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HSSB235: One finishes singing and the other ascends the stage


Seeing that it was indeed the Manor Lord of the Yellow Wind Mountain Manor who arrived directly after Lian Chongyi, the feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or to cry within Yan Zhaoge’s heart grew.

Regarding their behaviour of ‘one finishes singing and the other ascends the stage’, Yan Zhaoge felt that it was very good, very powerful.

Grabbing hold of the chance and advancing aggressively, trying for the support that they could get, unceasingly increasing the chips they had on hand.

Yan Zhaoge was not averse to this kind of thing.

Whether it was Elder Bai or Elder Hong, he didn’t lean towards either of them.

Therefore, since he saw one of their representatives, he naturally had to give the other side an equal chance.

Otherwise, news would spread that Yan Zhaoge had seen Lian Chongyi but shut the door in Manor Lord Huang’s face, and it would be equivalent to saying that he supported Elder Hong.

Manor Lord Huang first reminisced about the dead Elder Li along with Yan Zhaoge, before it gradually switched to casual conversation.

After conversing for a bit, Manor Lord Huang did not dare to delay things any longer, lest he annoyed Yan Zhaoge by taking up too much of his time.

He took out a brocade box, saying smilingly, “I’ve heard that Young Master Yan likes ancient objects, and is also knowledgeable on various ancient characters.

Not long ago, this old man obtained a treasure of times long past, and found himself unable to glean anything from it.

I would like Young Master Yan to take a look at it.”

Seeing him open the brocade box, Yan Zhaoge was involuntarily stunned slightly.

Within the brocade box sat half of a jade coin, in a semi-circular form with ancient patterns on its surface.

It was clearly the other half of the jade coin that Yan Zhaoge had instructed Ah Hu to find earlier.

After obtaining that half jade coin from the remnant of Black Nightmare Mountain, Yao Shan, because the jade coin looked to be rather newly broken, he had deduced that its other half was most likely still in the Sand Region.

He had not thought that it would be wearing out iron shoes on an unsuccessful search, yet finally obtaining it without any effort.

Yan Zhaoge appraised Manor Lord Huang, who was giving him a bit of an anticipatory look.

He secretly exchanged glances with Ah Hu, who shook his head slightly, indicating that he had kept the matter in the utmost secrecy, whilst having been searching for the missing half of the jade coin, not having leaked news of such.

At the very least, the news should not have spread to Manor Lord Huang.

Manor Lord Huang indeed did not know that Yan Zhaoge had the other half of the jade coin, but he had found someone to appraise it and confirmed that this half jade coin he had was extremely ancient, and also genuine, definitely not being an imitation of the current era.

Therefore, Manor Lord Huang’s great confidence in facing Lian Chongyi had not been unfounded, with him feeling that he had good reason for this.

By going by what Yan Zhaoge liked, his present would mostly likely be able to catch Yan Zhaoge’s eye.

Stroking the jade coin, Yan Zhaoge smiled after a while, “It is indeed an ancient artifact, and I too cannot immediately tell its background.”

“However, I have some thoughts on it.

If Manor Lord Huang does not mind, can I keep it for a time, analysing and researching into it”

A smile instantly appeared on Manor Lord Huang’s face, “Naturally.

Only with Young Master Yan here will this object not be like a pearl being obscured by dust.”

He thus accepted it.

While Manor Lord Huang felt a little regretful at Yan Zhaoge not following on his attempts to bring the conversation topic over to Elder Bai, on the whole, he still left in a rather good mood.

After sending Manor Lord Huang away, Yan Zhaoge tapped lightly on the table as he said, “Ah Hu, of my private property, choose some things as return gifts for them.”

He tapped on the brocade box which contained the half jade coin, “This thing’s value is a little greater, because I have a liking for ancient artifacts.”

Ah Hu blinked, “Young Master, they are both not of Broad Creed Mountain, and came on their own initiative to pay their respects to you, rather than you blackmailing or extorting from them or anything.

You didn’t actually take anything-it’ll be fine even if the news gets back to the clan.”

