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HSSB227: Spirit patterns of before the Great Calamity


Yan Zhaoge similarly replied through sound transmission, “Since I knew that they wanted to make use of the chaos caused by the Black Dragon Dread to kill me, I naturally had to observe carefully.”

“When the Black Dragon Dread descended, I asked everyone to gather around me.

As they did so, they naturally all looked at me, wanting to know what plan I had.”

“There were only these two who, other than looking at me, also kept on observing Ah Hu’s and Pan-Pan’s positions.

Thinking carefully, it also seemed to be so during the first Black Dragon Dread.”

“Why were they concerned about Ah Hu and Pan-Pan”

Yan Zhaoge curled his lips, “I could take them both as liking men, having set their sights on Ah Hu…”

Although he couldn’t hear Yan Zhaoge’s voice, the Ah Hu who was currently in the midst of capturing Yao Shan involuntarily shivered, almost giving Yao Shan a chance to commit suicide.

Yan Zhaoge casually continued, “However, why did they also take note of Pan-Pan Unless their tastes were unique to that point”

Hearing his words, Feng Yunsheng did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

While Yan Zhaoge’s words were humorous, his tone didn’t hold the slightest frivolity, “In the eyes of the outside world, not only is Ah Hu my retainer, he is also my guard.”

“It’s fine when Ah Hu isn’t there, but as long as Ah Hu is by my side, those who want to assassinate me all know-want to kill Yan, first kill Hu.”

“If they don’t have Martial Grandmasters, wanting to get me, they would first have to consider how to break through Ah Hu’s protection.”

“Meanwhile, Pan-Pan has also always stayed near me.

A spirit beast guards its owner, and however lazy Pan-Pan usually looks, Pixius are extremely talented and powerful.

Moreover, just with his great size, he naturally forms a barrier even just standing by my side, that they would have to go around.”

The Black Dragon Dread gradually passed, the light patterns on the stone pillar similarly vanishing as the light of thunder shining within Yan Zhaoge’s eyes also gradually dimmed.

Seeing Yao Shan already having been captured by Ah Hu, Yan Zhaoge said mildly, “The Black Dragon Dreads were not just to create chaos, but also to deplete the power of the Sacred Artifact fragment I possess.”

Feng Yunsheng nodded, going forward to remind Ah Hu, who also nodded, “I’ve searched, and there indeed is a Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

I’ve not checked its contents yet, though.”

Receiving the Shadow Shrinking Pouch, Feng Yunsheng opened it, indeed discovering Elder Li’s corpse inside.

Elder Li had already been dead for a long time.

The qi and blood of his corpse had already gradually completely deteriorated, but as he had been a Xiantian Martial Scholar in his life, with their strength, they still currently didn’t show any signs of rotting.

The other Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners gathered around, looking at the deceased Elder Li.

Also seeing Yao Shan, still in Elder Li’s appearance, who had been caught by Ah Hu, they instantly felt an anger welling that could not be suppressed.

Elder Li’s face had already grown stiff, but the stunned expression on his face had not yet faded, his eyes wide open like bottomless pits, not having died in peace.

Yan Zhaoge came before Elder Li.

While lifting that massive stone pillar with his right hand, he bent down, reaching out with his left hand and gently shutting Elder Li’s eyes.

“Wring everything they know out of them; there will be no need to keep them then,” Yan Zhaoge stood up straight once more, saying to Ah Hu, who unhesitatingly answered, “Yes, Young Master.”

Yao Shan looked defeated as he lowered his head, not speaking, while his struggling companion said, “However it is, we will still die.

You still think for us to provide you with information”

Ah Hu turned and glanced at him, grinning savagely, “Sometimes, death actually isn’t scary.”

Yan Zhaoge raised his head to look at the Black Nightmare Storm that was gradually returning to normal, his eyes slightly narrowing into slits, “Black Nightmare Mountain…”

Shaking his head, Yan Zhaoge examined the things obtained from the two.

The valuable objects there were limited.

What caught more of Yan Zhaoge’s notice were mainly two items.

The first was another, still unused Imitation Killing Jade, found on the body of Yao Shan’s companion.

Fingering the Imitation Killing Jade, Yan Zhaoge fell into deep thought.

The Imitation Killing Jade had many limitations, such as that of time, as well as the cultivation bases of the killer and the killed.

However, it was undeniable that this thing could prove extremely useful at times.

Especially when the killer was extremely familiar with the killed, understanding most of his habits as well as manner of speaking, in which case the imitation could mostly likely be successfully achieved.

Yao Shan was a good example of this.

Masquerading as Elder Li, before the descent of the second Black Dragon Dread, Yan Zhaoge had indeed not suspected anything.

While he currently had no use for it, remaining in his hands, it might come in useful sometime.

Even if Yan Zhaoge himself did not use it, handing it over to someone he trusted, it should also be able to bring about some unexpected effects.

As for the second item, originating from Yao Shan, it was a semi-circular jade coin, looking from its style to be extremely ancient.

Observing it carefully, Yan Zhaoge found that it should have been from a complete jade coin, having been split into two right from its hole in the middle, the whereabouts of the other piece unknown.

The jade coin had patterns on its surface.

While they were simple, they had a majestic air about them, leaving those who saw them with a deep impression of them.

Yan Zhaoge carefully identified it for a moment, finding it somewhat unexpected, “Oh, actually spirit patterns from before the Great Calamity”

The spirit patterns were not words, not containing any special meaning to them.

However, after analysing them for a moment, Yan Zhaoge could confirm that if it was the compete jade coin with the complete spirit patterns, it would be a small-scale spirit formation.

This small-scale spirit formation perhaps had some rather valuable things contained within.

“Looking at where it is broken and the extent of the dispersion of spiritual qi, this jade coin should have been split into two not long ago,” Yan Zhaoge analysed for a bit, “The other half could be in this part of the Wind Domain, very possibly in the Sand Region.”

“Along this line, I can instruct people to perform a meticulous search for it.”

“This type of spirit pattern was also rather rare before the time of the Great Calamity.

The number of people who can identify them as well as activate the spirit formation within should be very limited in the Eight Extremities World now.

Therefore, the information contained within the spirit formation most likely has not been deciphered.”

As he pondered, Yan Zhaoge didn’t put it too much to heart, just shrugging his shoulders as he kept the two items.

Ah Hu directly brought the two enemies into that Shadow Shrinking Pouch.

Afterwards, they still had to hurry along as much as possible, leaving the Great Western Desert.

And things like interrogation could not be rushed, with slow grinding easier to break through the psychological defences of the captives.

Therefore, keeping the Shadow Shrinking Pouch, Yan Zhaoge led them along on their way.

Although they didn’t know what methods Ah Hu had to force the mouths of the two open, bringing along Elder Li’s corpse, the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners under Elder Li all had looks of expectation on their faces, their hatred having been sated.

Feng Yunsheng’s expression was as per usual while looking at Yan Zhaoge keep the trio in the Shadow Shrinking Pouch, while Jun Luo and Lian Cheng had rather complex looks within their gazes.


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