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HSSB207: Broad Creed Mountain’s origin, News on the Divine Palace


When conversing casually with his father, Yan Di had once mentioned that with his current cultivation base, in all of Broad Creed Mountain, other than his Master Yuan Zhengfeng, there was only one person over whom he was not certain that he could definitely clinch victory.

This person was the current First Seat Elder of the Martial Repository, who had competed with Yuan Zhengfeng for the position of Clan Chief in the past, Xin Dongping.

After earnestly considering for a time, Yan Di had clarified that of all the Martial Grandmasters under the heavens whom he knew of, other than Yuan Zhengfeng, there was only Xin Dongping for whom he lacked that confidence.

After he had lost to Yuan Zhengfeng that year, Xin Dongping had always been cultivating holed up within Broad Creed Mountain, seldom going out into the world.

At least, of the current younger generation of the Eight Extremities World, there were already very few who knew of his existence.

Even Broad Creed Mountain’s younger generation only knew that the First Seat of the Martial Repository’s, Elder Xin, was a longtime elder of the clan, being of the same generation as the old Chief and the two Grand Elders.

Very few truly knew of exactly what kind of figure Elder Xin was.

However, with his background, and with how he was currently highly regarded within the clan, he had access to a lot of information inaccessible to many of his peers.

For example, of those of Broad Creed Mountain who was proficient in all its Eight Extreme Arts, there were currently only four people, including his father Yan Di.

Other than Yan Di, the other three were Broad Creed Mountain’s number one expert, the old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng, Yan Zhaoge’s second-apprentice uncle Fang Zhun, and this Xin Dongping currently right before him!

Of Broad Creed Mountain’s Three Supreme Arts, Fang Zhun cultivated in the Limitless Heavenly Sword, Yan Di cultivated in the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre, whilst attempting to create a martial art more suitable for himself, and Yuan Zhengfeng cultivated in the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm and the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre.

While Xin Dongping was the only person other than Yuan Zhengfeng who was proficient in two of Broad Creed Mountain’s Three Supreme Arts.

While cultivating in more martial arts didn’t mean that one’s combat prowess would definitely be greater, Broad Creed Mountain’s Three Supreme Arts were all not easy to cultivate.

Having been able to achieve it like Yuan Zhengfeng only spoke of Xin Dongping’s remarkability.

While they would not admit it openly, the other Sacred Grounds, the Sacred Sun Clan included, all privately acknowledged Broad Creed Mountain to be the strongest of the entire Eight Extremities World in terms of Martial Grandmasters.

While the younger generation didn’t know Xin Dongping, the elder generation would not forget that Broad Creed Mountain still had such a first class figure.

Although it was rumoured that having lost to Yuan Zhengfeng, Xin Dongping had lost part of his spirit, with a barrier being left behind in his heart, finding it hard to achieve a breakthrough into the Martial Saint realm like Yuan Zhengfeng, in the Martial Grandmaster realm, the deterrence Xin Dongping’s strength presented was not much inferior to Yuan Zhengfeng’s.

Xin Dongping remained lying on the floor of the Martial Repository’s fourth level, not getting up.

However, he was seriously appraising Yan Zhaoge with his eyes, nodding after a while as he cut to the chase, directly asking, “Are you choosing one of the Three Supreme Arts to cultivate in now, or will you wait till you have become a Martial Grandmaster”

Imparting the latter half of the Clear Qi Profound Art to Yan Zhaoge was already something that would definitely happen.

Yan Zhaoge being allowed to cultivate in the Three Supreme Arts was also a sure thing; it was only just a matter of time.

“I wish to try now,” Yan Zhaoge smiled as he answered, “I choose the Heavenly Broad Creed Palm.”

Xin Dongping did not ask further, directly nodding as he pointed upwards.

The ceiling of the Martial Repository’s fourth level instantly shone.

Within the light, four illusory shadows appeared, one in the middle, the other three surrounding it in a triangular formation.

Gazing over carefully, Yan Zhaoge saw that that illusory shadow in the centre was a scroll, which contained the latter half of Broad Creed Mountain’s orthodox direct lineage Clear Qi Profound Art.

Around the scroll hovered three things: a sabre, a sword and an imprinted palm mark.

As Yan Zhaoge’s gaze fell on that sabre, a domineering, heroic man seemed to appear before his eyes, mighty to the extreme, his momentum as majestic as the heavens.

The exalted Hantian, Zhan Dongge!

