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HSSB216: The changes in Yan Zhaoge’s status


To the martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain in the Wind Domain, they had experienced the changes in Yan Zhaoge’s status as well as his effectiveness first hand…

When the Sacred Sun Clan had counterattacked previously, fighting with Broad Creed Mountain over the Gan Region, it was precisely the news over from the Mountain Domain that Infinite Boundless Mountain had joined sides with Broad Creed Mountain and Jade Sea City that had forced the Sacred Sun Clan, originally wanting to regain their lost territory, to have to retreat to the Qin Region.

Of Broad Creed Mountain, from the old Chief Yuan Zhengfeng to the many Elders below him, all of them had been full of praise for Yan Zhaoge then, because his trip to Cloud Portent Mountain had really been too significant.

Infinite Boundless Mountain had directly fallen out with the Sacred Sun Clan and the Heavenly Thunder Hall for good, of which long-standing effects could be seen in many areas.

From a certain angle, Yan Zhaoge’s Thunder Element Revival Art at Cloud Portent Mountain, from tens of thousands of kilometres away, had greatly aided his clan’s war efforts in the Wind Domain.

Greatly changing the global situation with his own power-that was not as simple as it sounded.

Some changes in the global situation could already lead to heaven-flipping, earth-overturning changes in the regional situation here.

Moreover, it was such a massive change, directly forcing the Sacred Sun Clan with a Huang Guanglie still yet to emerge from seclusion to, whilst possessing two Sacred Artifacts, only be able to stay on the defensive.

With the situation changing, people’s viewpoints also changed, as their stances and decisions were subtly influenced.

At the same time that Yan Zhaoge had the fortune of his father, Yan Di, he himself had displayed abilities more and more outstanding, to the point that his fame had even overshadowed Yan Di’s.

In the War of the Eastern Tang, Yan Di, surpassing levels to domineeringly defeat the Grand Elder of the Sacred Sun Clan, the Transcending Mortality Martial Grandmaster Pan Botai, had let the name of Yan Wudi resound in the Martial Grandmaster realm once more.

Currently, in the competition for Broad Creed Mountain’s next Chief, the original balance of power had gradually faded away.

Yan Di was beginning to come up from behind to surpass his senior apprentice-brother, Fang Zhun.

Especially after the incident at Clear Concealed Lake, where Fang Zhun had been in charge of leading the team, yet had seen a really close shave.

If not for Yan Zhaoge’s mighty blow, if the Great Nine Underworlds Door had truly opened, the results would have been unimaginably catastrophic.

Fang Zhun himself had not done anything wrong, but as Yan Zhaoge was the son of Yan Di, some awkwardness had surfaced.

The direct result of this change in the balance of power had caused the hearts of some mid-tier figures of Broad Creed Mountain whose stances had not been firm and had not been fully tied with Fang Zhun’s group to waver.

Even if they didn’t change their faction, their behaviour also gradually warmed.

Leaving some face today, better to meet tomorrow.

This caused them to be more polite when facing Yan Zhaoge.

While it wasn’t so openly obvious, Yan Zhaoge could also intuitively feel this.

Yan Zhaoge’s attitude was not very different from before, entertaining those who needed to be entertained, visiting those who needed to be visited.

Still, the target of his journey this time was the remains in the Great Western Desert, and he wouldn’t stop for too long along the way.

The Black Nightmare Storms of the Great Western Desert were mostly fierce, the time when they were weak limited.

If he missed the timing, he would have to wait for next year.

Although he had made some calculations, whether he could successfully bring that stone pillar out of the desert and how much time he would require to do so was still an unknown thing now.

Yan Zhaoge had the habit of giving himself ample time.

Where the Sand Region was bordered to the Great Western Desert, the power who occupied that piece of territory was a first-rate power, the Howling Wind Sword Sect.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Principal Elder sitting over this area was the First Seat of the Howling Wind Sword Sect.

The piece of territory that he ruled closest to the Great Western Desert, similarly containing Broad Creed Mountain’s industries, was the city of Suzhou.

