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HSSB219: Natural disasters and human-induced occurrences


Seeing Elder Li return, Ah Hu asked, “What’s wrong”

Elder Li’s expression was rather grave, “It seems like there’s going to be a change in the weather.

A Black Dragon Dread may erupt here soon.”

Hearing his words, Ah Hu could not help but draw back the corners of his mouth.

Entering the Great Western Desert this time, he had studied up on it along with Yan Zhaoge beforehand, thus having heard of the infamy of Black Dragon Dreads before.

The so-called Black Dragon Dreads were Black Nightmare Storms suddenly increasing in power within a small area, forming terrifying storms that far exceeded how they were usually.

Generally speaking, Black Dragon Dreads left as quickly as they came, but their destructive power was extremely shocking.

Imitating Yan Zhaoge, Ah Hu stroked his lower chin, “The barrier formation that we have now won’t be able to withstand it”

Elder Li nodded, “It will be hard.

Looking at the portents of it visible in the heavens, this Black Dragon Dread will be extremely fierce, and our current methods would be hard pressed to withstand it.”

Ah Hu smacked his lips, “I will seek instruction from Young Master.”

Hearing Ah Hu’s report, after concentrating in deep thought for a moment, Yan Zhaoge said, “No matter.

Get everyone to congregate close to the stone pillar.

If a Black Dragon Dread really assaults, I will handle it.”

“I am currently finding a means to achieve an initial refinement of this stone pillar.

If we withdraw just like this, let’s not even speak of previous efforts having been wasted, it could even lead to an opposite effect, with the stone pillar being sucked beneath the desert instead, completely being buried within it.

At that time, it would be hard if we wanted to get it out again.”

After hearing his words, Ah Hu nodded, “I understand; I will communicate it to them now.”

The big man turned and left, returning before Elder Li whereupon he relayed Yan Zhaoge’s decision of temporarily not leaving.

Elder Li glanced somewhat worriedly at Yan Zhaoge, but then finally still nodded, “Okay then, this old man will go inform the others.”

Those dispersed in the outskirts congregated in the area where the stone pillar was once more.

However, by Elder Li’s arrangements, they still didn’t get close to the pillar and Yan Zhaoge.

Everyone stood with their backs towards the centre, remaining vigilant.

However, the stone pillar behind them that flickered with a profound radiance, with strong fluctuations in its aura, still attracted the attention of everyone here.

Although they were not really clear why, just looking at those light patterns on the stone pillar, it felt to them like there were infinite profundities contained within.

And they also felt that the Yan Zhaoge standing by the bottom of the pillar seemed to be gradually becoming one with it.

The real Yao Shan, the ‘Elder Li’ of now, casually turned back and glanced at Yan Zhaoge and the stone pillar, murmuring within his heart, “Indeed having some abilities; his reputation is not undeserved.”

The martial practitioner in Yao Shan’s form, standing beside him, sent over a sound transmission with his aura-qi, “Wasn’t it that he only came here to survey these remains What is he thinking of doing now Could it be that he wants to take away that stone pillar from the desert with his own power”

“When the elite Martial Grandmasters of Broad Creed Mountain came here before, even they weren’t able to pull the stone pillar out ah.”

‘Elder Li’ pondered as he spoke, “From the looks of it, he indeed has this intention.

However, whether or not he can succeed is another matter altogether.”

‘Yao Shan’ laughed lightly, “Even if he really has a way, the Black Dragon Dread will be arriving very soon.

There’s not much time left for him.”

‘Elder Li’ momentarily narrowed his eyes into slits, his gaze deep and distant, “Broad Creed Mountain looks rather highly on these remains.

While only an Acting Elder like Old Li accompanied Yan Zhaoge in, in the outskirts, there may very possibly be Martial Grandmaster experts on guard, creating a zone of safety.”

“Therefore, our clan’s Martial Grandmaster experts cannot draw near.

They can only move from far away, causing a Black Dragon Dread in this region.

