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HSSB221: Left hand leading a panda, right hand…


The radiances entangling the stone pillar in the form of numerous bands of light surged in the air, drawn taut by the Black Nightmare Storm.

The tension forcibly pulled the stone pillar out from within the desert.

In that moment in which the stone pillar was completely removed from the ground, a majestic force suddenly emanated outwards in all directions.

Swept by these wild waves, the Black Nightmare Storm around them, was completely eradicated!

The sand within the air was completely crushed into dust, dispersing along within the wind into the distance.

If one were to look down from above the nine heavens, they would see that within the desert enveloped and obscured by Black Nightmare Storms, a clear patch of land had suddenly appeared.

Where the stone pillar had stood originally, the vast desert had virtually been levelled into flat land, forming a massive depression in the ground.

That stone pillar hovered in mid-air, the numerous radiances extending outwards from it already having been retracted, only leaving the pillar itself, enveloped by light.

As the golden radiance on the surface of the stone pillar gradually dissipated, the crowd saw that the broken and damaged parts on it had shockingly been repaired.

The stone pillar was complete, as if it had been reborn.

Looking at the massive stone pillar before them, then turning their somewhat stiff necks to look at the surrounding sky which had suddenly cleared up, they finally regained their wits, letting out simultaneous whoops of joy.

The movements of ‘Elder Li’ and ‘Yao Shan’ were half a beat slower, but they immediately put on joyful expressions along with everyone else.

It was only that as the two exchanged looks, their gazes were both filled with despondence.

The real Yao Shan sucked in a deep breath and calmed his emotions before sending a sound transmission via aura-qi to his companion, “Do not move rashly; now, there is no way to ascertain whether he can use that Sacred Artifact fragment of his.”

The fake Yao Shan replied, “I understand.”

Although he said this, within his tone could still be detected some grinding of teeth.

The stone pillar slowly descended.

Seeing this, Ah Hu hurriedly prepared to receive it.

Yan Zhaoge was just saying, “I’ll do it,” when he saw that Ah Hu’s hands had already reached out.

Who knew that as soon as his palms touched the bottom of the stone pillar, his expression would change greatly as he felt a boundless force pressuring down on it, his wrists nearly being dislocated!

Only looking at that stone pillar’s exterior, while it was massive in size, Ah Hu was already at the peak of the Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar realm.

His wrists exerting force and his aura-qi erupting in full, how could his strength be just at hundreds of thousands of kilograms.

However, supporting that stone pillar now, he felt that he was completely unable to bear its weight as he could only hurriedly remove his hands.

Standing by the side, Yan Zhaoge reached out, also moving to support the bottom of the stone pillar.

A scene which nearly caused Ah Hu’s eyeballs to nearly pop out of their sockets now transpired.

The stone pillar which he was unable to support even erupting with all the strength in his body, was actually easily supported by Yan Zhaoge with just one hand.

And by the looks of it, it evidently appeared extremely light in his hands.

Seeing this, everyone else also jumped in shock.

Because of his position and usual behaviour, Ah Hu would easily be overlooked, whether intentionally or not.

However, accompanied by Yan Zhaoge being looked upon more and more highly in the outside world, everything about him would also fall into the eyes of others.

Therefore, the outside world’s understanding of Ah Hu had also been increasing steadily.

This big man who often followed by Yan Zhaoge’s side with the status of a servant or retainer was a peak expert of the Martial Scholar realm.

Many people even wondered in private about between him and Yan Zhaoge, one servant, one master, who exactly was the stronger.

Just now, when Ah Hu had supported the stone pillar, his entire body’s aura-qi erupting, that powerful force had caused everyone to be shocked.

Ah Hu usually didn’t show the spiritual light above his head, but when he had exerted force earlier, the spiritual light above his head that connected straight to the heavens had actually been a completely tangible radiance, showing him to have a cultivation of the Heavenly Connection stage.

However, while a Heavenly Connection Martial Scholar like him had been unable to support the stone pillar with even his full strength, Yan Zhaoge had been able to do it easily with but a single hand.

This truly left everyone stunned.

Looking at the deeply shocked Ah Hu, the corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched slightly.

“This stone pillar is special, the concept within extremely profound.

Not only you, even many Martial Grandmasters would be unable to lift it up.”

“The reason I can do this is because I have achieved an initial refinement of this stone pillar, merging my fist-intent within.

Therefore, while it is as heavy as a mountain to you, to me, it is even lighter than a blade of grass.”

Everyone came to a sudden realisation at his words, Ah Hu rubbing the back of his head as he grinned, “Young Master ah, being able to refine this stone pillar is proof enough of your abilities ah.”

Hearing his words, everyone nodded.

If it were any other situation, Yan Zhaoge would be very happy being simultaneously looked upon by all these gazes of worship and admiration.

However, while his outward expression had not changed, his current emotions were actually very complicated as he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

Looking at the raised stone pillar on his palm, Yan Zhaoge forcibly resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Carrying such a giant fella around would truly make for a majestic sight, filled with much visual offensive power, extremely shocking to the eye.

…However, if he were to have to lift this stone pillar all the way from the Wind Domain back to Broad Creed Mountain back at the Heaven Domain, he probably wouldn’t feel so happy anymore.

Especially when he didn’t have a way to pass it over to others.

Because a special thing about this pillar was that whether it was drawn by a carriage, drawn by a beast, or carried by many people, it would also be hard to successfully transport.

But Yan Zhaoge currently didn’t have the ability to let it shrink in size.

In other words, if no changes occurred in the situation, Yan Zhaoge would have to personally lift this giant fella all the way back to Broad Creed Mountain.

And if he would have to walk all the way back.

If he were to ride, let alone other spirit beasts, even Pan-Pan would be crushed by its weight.

Think about it, a domineering steed like Pan-Pan following beside him was already very attention-drawing.

Now, if he were to add in one upraised thick stone pillar greater than twenty metres in height, that scene, would really be too beautiful, such that he could not bear to imagine it…

Actually, carrying along such a giant fella, while feeling a little dumb, would still be pretty cool.

The corners of Yan Zhaoge’s mouth twitched.

While he rather liked to show off, being flashy to the extreme, the precondition was that he himself wanted it, and had a choice in doing so.

Showing off when he wanted to show off, keeping low-key when he wanted to stay low-key-that was life.

If he were forced to be in the limelight, to go out to be surrounded by onlookers, that would really make for a rather uncomfortable feeling.

“This thingy…” Yan Zhaoge thought rather nastily, “…would be rather good for smashing people with.”

While languishing in dark thoughts in the midst of his bitterness, Yan Zhaoge sighed within his heart, though he did not outwardly reveal any of this.

One hand lifting the stone pillar, the other meanwhile stroking the patterns on its surface, putting on a look of analysing it in earnest…

As Yan Zhaoge handled the stone pillar, he said to Ah Hu and the others, “Our goal has been achieved.

The Black Nightmare Storm will rise again very soon-we should leave.”

In the distance, the dispersed storm was already was already surging back in this direction.

Everyone hurriedly followed behind Yan Zhaoge, going back the way they had come.

‘Elder Li’ and ‘Yao Shan’ felt defeated to the extreme, but they still put on forced smiles as they followed Yan Zhaoge.

A storm having risen once more, their return journey also became tougher.

After trekking a long distance, they finally arrived back at the supply point they had set up earlier.

A few Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners and Jun Luo’s trio were awaiting them there.


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