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HSSB 21: The trouble shoved onto his head


“What is all this random crap The meaning is totally unclear; is it because the metal plate is incomplete Some words are missing; no wonder it appears so fragmented.”

Yan Zhaoge thought for a time, then started infusing his aura qi bit by bit into the metal plate.

As he had expected, this metal plate, which looked crude on the outside, was actually made of a rather rare material.

Although it was incomplete, it could actually still withstand Yan Zhaoge’s aura qi, unlike the typical metal.

“Its durability has already reached the inner aura mid-stage Martial Grandmaster realm.

With his current cultivation base still lacking, that Ye Jing must have still been unable to unlock the mysteries within, thus deciding to leave it for a later date.”

Yan Zhaoge redoubled his efforts.

Not long after, changes began showing on the metal plate.

A faint white lustre finally reappeared, causing the entire metal plate to light up.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge could feel the surface of the metal plate getting colder and colder by the second.

At this point in time, the aura qi surrounding his body started circulating.

Even while touching the metal plate, he was still able to feel an obvious coldness emanating from it.

Its actual temperature must be very low indeed, such that the average person would be completely unable to even touch it, lest their hands freeze directly and irreparably.

“This feeling, it’s a bit similar to during the era of the Great Calamity.

There was a sect then known as the Glacial Ocean Sword Sect, and this feeling is somewhat similar to a special characteristic of one of its sword forms emitted upon the successful cultivation of sword-aura, though still somewhat dissimilar,” Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickered.

“Something seems to have been added into the mix, let’s see…in the following era, I remember the Eight Extremities World having produced a Martial Saint, who people called the Northern Ocean’s Glacial Dragon, the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint”

“After the Great Calamity occurred, in the Eight Extremities world, amongst those who cultivated in ice, that person should have been the strongest, with even a sacred artifact in his possession.

That year, when he suddenly went missing, whether he was dead or alive a total mystery, his sacred artifact disappeared along with him.”

Stroking his lower chin, Yan Zhaoge thought, “Oh, Ye Jing, you’re good; other things notwithstanding, your luck is definitely something.”

“That dark red ring doesn’t count; who knows when he picked up such a thing like this.”

“Speaking of which, after the Great Calamity, members of the Dragon race were seldom seen in the Eight Extremities World.

The attainment of the Glacial Dragon Martial Saint that year; perhaps it wasn’t merely a sword form of the Glacial Ocean Sword Sect, but had something to do with the dragons instead…”

Now, Ah Hu knocked on his door from outside the house, “Young Master, Elder Xu from the Overlooking Abyss City is here.”

Xu Chuan was Broad Creed Mountain’s acting Elder, sent by the clan to take charge of matters here in the Eastern Tang Kingdom’s Overlooking Abyss City.

Ceasing his infusion of aura qi into the metal plate, Yan Zhaoge said, “Welcome, Elder Xu.”

After Ah Hu had left, leaving only Yan Zhaoge and Xu Chuan within the hall, Xu Chuan no longer addressed the former as ‘Apprentice-nephew Yan’, instead saying, “Young Master Yan, you must have suffered this time; luckily, you emerged safely in the end.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled mildly, “Elder Xu, you are shortening my lifespan.”

This Xu Chuan was from his father’s faction.

From just the form of address alone, his slickness could be seen.

This was the type of person that typically acted in an ingratiating manner, to the point of not having any morals, no level that he would not stoop to.

However, his superior, the Eastern Tang Kingdom’s Principal Elder Yan Xu, was from Yan Zhaoge’s second senior apprentice-uncle’s faction.

Under his oppressive rule, though, Xu Chuan was still managing to stay afloat easily; from this, it could be seen that under his slick appearance, he too possessed some level of ability, and was not the simple kind of person who chose between factions.

The incompetent would never be able to survive in Overlooking Abyss City’s complicated environment.

Yan Zhaoge asked, “How fare Crimson Spirit Flag Master and Ghost Hatchet Elder”

Xu Chuan shook his head regretfully, “Ghost Hatchet Elder was not Elder Yan’s match, and was wounded by him yet again.

Still, Elder Yan was not able to capture him; he managed to escape successfully.”

“Crimson Spirit Flag Master also managed to escape; those potential risks are still out at large.”

Yan Zhaoge’s lips twitched, “While the Eastern Tang Kingdom is situated near the very edge of the East Heaven Region, our clan has already been operating here for many years.

Having let those people escape so easily, there must have been some hidden powers interfering in secret.”

The Eastern Tang Kingdom was situated at the easternmost part of the East Heaven Region.

Whether it was the geography or the culture, the environment there was extremely complicated; other than the Dragon Sealing Abyss, it also bordered a massive mountain range, as well as a Domain of Fire.

