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HSSB238: You again


Having finished speaking, this Sacred Sun Clan Martial Grandmaster did not hesitate, directly hitting out with a palm.

A fierce light instantly surfaced on his palm, the illusory heaven and earth formed of his aura-qi condensing into glowing spirit soil.

A Heaven Striking Palm, resembling the descent of the great sun, instantly illuminated the entire area as it descended towards Ah Hu.

Ah Hu smiled savagely, his entire body’s aura-qi surging as strong black winds surfaced, his entire person resembling a human hurricane, a black storm that obscured the heavens and covered the earth wherever it went, as the very sunlight seemed to have dimmed.

“Indeed of Black Nightmare Mountain’s direct lineage,” His opponent smiled coldly, “But even if it is Black Nightmare Mountain, so what”

Saying thus, his Heaven Striking Palm clenched and unclenched, forcibly meeting Ah Hu’s Ghost Tiger Divine Claw head-on.

The Sacred Sun Clan Martial Grandmaster chuckled, “A Martial Grandmaster being a retainer-do you think that your master is a Martial Saint What a joke!”

He unclenched his fingers, five golden lights surging into existence, seemingly transforming into a massive golden palm which slammed out towards Ah Hu.

Baring his teeth, overflowing with brutality, Ah Hu asked, “Is it not you who are treating yourself as a Martial Saint”

Saying thus, Ah Hu interlocked his claws, ten strong gusts of wind abruptly slicing out, slicing apart the very air before him.

That massive golden palm was immediately sliced to pieces, turning into streaks of light that were extinguished within the air, as though they were ripped apart.

Ah Hu abruptly crouched, then leapt, resembling a ferocious tiger out of a cage as he was instantly before his opponent.

One hand clawing for the throat, one hand clawing for the chest, he was filled with killing intent, as his enemy could only feel a chill penetrating into his very bones.

The Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan was shocked, “What fierce power-how come it feels comparable to Tang Yonghao having newly ascended into the Martial Grandmaster realm”

But, how was this possible

What kind of figure was Tang Yonghao

After all, in the Fire Domain, in the hearts of most Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioners, Tang Yonghao was indisputably the number one person of the Eight Extremities World’s younger generation!

Even if he couldn’t compare to Yan Di’s complete dominance in the past, Tang Yonghao was also the most outstanding martial practitioner of his generation.

In the Heavenly Connection Meet, Tang Yonghao had defeated the Seven Seas Young Master Song Chao, the leading figure of the younger generation of the Sacred Sun Clan’s longtime enemy, Jade Sea City.

While he had fought to a draw with Broad Creed Mountain’s Xu Fei later on, and was also overshadowed by Yan Zhaoge who suddenly sprung up to prominence from nowhere, Tang Yonghao was indisputably an elite of the current younger generation, a genius amongst geniuses.

Geniuses had different benchmarks from normal people, and if levels were drawn for geniuses and monstrous figures, Tang Yonghao would still be a peak figure who presided over those of the same generation.

This Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan even doubted his own judgement a little at this moment.

This foolish looking big guy following Yan Zhaoge around all day long like an attendant actually had strength comparable to Tang Yonghao’s

How laughable!

In the War of the Eastern Tang that year, when Ah Hu had still been a Xiantian Martial Scholar, he had once battled with martial practitioners of the Sacred Sun Clan.

However, comparing it with back then, this Sacred Sun Clan martial practitioner discovered that Ah Hu’s combat prowess at the same cultivation level was actually clearly even stronger than before!

“A ghost in broad daylight!” This Martial Grandmaster grit his teeth, executing the Leap of the Rising Sun, barely dodging Ah Hu’s twin claws.

However, Ah Hu’s speed was clearly faster than his opponent’s, immediately following up with another claw, directly clawing towards the crown of his opponent’s head!

His opponent was also a veteran of a hundred battles, instantly not daring to continue fighting on as he saw this situation.

The Heaven Striking Palm was a momentum-based suppressive martial art that grew smoother and smoother the more it hit, unceasingly expanding one’s advantage.

However, once the advantage was overturned, it would instead only grow more and more disadvantageous for the user.

