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HSSB225: Don’t look at him, I was asking you


As Yan Zhaoge focused on the Black Nightmare Storm, the purple light of thunder suddenly flickered within his right eye.

Illuminated by that light, the world that had originally dulled due to the black hurricane suddenly became bright once more.

With a low yell, purplish green thunderbolts shot out from his right eye, landing on the massive stone pillar.

Numerous light patterns lit up on the surface of that stone pillar once more, following which it emanated infinite radiance, extending outwards in all directions.

Numerous radiances entangled with the black hurricane, locking it in place.

And meanwhile, holding the Earth Devouring Burner, Ah Hu knelt, letting it touch the spreading snow white quicksand.

While he was unable to activate its effects with his own power, just as the two touched, the Earth Devouring Burner suddenly emanated a strange suction force, not devouring the white quicksand, as the sand instead quickly resumed its original appearance.

Lian Ying stared stupefied at this scene, the smile on his face vanishing, though his expression only became more distorted.

He grabbed the black sword that was still embedded in his arm, forcibly slicing and increasing the size of the wound, as more fresh blood flowed, descending onto the sand below.

However, as compared to the suction force of the Earth Devouring Burner, Lian Ying’s movements were clearly like adding water into a rapidly leaking bucket, being utterly inadequate.

He stood there dazedly, his body becoming weaker and weaker, the world before his eyes getting more and more blurry.

His extreme excitement could no longer conceal his increasing fatigue and the intensifying chill in his body, as he could finally feel the life flowing unceasingly away from his body.

His body gradually grew limp and collapsed on the ground, dark light circulating on the black sword embedded in his arm, which actually emanated a seductive feel.

While his skin grew paler and paler, gradually beginning to shrivel.

That symbol imprinted on the ground tried to resist the Earth Devouring Burner, but originally not being its match, now also no longer able to receive the nourishment of Lian Ying’s lifeblood, it stood no chance.

It gradually also began being absorbed by the Earth Devouring Burner.

Standing there, Ah Hu reached out and touched his ears a little, looking expressionlessly from the corner of his eye at the life gradually fading away from Lian Ying.

After that, he no longer heeded it, retracting his gaze and walking towards Jun Luo and the others trapped in the quicksand, helping them to escape.

The world before his eyes having become blurry, Lian Ying struggled to look at Jun Luo, seeing the look of disbelief that was still on her face, not yet having faded.

Him being soon to die was not something to fear; what he feared was that that girl would not be accompanying him in death.

Was he destined to forever lose this only light in his life Returning to that completely dark, desolate world once more.

“I don’t want it ah!” Lian Ying muttered to himself, swivelling his head with great difficulty, wanting to find the person who had given him the black sword earlier, “This is different from what we agreed on ah…it shouldn’t be like this…it shouldn’t…”

Lian Ying’s eyes were wide open, unwilling to close, but they had already lost their light.

The Yao Shan who was impersonating Elder Li similarly didn’t even spare Lian Ying a glance.

To him, this chess piece had already served its intended use, at the same time having lost all its value, no longer needing him to waste his mind on it.

He was currently fully focused on Yan Zhaoge, on the light of thunder emanated from his right eye!

That terrifying force caused him to feel a bit of passion even as it caused his heart to tremble, as he felt a yearning to rush out and gain possession of it.

‘Elder Li’ immediately suppressed the greed within his heart, regaining his former calm, “Very good, the Black Dragon Dread has successfully depleted the power of his Sacred Artifact fragment, also drawing away his attention.”

Turning his gaze back to Ah Hu who was currently suppressing the White Dragon Dread with the Earth Devouring Burner, at the same time saving people from the quicksand, “His follower who’s an elite Martial Scholar has also been successfully sent away…”

‘Elder Li’ sucked in a deep breath, sending a sound transmission with his aura-qi over to his companion by the side, “Now’s our chance, move!”

