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HSSB237: Retainer, Martial Grandmaster!


Looking at the lightning that had momentarily flashed before him and that shattered crystal mirror, Lin Zhou’s expression was complicated to the extreme.

The shattered mirror reflected his features, causing him to appear even more disordered.

“The Eye of the Thunder Emperor…” Lin Zhou was currently consumed by emotions as he could not help but think back to before at the East Strangling Snow Mountains, where he had fought with Yan Zhaoge for the Eye of the Thunder Emperor.

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor which he had originally thought of as already his had landed in Yan Zhaoge’s hands, while in order to escape from Yan Zhaoge’s fists, Lin Zhou had been forced to use the forbidden Transforming Blood Streaking Light Jade, adding injury upon injury, even preventing him from participating in the Heavenly Connection Meet.

Precisely the Heavenly Connection Meet where the Incident of Clear Concealed Lake had erupted.

While he had not witnessed it personality, from the rumours as well as information reports that he gathered afterwards, it was not hard for him to conclude that the Eye of the Thunder Emperor had played a major part in Yan Zhaoge’s destruction of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation, and this caused Lin Zhou to feel even more unhappy within his heart.

Having seen Yan Zhaoge use his Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment to destroy his scouting treasure from far away, Lin Zhou’s expression was rather dark.

He sucked in a deep breath, calming his emotions as he pondered, “Why did Yan Zhaoge appear here Was it that when I opened the spatial door, it influenced the foreign dimension, causing other places to have spatial doors open as well, allowing him to come in by coincidence, or was it that he had a method of his own to open one”

Lin Zhou knit his brows tightly, “Could it be that he also knows that the Immortal Crane Wings are here Or is it like that time in the tomb of Old Man Great Sorrow, where there are treasures other than the Immortal Crane Wings here which I do not know of”

“Indeed, this fellow is too much of a hindrance,” Meeting Yan Zhaoge once more caused Lin Zhou to feel stifled.

There was a treasure that he looked very highly upon, the Immortal Crane Wings, here.

It was only that there had been some difficulty in breaking through to this dimension.

According to his own memories, Lin Zhou had first sought out another piece of fortune, obtaining a treasure that could open spatial doors, before finding a damaged relic left behind by the past Loose Practitioner He to help him determine the coordinates.

Thus, he had successfully opened a tunnel between the Eight Extremities World and this foreign dimension.

“While I have also successfully broken through into the late Xiantian stage, his strength is extraordinary, with him also having a Sacred Artifact fragment on him, as well as that deplorable servant following him closely,” Lin Zhou told himself to calm down, “If I want to contest for treasures with him, it will not be easy at all.”

Lin Zhou’s gaze was distant as he raised his head to look at the world that he was in, “If this foreign dimension collapses before he can leave, even with a Sacred Artifact fragment, he would be hard pressed to escape death.

However, with another door having opened here, a change has occurred in the rate of deterioration of spiritual qi, and so even I cannot accurately predict the exact time at which the spatial collapse will occur.”

After considering for a bit, Lin Zhou grit his teeth, turning and leaving from the door through which he had entered.


Yan Zhaoge raised his head and looked into the distance, the purplish-green light of thunder within his right eye sometimes visible, sometimes not.

Ah Hu snorted, “It is not a Martial Grandmaster, just a Martial Scholar, making use of some special treasure to spy on us.”

Yan Zhaoge said, “It doesn’t look like he was intentionally spying.

Rather, the other party was checking out the situation of this region, and just happened to scan over here.”

Ah Hu said, “Young Master, others have indeed entered.

While their cultivation bases are not high, we do not know exactly how many of them there are, or whether they have any other experts.”

“Right, things cannot be delayed.

We should hurry over as soon as possible, lest we become plagued by this matter later on,” Yan Zhaoge strode at the forefront, with Ah Hu following closely behind.

Following the spiritual qi vein here, very quickly, they emerged from the primordial forest, the scene before their eyes opening up.

Before them appeared a small thatched hut, that looked rather crude on the outside.

