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HSSB234: Continuing to give presents, each revealing their formidability


Looking at Yan Zhaoge, Lian Chongyi actually felt a little uneasy within his heart.

By common logic, coming personally to apologise with gifts to a Martial Scholar as a Martial Grandmaster was a great show of his sincerity, and the other party would most likely give him face and accept the gift.

Otherwise, it would be humiliating for him as a Martial Grandmaster, with an irreconcilable enmity springing up between the two.

But Yan Zhaoge was far from an ordinary Martial Scholar.

Even if he shut the door in Lian Chongyi’s face, Lian Chongyi would only be able to take it smiling bitterly.

Not only could he not think of vengeance, Lian Chongyi would even have to think of a way to find someone to speak for him, alleviating the tensions between the two.

Of course, by the rumours Lian Chongyi had heard, while Yan Zhaoge was rather high profile and arrogant, he was not hard to get along with most of the time, and would most likely not be so brutal.

However, Lian Chongyi still lacked confidence, because his motives were already impure.

While he was here to personally apologise, he also held some other intentions.

If he could, Lian Chongyi would not want to rush things like this.

It would be best if he made another trip later on, naturally bringing his plans to completion.

But firstly, he didn’t know when Yan Zhaoge would leave the Sand Region, and secondly, Elder Bai’s side would react immediately, also sending people over.

If Lian Chongyi and Elder Hong wanted to seize the initiative, they had to seize it firmly, fighting for that difference in timing.

Therefore, they had no choice but to take the risk of Yan Zhaoge being unhappy with them instead.

Glancing at Lian Chongyi, Yan Zhaoge smiled mildly, “Fortress Lord Lian is polite.

While your family’s Lian Ying was wrong, it fortunately did not lead to an unsalvageable result.

Actually, he was also used by others, and has already paid with his life.

Therefore, I do not intend to pursue the matter further.”

“If any antagonistic words of my clan’s martial practitioners have made their way into Fortress Lord Lian’s ears, please take it as them being too emotional and do not take it to heart.

I will warn them later.”

Lian Chongyi hurriedly denied it being so, as Yan Zhaoge’s gaze shifted to that container of Jade Spring Condensed Essence, “As for this Jade Spring Condensed Essence…”

“Please accept it, Young Master Yan,” Lian Chongyi immediately said, “Lian Ying having done wrong, at the end of the day, it must still be attributed to my lack of teachings.

I truly cannot rest well with that.”

Yan Zhaoge looked at him for a while, then smiled slightly, “Our clan’s Acting Elder in Suzhou, Elder Li, went along with me to the Great Western Desert, and unfortunately perished there.

Elder Li also had credit in saving Luo Luo, Lian Cheng and Lian Ying.

He has family remaining, and I will keep this Jade Spring Condensed Essence on their behalf.”

Hearing his words, Lian Chongyi nodded repeatedly, “That is for the best; this Lian also feels deep sadness for your clan’s Elder Li having perished.”

Whatever reason Yan Zhaoge did so under, it was fine as long as he accepted it.

Lian Chongyi having completed most of his motive in coming here, he instantly relaxed greatly.

Still, what caused him to smile bitterly was that Yan Zhaoge never accepted Elder Hong’s intentions.

With regard to this, Lian Chongyi naturally couldn’t mention it.

Otherwise, it might really lead to the opposite effect, causing Yan Zhaoge to feel put off.

He swivelled his head to look at the silent Lian Cheng by the side, “Lian Cheng being able to return safely from the Great Western Desert this time, it is also thanks to Young Master Yan.

Presumptuously coming here this time, other than to express our apologies, it is also to express our thanks.”

Lian Cheng hurriedly bowed to Yan Zhaoge, “Thank you Young Master Yan for saving my life.”

Seeing this scene, Ah Hu drew back the corners of his lips, not saying anything.

While Lian Cheng was an acquaintance of Jun Luo’s from before, Jun Luo was very friendly towards everyone.

Lian Cheng and the deceased Lian Ying were not necessarily outstanding at all.

Usually, Lian Chongyi might not even spare a glance for Lian Cheng.

Today, it was because Lian Cheng had a little destiny  with Yan Zhaoge, having faced danger alongside his Young Master that Lian Chongyi had brought him.

Perhaps he would receive more attention by the head of his Family in the future.