The Sacred Grounds in control of the mountain range as well as the Fire Domain were, respectively, the Infinite Boundless Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, and over the years, their influence had gradually seeped into the Eastern Tang Kingdom, such they now held great sway there.

This was especially so for Broad Creed Mountain and the Sacred Sun Clan, who clashed in the dark virtually every day in the Eastern Tang Kingdom.

Xu Chuan said, “That’s right.

The greatest possibility is naturally the Sacred Sun Clan; they have been growing more and more overbearing in recent years.”

After a slight pause, Xu Chuan looked at Yan Zhaoge, “Right, I heard that Young Master Yan beat up the Sacred Sun Clan’s Chao Yuanlong in the Dragon Sealing Abyss”

Yan Zhaoge nodded, “That indeed happened.”

“Young Master Yan won a grand victory over Chao Yuanlong, spreading the grand name of our Broad Creed Mountain far and wide; this is a cause for celebration indeed.

What an admirable feat, befitting of the name of the strongest member of our clan’s young generation; a Heaven’s proud son, sure to accomplish a legendary status in the future!” Xu Chuan praised him cheesily.

If it was a clan far inferior to the Sacred Sun Clan which beat up one of its disciples, the Sacred Sun Clan would definitely not let it go so easily.

But Yan Zhaoge was similarly from a first class power, the Sacred Ground Broad Creed Mountain.

Clashing with Chao Yuanlong was only a normal sparring between disciples of the younger generation.

Losing in a fight meant that one would lose face; but for finding back face, it was naturally done in the same fashion.

Thus, Yan Zhaoge having beaten Chao Yuanlong to such a state, while Xu Chuan was naturally happy, he was also worried.

Rather hesitantly, Xu Chuan said, “But I heard that afterwards, Young Master Yan also threw disciples of the Sacred Sun Clan out of the central vortex region”

Yan Zhaoge smiled lightly, “That’s right; that piece of information is true as well.”

Looking at the slightly worried face of Xu Chuan, Yan Zhaoge waved his hand dismissively, “Be at ease, Elder Xu, this incident was related to the Internal Crystal Furnace.”

Hearing this, Xu Chuan let out a breath of relief, “That’s good to hear; otherwise, the Sacred Sun Clan would definitely react.

Members of our clan would also come to question you, Young Master Xu, on this matter.”

“Other than that, about that Ye Jing, Apprentice-Nephew Jing falling into danger; when the clan hears the news, they will probably come over to ask some questions as well.

Still, I don’t think that will be much of a problem.

After all, that was purely accidental; someone of the Crimson Spirit Flag Master’s status making a move is just like a natural disaster taking place.” Xu Chuan spoke on this matter relaxedly.

Yan Zhaoge raised his head to look up at the rooftop, “Some people might not think this way; on the contrary, they might have been waiting for such a chance.”


Also situated in the Eastern Tang Kingdom, not far from Overlooking Abyss City, was the Spirit Wind Canyon, a canyon completely owned by Broad Creed Mountain, where a large amount of precious resources was produced.

Broad Creed Mountain’s acting Elder here was known as Wen Ningzhi.

From far, he appeared to be a refined middle-aged gentleman.

He was still quite young, and had a bright future ahead of him; if no accidents happened, he still had much room for growth.

“Both parties started the argument due to the seed of Li Flame True Fire Before Ye Jing died, he was angrily shouting out Yan Zhaoge’s name” the edges of Wen Ningzhi’s mouth curled up in amusement.

The martial practitioner who was here under his orders answered, “This subordinate got this piece of news from the mouth of a young disciple who travelled together with them; it cannot be wrong.

However, they did not see the scene of Ye Jing falling into the abyss.”

Wen Ningzhi laughed, “That’s already enough.

One of the young disciples got into an accident with everyone watching, and that disciple also happened to be Ye Jing, who held a strong grudge against Yan Zhaoge.

As the leading Martial Grandmaster, Yan Zhaoge was very likely to be implicated; all the trouble shoved onto his head.

The person standing beside Wen Ningzhi said in a low voice, “Still, Yan Zhaoge is Elder Yan’s son, after all, as well as one of the leading members of the clan’s younger generation.

Without real, sufficient proof, I fear we won’t be able to shake his position.”

“For this kind of incident, no proof will be required.

Suspicion, is already enough.” Wen Ningzhi gave a leisurely smile.

That person said hesitatingly, “Yan Zhaoge’s Internal Crystal Furnace has reappeared within this world, with the power of our clan possibly rising by a large extent.

With such an achievement, even if he has done some wrong, I’m afraid it will still be seen as forgivable…”

Xu Ningzhi scoffed, “Internal Crystal Furnace Just that little brat, whose hair hasn’t even finished growing out yet”


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