Suzhou City was the final stop in the Sand Region before heading out to the Great Western Desert, and could also be considered the westernmost piece of territory that was under Broad Creed Mountain’s control.

There was a great market here, where transactions were carried out with those entering and leaving the Great Western Desert.

Like the Earth Domain, while the Great Western Desert was filled with perils, many strange and rare treasures unique to the area could be found there, attracting the martial practitioners of the Eight Extremities World over, therefore leading to the flourishing markets of Suzhou here.

Broad Creed Mountain’s Acting Elder in Suzhou City was surnamed Li.

He was an early Xiantian Martial Scholar.

Elder Li received their group warmly.

However, on their first meeting, seeing Pan-Pan on whom Yan Zhaoge was seated, Elder Li was left slightly dazed.

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched slightly, “I did say, using a panda as a steed might be…”

However, it seemed that he had overthought things, as Elder Li was full of praise after he had recovered, “This is the Pixiu of legend Magnificent indeed, extraordinary indeed!”

Hearing those words, Yan Zhaoge forcibly resisted the urge to roll his eyes as he jumped down from Pan-Pan, greeting Elder Li, “I have troubled you this time.”

Elder Li laughed, “No trouble, no trouble.

You are actually also coming for official matters of the clan.

Those things you wanted have already been properly prepared.”

After checking them over, Ah Hu nodded to Yan Zhaoge, “Young Master, they’re all here, and in double portions too.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “Thank you for your trouble, Elder Li.”

Elder Li said, “The environment of the Great Western Desert being special, for convenience’s sake, this old man will enter along with you, taking up the role of guide.”

Yan Zhaoge thanked him once more.

Since everything had been properly prepared, they no longer lingered, leaving Suzhou City together.

In the distance, the desolate desert appeared before their eyes, with an additional feeling of brutality from the deserts they had traversed earlier.

Gazing into the distance, the Great Western Desert actually seemed like a vast plain of black.

Between the heavens and the earth, terrifying black hurricanes were everywhere, rising up to the heavens and entering deeply beneath the ground as they rampaged ceaselessly.

This was still the season at which the Black Nightmare Storms were the weakest; if they were at their fiercest, who knew what it would be like.

Other than Elder Li himself, some martial practitioners under him travelled alongside them.

As they progressed, other than the terrible environment, there was nothing else that Yan Zhaoge had to worry about.

However, mid-journey, a faint light suddenly flashed by before them.

Elder Li identified it for a moment before swivelling his head to look at Yan Zhaoge, “It is a protective treasure commonly used by the Howling Wind Sword Sect.

There should be someone trapped here.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at their surroundings, black storms all around, causing a large amount of sand and dust to surge, obscuring the sky and concealing the sun.

Against the biting black wind that resembled daggers of steel, if preparations had not been specifically made, even the aura-qi of peak Martial Scholars would not be able to withstand them.

“Protective treasures can only last for a time.

If they are depleted before the people of the Howling Wind Sword Sect arrive, they would be in grave danger then,” Yan Zhaoge said, “The Howling Wind Sword Sect has always been close to our clan, its Elder Jun being a longtime friend of my father.

Their people having met danger, we should help them if we can.”

They neared, helping the few youths to avoid the storm.

When the leading girl saw Yan Zhaoge, her eyes instantly lit up, “Brother Yan!”

Seeing her, Yan Zhaoge matched her features with his memory, “Luo Luo ah, how come you were so careless”

The person was someone he was acquainted with, precisely the daughter of that Elder Jun of the Howling Wind Sword Sect, a familial acquaintance of Yan Zhaoge’s.

Jun Luo chuckled, before saying to the two youths beside her, “Haven’t you always been curious what kind of figure Brother Yan is Well, here he is now, in the flesh!”

The two youths were a little stunned, feeling as though they were in a dream.

It was a while before they managed to regain their wits, hurriedly bowing to Yan Zhaoge in thanks.

“Son of Sand Region’s Lian Family Lian Ying, thanks Broad Creed Young Master for saving my life.”

“Son of Sand Region’s Lian Family Lian Cheng, thanks Broad Creed Young Master for saving my life.”


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