Chance encounters were also a part of destiny.

Ascending to the heavens in a single step was of course impossible, but they could still turn out to be a life-changing opportunity.

Seeing this, Yan Zhaoge smiled slightly, “Lian Cheng is not bad at all, at least being someone who places great weight on the ties between people.

However, in this world of martial practitioners, valuable treasures are weak and easily destroyed, while hot-bloodedness and resilience are better for living the splendidness of life.”

“Our meeting was short but my words deep-I may be a bit presumptuous here.

Still, I have no intention of interfering with your life.

You should decide your own path for yourself.”

Looking at Lian Cheng, some delight flashed in Lian Chongyi’s eyes, as Lian Cheng himself was dazed for a bit before he recovered, bowing to Yan Zhaoge once more, “Thank you for your advice, Young Master Yan; I…I also know that my personality is too weak…”

Smiling, Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, no longer speaking.

Seeing that Yan Zhaoge had the intention of ending things, Lian Chongyi discerningly took his leave.

Leaving Yan Zhaoge’s place, Lian Chongyi sighed.

He had at least not made a wasted trip.

As for Elder Hong, he could not do anything about it.

From the start, he had also not carried too great a hope.

Afterwards came Elder Jun and Jun Luo.

With Jun Luo nearly having died at Lian Ying’s hands, he also had to account for things to Elder Jun.

If Elder Jun pursued the matter, perhaps even Yan Zhaoge would blow things up.

At the end of the day, the person with whom Yan Zhaoge was the most familiar within the Howling Wind Sword Sect was still Elder Jun.

As Lian Chongyi pondered, he glanced thoughtfully at the Lian Cheng following behind him.

As they emerged from Yan Zhaoge’s dwelling, they met an old man, currently heading this way under the lead of a Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioner.

As the two sides met, Lian Chongyi’s gaze instantly hardened, “Oh, Manor Lord Huang”

Lian Chongyi was extremely familiar with the newcomer.

He was the Manor Lord of another second-rate power subordinate to the Howling Wind Sword Sect, the Yellow Wind Mountain Manor.

It was just that in contrast to the Lian Family Fortress being subordinate to Elder Hong, the Yellow Wind Mountain Manor was a supporter of Elder Bai.

Seeing Lian Chongyi, Manor Lord Huang’s gaze similarly flickered, as he began laughing, “Fortress Lord Lian, long time no see.

Have you been well”

Lian Chongyi smiled, saying, “It has indeed been a long time.

Manor Lord Huang is tough and healthy as always, yet I wonder what has brought you thousands of kilometres over to this Suzhou City”

Manor Lord Huang sighed, “This old man can be considered old acquaintances with Broad Creed Mountain’s Elder Li of Suzhou City.

Him having met harm, this old man just had to rush over to commemorate him.”

“This old man has long heard of the famed Broad Creed Young Master, and naturally wanted  to personally witness the flair of the dragon amongst dragons in the flesh.”

While saying this, he paid attention to Lian Chongyi’s expression, now seeing a smile appear on his face, “This Lian has just seen Young Master Yan, and he is indeed remarkable, not someone to whom others can compare, especially with his discerning eyes, and his extraordinary insight.”

Hearing his words, Manor Lord Huang squinted for a moment before nodding, “Oh, this old man also thinks that it should be so.”

Lian Chongyi was naturally intentionally adding pressure to the other party, attempting to mislead him.

However, seeing that Manor Lord Huang, whilst affected, still looked full of confidence, Lian Chongyi couldn’t help but feel slightly uncomfortable within his heart.

He did not reveal anything outwardly, just nodding slightly to Manor Lord Huang, “With this, this Lian takes my leave.

If Manor Lord Huang has time, why not pay my Lian Family Fortress a visit.”

Manor Lord Huang said politely, “Definitely, definitely.

My Yellow Wind Mountain Manor also welcomes Fortress Lord Lian as a visitor at any time.”

The two brushed past each other.

Turning back, seeing Manor Lord Huang walking towards Yan Zhaoge’s dwelling, Lian Chongyi momentarily felt flooded with emotions.

Today was truly each revealing their formidability, seeing who could move that great Buddha inside.

Thinking how that great Buddha was still only a Martial Scholar, still only around twenty years of age, Lian Chongyi could only feel that this world was truly an unpredictable one.


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