At that time, it will still fall to us to make a move.”

His companion nodded slightly upon hearing his words, “With the assault of the Black Dragon Dread, the situation will surely be chaotic.

At that time, you will hopefully have a chance to make a move.”

‘Elder Li’ said, “For the Black Dragon Dread, other than creating chaos, the most important is still depleting the power of his Sacred Artifact fragment as much as possible.

Otherwise, even if we move, it would be hard for us to succeed.”

“Other than that, he also has a retainer who never leaves his side, who seems to be a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar.

We must also draw his attention away in order to be free to act.”

He sucked in a deep breath, “I will leave this to you at that time.

Do not do push yourself beyond what is possible-being able to draw him away would already be a success.”

‘Yao Shan’ nodded, “Rest easy, I understand.”

A cold light flickered in ‘Elder Li’s’ pupils, “Zhan Dongge, you ended my Black Nightmare’s lineage that year-vengeance shall fall upon your descendants! My clan has still not yet perished-we will fight to the end with your Broad Creed Mountain!”

The two remnants of Black Night Mountain looked at Yan Zhaoge and that stone pillar with respectful expressions on their faces which were actually cold underneath.

Standing by the bottom of the stone pillar, Yan Zhaoge extended his palm once more, pressing on its surface.

On the back of his hand, numerous light patterns shockingly also appeared, cut of the same cloth as the ones on the stone pillar’s exterior.

The light patterns on the stone pillar resembled flowing water as they trickled along the stone pillar and onto the back of Yan Zhaoge’s hand, then extending unceasingly towards his wrist and forearm.

Numerous silhouettes appeared in Yan Zhaoge’s mind, countless scenes flashing past.

For a moment, it seemed as though a massive palm descended from the heavens, slamming onto the roof of the Divine Palace!

Seeing this scene, Yan Zhaoge abruptly awakened, returning to reality.

While that massive stone pillar, stuck within the desert, shook once more, like mountains shaking and the earth quaking as ripple-like patterns that resembled flowing water extended unceasingly on the sandy ground towards the surrounding distance.

The vast desert seemed to have become like the surface of a sea once again, tides rising and ebbing.

By the side, Ah Hu, Feng Yunsheng, Pan-Pan, as well as ‘Elder Li’ and the others all heaved up and down along with the ground beneath them.

Finally, the quaking stopped, the great earth regaining its former calm.

That stone pillar remained standing tall where it was, as though it had completely merged as one with the great desert.

Within the gazes of ‘Elder Li’ and ‘Yao Shan’, well-concealed mocking, delighted looks flashed by.

They gazed towards the distance, “It’s coming!”

While the quaking of the earth had stopped, the storm in the sky was getting stronger and stronger.

The sky before them had already completely turned dark, the terrifying black hurricane resembling numerous black dragons rampaging wantonly between the heavens and the earth.

The black hurricane roared in rage, assaulting towards them as it obscured the heavens and covered the earth.

Yan Zhaoge turned his head back and looked silently at that Black Nightmare Storm which was growing stronger nearby at a rapid rate.

Under the assault of the storm, the various defences that they had set up in the surroundings trembled.

The sudden Black Dragon Dread had already surpassed the limit of what the barrier formation could bear.

Often traversing the desert, they had also prepared for Black Dragon Dreads that might suddenly fall upon them.

They immediately used these preparations, stabilising the formation.

However, these could only be sustained for a relatively short period of time.

As time passed, the formation finally still began to collapse!

Everyone looked at Yan Zhaoge.

There, the stone pillar still stood tall.

Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm.

“Gather over where I am.”

They all neared Yan Zhaoge and the stone pillar.

Just behind them, the terrifying storm broke through the formation, strong black gales that filled the entire sky surging madly!

‘Elder Li’ and ‘Yao Shan’ drooped their eyelids, concealing the cold light in their eyes, rushing towards Yan Zhaoge amidst everyone else!


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