The number one expert of Broad Creed Mountain ever since its establishment, and also the number one expert of the Eight Extremities World following the time of the Great Calamity.

What evoked the regret of countless people was that such a Zhan Dongge had actually still possessed great room for improvement.

If he had not died early, who knew what heights he could have attained.

It was precisely when Zhan Dongge had been Chief that Broad Creed Mountain had been in its golden age.

Before Zhan Dongge, Broad Creed Mountain had actually only possessed a single most supreme martial art left behind by its founder, the Broad Creed Heavenly Palm.

Afterwards, Zhan Dongge had created the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre, increasing the number of Broad Creed Mountain’s most supreme martial arts.

Yan Zhaoge gazed towards the other side.

As his gaze fell on that sword, an illusory scene surfaced before his eyes, as another figure appeared.

This person bore some resemblance to Zhan Dongge, but had a calm, quiet temperament, seeming like the great earth which could bear all things.

Zhan Dongge’s blood brother, also Broad Creed Mountain’s Chief following Zhan Dongge, the Heaven Diviner Zhan Xilou.

Experiencing the first major decisive battle with the Flame Devil World, Broad Creed Mountain’s vitality had been greatly harmed, plummeting down from the highest peak to the lowest valley.

It had been this quiet and peaceful looking man who had led Broad Creed Mountain out of its darkest ages, welcoming the new light of dawn once more.

Following that, like his brother, Zhan Xilou perished in yet another great battle with the Fire Devils, dying heroically in battle.

Other than his personality, Zhan Xilou’s martial path was also different from his brother’s, as he opened up a different path for Broad Creed Mountain.

He created the Limitless Heavenly Sword, which came to be known alongside the Broad Creed Heavenly Palm and the Immeasurable Heavenly Sword as the Broad Creed Three Supreme Arts, at the same time also being hailed alongside three other supreme sword arts as the Four Great Sword Arts of the current Eight Extremities World.

The exalted Hantian and the Heaven Diviner were the most legendary and colourful pair of brothers of the Eight Extremities World following the Great Calamity, their influence on Broad Creed Mountain deep and far-reaching.

Not only did this embody everything they had done while alive, their remnant lustre still glowed on amidst the passing of the ages.

Viewing the flair of his predecessors, Yan Zhaoge was also filled with emotions.

However, in choosing martial arts today, Yan Zhaoge had long since made his choice.

He would not choose the Immeasurable Heavenly Sabre, and also not the Limitless Heavenly Sword, his target instead being Broad Creed Mountain’s oldest supreme martial art, the Broad Creed Heavenly Palm.

Yes, Broad Creed Mountain’s oldest supreme martial art.

The foundation of Broad Creed Mountain’s martial arts had been the Clear Qi Profound Art and the Broad Creed Heavenly Palm, one internal and one external, working together in concert.

Its other martial arts, the Eight Extreme Arts as well, were all based upon this foundation.

Yan Zhaoge’s reason for choosing the Broad Creed Heavenly Palm wasn’t its relative age.

What truly interested him was the fact that the Broad Creed Heavenly Palm had the shadow of the Clear Jade lineage of before the Great Calamity behind it.

While the Clear Qi Profound Art seemed to be related a little to the Clear Qi lineage of before the Great Calamity.

Broad Creed Mountain’s founder, the Mountain Establishing Old Man Qiu Yuan, had excavated remains left behind from the Great Calamity, developing based on this foundation what eventually became the earliest martial legacies of Broad Creed Mountain.

It was only that Yan Zhaoge felt a little speechless by the fact that the Mountain Establishing Old Man, Qiu Yuan, had actually blended the scattered remains of the legacies of the Clear Qi lineage and the Clear Jade lineage together.

However, this was not the main thing.

The main thing was that while the legacies of the Clear Qi and Clear Jade lineages were a little scattered, Yan Zhaoge was seventy to eighty percent certain that they had been of their direct lineages.

This caused Yan Zhaoge to be extremely interested.

This was because these legacies had only been possessed by the Divine Palace before the Great Calamity had descended.

Yan Zhaoge’s Peerless Heavenly Scripture also originated from the Clear Jade lineage.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze fell on that scroll and that imprinted palm mark.

While they were but silhouettes, he could still feel an ancient feel emanating off them.

“During the Great Calamity that year, if I am not wrong, it wasn’t actually that the whole world was embroiled in it at the same time.

Rather, the Divine Palace was the first to be affected, standing in its forefront…” Yan Zhaoge’s eyes flickered with a dim light.


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