This Martial Grandmaster of the Sacred Sun Clan calmed his heart, immediately switching from the Heaven Striking Palm to the Sunset Thousand Illusory Palms, fighting a protracted battle with Ah Hu with lithe and graceful changes in technique.

Illuminated by the light of sunset, the primordial forest was instantly painted the colour of twilight.

However, having gained the upper hand, Ah Hu was unforgiving in his momentum, his movements as unpredictable as a phantom’s, demonstrating a deep understanding of the essence of the Ghost Tiger Divine Claw as his claw attacks were violent and ferocious to the extreme, seemingly able to rip the very space apart.

That Sacred Sun Clan Martial Grandmaster was beat by him into constant retreat, barely managing to hold on.

If not for Ah Hu still splitting up a portion of his attention to stay vigilant of potential enemies in the surroundings, his opponent would long since have died by his claws!

As the two clashed, the surrounding area was directly levelled as countless towering trees that soared up to the heavens fell, either burnt to ashes or sliced into shattered fragments.

A glow emanated around Yan Zhaoge’s body as he was enveloped by the restrictions of fist-intent left behind by Loose Practitioner He.

Affected by the aftershocks by the fight between the two Martial Grandmasters, some marks appeared in the originally formless fist-intent restrictions.

Having been enveloped by the restrictions from Loose Practitioner He’s fist-intent, while Yan Zhaoge’s path to the thatched hut was blocked off, it also protected him from being affected by the ongoing fight, able to focus his mind on breaking the restrictions.

Yan Zhaoge could feel the restrictions of fist-intent before him currently relaxing unceasingly as it weakened naturally.

These restrictions of fist-intent were more or less connected to this foreign dimension, and with the spiritual qi here deteriorating and the entire space moving towards destruction, it was also affected by this to some extent.

Yan Zhaoge was currently in a race against time, having to break the restrictions and get what he wanted before this foreign dimension collapsed.

As time passed, Yan Zhaoge got closer and closer to the thatched hut.

Finally, the immortal crane silhouette above the thatched hut let out a long cry before gradually dissipating.

The world before Yan Zhaoge suddenly relaxed as no more obstructions existed before him, with him able to directly rush towards the thatched hut.

But just at that instant where the restrictions of fist-intent completely vanished, in the distance, a powerful aura suddenly appeared!

Quick as flashing lightning, a figure rushed towards the thatched hut!

It was also a Martial Grandmaster, who had been waiting for Yan Zhaoge to break the restrictions before making his move.

Ah Hu had always been on his guard for such a situation, as with a roar that shocked the very heavens and caused the earth to quake, his entire person blocked the other party’s path like a raging hurricane, stopping his forward momentum with a single punch!

That Sacred Sun Clan Martial Grandmaster wanted to make a move, but Ah Hu had not forgotten about him.

Interlocking his palms, wind howled madly as Ah Hu’s fist-intent spread completely outwards, transforming into a storm that enveloped the entire surrounding area, completely obscuring the surroundings of the thatched hut.

Combatting two with his own power, forcibly shaking the attacks of the two Martial Grandmasters, as both were unable to approach the thatched hut by a single step.

Yan Zhaoge entered the thatched hut, as what first entered his eyes was a snowy white cloak, sewed completely of the feathers of cranes.

The cloak of crane feathers hung within the room, as on a short table beneath were placed a few items.

Yan Zhaoge saw the Life Illuminating Immortal Stone amongst them with a single glance.

However, as he approached the short table, the cloak of crane feathers suddenly shook and expanded, resembling an immortal crane flashing its feathers as countless strong winds gusted towards Yan Zhaoge, making it difficult for him to approach.

Yan Zhaoge frowned slightly, the purplish-green light of thunder flickering within his right eye as it held off the strong winds, before he reached out for the things on that short table.

Just at this time, Ah Hu’s enraged roar resounded from outside!

Then, a dim light flickered at the door of the room, soundlessly stabbing towards Yan Zhaoge’s back!

“You again” Yan Zhaoge raised his brows.

The attacker was none other than that Martial Grandmaster who had ambushed and nearly killed him back in the devilish formation at Clear Concealed Lake!


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