“You contain that Pixiu; I’ll take Yan Zhaoge’s life!”

Saying thus, the ‘Elder Li’ who earlier had already slowly neared Yan Zhaoge, quietly and unremarkably continued moving closer to him from behind him.

While ‘Yao Shan’ also did the same, casually moving over to separate Yan Zhaoge and Pan-Pan.

The two were not underestimating Yan Zhaoge in the least.

While they had already depleted the power of Yan Zhaoge’s Sacred Artifact fragment beforehand, also using a stratagem to draw away his and Ah Hu’s attention, they still had to try for the greatest chance.

They had to move in as close as possible, before erupting for a sure, instant kill!

However, not waiting for ‘Elder Li’ and ‘Yao Shan’ to achieve the ideal distances that they wanted, after they had taken just a single step, something happened!

The Pan-Pan who whilst being massive, had always maintained a lazy, foolish and pure as well as clumsy and dazed appearance, suddenly had a fierce light erupt in his eyes!

With a low roar, Pan-Pan suddenly exerted strength with his feet, rushing out madly, resembling a mountain collapsing!

His target, was precisely ‘Elder Li’!

‘Elder Li’s’ pupils suddenly dilated, “Was he set off by the Black Dragon Dread and the White Dragon Dread Or…”

There was not much time for him to consider this as while Pan-Pan’s figure was big, his speed was extraordinarily fast, his momentum like speeding thunder, crushing and trampling over all existences that stood before him, with a violent momentum that left everyone shocked.

That body like a small mountain was immediately before ‘Elder Li’, pressuring towards him like a collapsing mountain peak!

‘Elder Li’s’ face immediately turned ugly to the extreme.

If he didn’t withstand or evade with all he had, he would be trodden into a meat patty by the gigantic beast before him.

But if he really exerted force to block or evade, he would be exposed!

While the Imitation Killing Jade could imitate the appearance of the one killed, even able to imitate the person’s aura till it seemed real, he was, after all, not truly a Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioner!

As soon as he made a move, he would immediately expose his true background.

However, in such a situation, ignoring why Pan-Pan had suddenly grew berserk, if it was the real Elder Li, what reason would there be for him to stand there like a piece of wood, foolishly waiting to be trodden to death by Pan-Pan!

Letting out a long sigh towards the heavens, the Yao Shan who was imitating Elder Li abruptly retreated rapidly!

His fist-intent erupted, as his retreat actually seemed to hold a similar concept to the Black Nightmare Storm within the sky that was still yet to calm.

The illusory heaven and earth formed of his aura-qi was of a boundless black hurricane that enveloped the surrounding area.

Of the direct lineage of the past Wind Domain Sacred Ground Black Nightmare Mountain, this was the Black Nightmare Godly Wind!

This sudden turn of events took most of those present by surprise.

Just seeing Yan Zhaoge’s Pixiu steed suddenly turn berserk and rush towards Elder Li alone, they had already been a little unable to react to it.

However, what happened after left them dazed like wooden chickens.

A Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioner, the Acting Elder Elder Li, actually displayed the direct lineage martial arts of Black Nightmare Mountain!

While the descendants of Black Nightmare Mountain were already extremely rare, this was still the Wind Domain.

Of those who were active around these parts, how could they not recognise the direct lineage martial arts of Black Nightmare Mountain whose fame once shook the Eight Extremities World

Yao Shan’s face was expressionless, having known as soon as he had retreated that it would be hard for him to succeed today.

Looking for his companion through the corner of his eye, he saw that he who had originally been in charge of containing Pan-Pan was currently being blocked by Feng Yunsheng.

Swivelling his head over at this moment, Yan Zhaoge looked calmly at Yao Shan who had on the appearance of ‘Elder Li’, “So, is it that I have been too nice these past two years, thus causing people to think that I am good to bully”

“Did you think I was asking that one surnamed Lian just now I was asking you.”


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