flowing against the tide, one either advances or is pushed back ah,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head slightly, bidding Feng Yunsheng, Ying Longtu and the others farewell before heading upstairs.

Currently, Yan Zhaoge could already freely enter and exit the Martial Repository’s third level as he liked.

Ever since Broad Creed Mountain had been founded, only the exalted Hantian Zhan Dongge of the past as well as his father Yan Di had ever received this privilege as a Martial Scholar.

This was the greatest affirmation of a younger generation disciple’s martial talent as well as abilities, representing the clan’s trust as well as hopes.

From a certain perspective, everything else aside, just this privilege alone distinguished Yan Zhaoge from Broad Creed Mountain’s other core, direct disciples of his generation.

What was worthy of mentioning was that while being fine with the matter of the Qilin Spring Baptism, Sikong Qing had been extremely envious of Yan Zhaoge, having obtained this reward.

The usually cold and aloof girl displayed a rarely seen emotion of envy.

To Yan Zhaoge, he could slowly take his time to tour the third level and below.

What drew his attention more now was the fourth level.

Sucking in a deep breath, Yan Zhaoge ascended the stairs.

Moving from the third to the fourth level, Yan Zhaoge clearly felt as though he had passed through some kind of barrier.

The fourth level of the Martial Repository had an independent defensive formation.

And the one who presided over this formation was this old man before Yan Zhaoge’s eyes, directly lying sideways across the floor as he pretended to be sleeping soundly.

He was also the First Seat Elder of Broad Creed Mountain’s Martial Repository.

Earlier, he had already heard from Yuan Zhengfeng that Yan Zhaoge had obtained special permission.

If it had been anyone who had openly ascended like this, he would have beaten them out long ago.

As Yan Zhaoge stepped onto the Martial Repository’s fourth level, the old man opened his eyes, looking at him calmly.

Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, bowing to him, “Grand Uncle-Master.”

Perhaps other younger generation disciples would not know, but Yan Zhaoge was clear on how remarkable this old man before him was.

That year, it was this old man who had competed with his Grand Master, Yuan Zhengfeng, for that generation’s Clan Chief position.


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