However, looking over it carefully, Yan Zhaoge clearly saw a silhouette above the hut, resembling an immortal crane spreading its wings.

At first glance, that silhouette appeared only the size of a sparrow, small and exquisite.

However, looking closely once more, as it spread its long feathers, it seemed to envelop the entire foreign dimension.

After observing it for a while, Yan Zhaoge nodded slowly, “Restrictions formed of Loose Practitioner He’s fist-intent; they have remained here up till now.”

Looking at the thatched hut beneath the silhouette of the immortal crane, Yan Zhaoge snapped his fingers, “To go in, we must first break though these restrictions.”

Surveying their surroundings, as he walked towards the thatched hut, Yan Zhaoge said to Ah Hu, “Ah Hu, guard me.

Pay attention to the surroundings.”

Ah Hu responded in the affirmative, standing sternly by the side as he increased his spiritual awareness to the maximum, diligently observing the surroundings.

Time passed unceasingly.

While there was no sunrise or sunset in this foreign dimension, unceasingly counting the time silently within his heart, Ah Hu took note of Yan Zhaoge’s progress at breaking through the restrictions here.

This world was not big.

For someone of the two’s cultivation bases, walking would not take too much time.

The reason they had worried that the time they had before the space collapsed was insufficient was considering situations like now, when the original owner of this space blocked the path with restrictions.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge unceasingly work near the thatched hut, Ah Hu did not relax, because he could feel the deterioration of the surrounding spiritual qi getting faster and faster, as well as more and more obvious.

The abundant spiritual qi that they could feel upon entering this foreign dimension was already no more.

“Huh” Ah Hu’s gaze suddenly hardened, resembling the rousing of a slumbering tiger, ready to devour everybody it saw.

He stood silently where he was, not moving in the slightest.

After a moment, he suddenly leapt up!

In the space of a breath, Ah Hu appeared on the boundary at the other side of the forest, the strong wind that gusted as a result directly toppling several gigantic trees that soared up to the heavens!

The dazed figures of two Martial Scholars were revealed.

Only when Ah Hu was before them did they regain their wits.

But not waiting for them to react, they were already soaring through the air, thrown out by Ah Hu without any grounds for resistance at all.

Ah Hu’s figure flashed, already elsewhere in the blink of an eye.

There appeared another Martial Scholar, originally having wanted to lay there in ambush, silently awaiting an opportunity.

Who knew that Ah Hu would suddenly make a move.

He knew that things were not good for him, yet without even having any time to react, the Ah Hu who had flung two people away was already before him in an instant.

This Xiantian Martial Scholar wanted to resist, but how could he He was not Ah Hu’s opponent,  as he was also flung into the air by Ah Hu.

From the distant forest, a surprised voice resounded, “Martial Grandmaster”

Hearing those words, the three Martial Scholars, struggling to rise, involuntarily glanced at Ah Hu, not even daring to utter a sound as they then crawled and clambered away with all they had.

Ah Hu looked coldly in the direction of the voice, where a middle-aged man now appeared before him, also a Martial Grandmaster.

Looking closely at his garb, feeling his aura-qi, Ah Hu’s gaze grew even colder.

The newcomer, was clearly of the Sacred Sun Clan.

This middle-aged man appraised Ah Hu, “I have heard of you before, a little thug always following Yan Zhaoge.

However, it was fine when you were still a Martial Scholar.

Now that you are already a Martial Grandmaster, you are actually still willing to be the retainer of a Martial Scholar”

“Utterly ridiculous! Don’t you know that you can already create a sect of your own, leading to the rise of a new second-rate power”

Ah Hu hooked his ear with his fingers, then pointed, “What I do-what do you care”

The Sacred Sun Clan Martial Grandmaster laughed coldly, “While our Sacred Sun Clan said not to start a conflict with Broad Creed Mountain over this period of time, this does not include the seeking out of fortune.”

“You should be new to the Martial Grandmaster realm, no Well, let me give you a lesson today-consider it a welcome.”


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