“One was being a smart aleck, using the expressing of apologies as an excuse, with a sign of selling the heads of lambs but actually selling the meat of dogs, while the other used the name of commemorating Elder Li, leaving me with good feelings towards neither of them at all,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “It would be fine if it were just things like the Jade Spring Condensed Essence; I might truly first eat one side then the other, wiping them all clean.”

“However, this half jade coin just happened to be precisely the thing I’d been looking for.

If he had not given it to me, we would still have had to spend time searching for it.

Therefore, send him a return gift.”

Yan Zhaoge waved his hands, “If I just send a return gift to one side, the outside world would still think that I had chosen a side of the two.

Therefore, send a return gift to both sides.”

“For the matter of the Howling Wind Sword Sect, unless Uncle Jun expresses a stance, we will not participate in it.”

Ah Hu gave a simple and honest laugh, “Yes, Young Master.”

Yan Zhaoge took out that half jade coin of his, putting it back together with its other half in the brocade box.

As the two half jade coins were pieced together, they merged, as a complete jade coin instantly reappeared, flickering with a faint lustre.

Yan Zhaoge traced the patterns on the exterior of the jade coin, slowly projecting the circulation of its spirit formation within his heart.

Because the jade coin had been shattered, the spirit formation inscribed on it had become incomplete.

While the spirit patterns had now been repaired completely, for the circulation of spiritual qi within to recover completely, Yan Zhaoge still needed time to guide its recovery.

Day after day passed, as Broad Creed Mountain’s new Acting Elder in Suzhou, Xi Fei, finally arrived.

Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng and Ah Hu went to meet him together, as they saw a big, tall man stride vigorously over.

It was precisely the ‘Heavenly Roc’ Xu Fei.

Xu Fei strode over in huge steps to Yan Zhaoge, punching his shoulder a little, laughing heartily, “I have come to assist you this time.”

Yan Zhaoge also laughed, “Sending you to Suzhou as an Acting Elder is really a waste of your talents.”

Removing the wineskin at his waist, Xu Fei chugged a huge mouthful of wine, before wiping his mouth completely unconcernedly, “The clan orders, I naturally follow.

Grand Master and Master definitely have their considerations.”

“I have also seen your report given to the clan.

The Decimating Abyss entangled with Black Nightmare Mountain is not a small matter indeed.

It definitely cannot be taken lightly.”

Xu Fei handed the wineskin to Yan Zhaoge, who also raised his head and drank a mouthful of wine before he said, “Speaking of it, I might have to leave after a while.

At that time, senior apprentice-brother Xu will have to keep a little more vigilant.”

“Just leave it to me,” Xu Fei answered.

He swivelled his head to look at Feng Yunsheng, smiling, “Junior apprentice-sister Feng This is still our first meeting; nice to meet you.”

Feng Yunsheng also smiled, “I have long heard of senior apprentice-brother Xu’s famed name.”

Xu Fei smiled, sending a sidelong glance at Yan Zhaoge, “Famed drunkard”

Feng Yunsheng blinked, also looking towards Yan Zhaoge like she was smiling whilst also not.

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes, telling Feng Yunsheng, “Just sell me out already!”

Xu Fei laughed, patting his hand, “You still need to be sold Just stop, is the truth anyways.”

As they talked and laughed, they accompanied with Xu Fei for the handover of duties.

While Xu Fei seemed like a rough person, he was actually meticulous on the inside, being someone who was willing to keep his feet firmly on the ground and put in effort.

He was outstanding in terms of talent, his strength exemplary, and in terms of the handling of everyday matters in outside lands, he was also stable and dependable, similarly being a good hand at it.

Succeeding the position as the Acting Elder of Suzhou, he very quickly got into the role, as the First Seat Elder of the Sand Region and the Principal Elder of the Howling Wind Sword Sect were both full of praises for him afterwards.

After Xu Fei had assumed his position, Yan Zhaoge focused his attention back on that complete, recovered jade coin.

One day, sitting in the meditative position, on the ground before Yan Zhaoge, a jade coin emitted light, as a complete spirit formation, circulating silently, was projected in mid-air.

Looking over carefully, Yan Zhaoge saw that the centre of that spirit formation resembled a door.


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