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HSSB239: Dark Light Sword, Immortal Crane Wings


Within Yan Zhaoge’s vision, a black figure flickered, foreign yet familiar.

Saying that it was foreign was because he had only seen it twice before.

Saying that it was familiar was because Yan Zhaoge had previously experienced the aura of death at this sword.

The newcomer wore a jet-black mask as well as a hood, his entire body swathed in a black cloak, resembling dark clouds pressuring a city.

The only light from his entire body was from that pair of yellowed pupils which emanated a bloodred light, as well as the dim sword-light shining in his hands!

Yet another soundless sword, seemingly holding no presence at all, stabbed towards Yan Zhaoge.

As compared to the ambush back in the devilish domain at Clear Concealed Lake, the black-robed man’s movements having already been exposed by Ah Hu, he didn’t have to move so covertly this time, as his attack was even swifter and fiercer than before!

Like a jet-black bolt of lightning, the dim sword light stabbed towards Yan Zhaoge.

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor of Yan Zhaoge’s right eye was currently entangling with the cloak of crane feathers in mid-air.

The attack of the black-robed Martial Grandmaster came precisely when Yan Zhaoge had split up his strength, fast, precise, vicious!

Wanting to condemn Yan Zhaoge to death with a single strike!

Like rumbling thunder, Yan Zhaoge raised his speed to the maximum, speedily flashing to the side.

In terms of speed and movement techniques, Yan Zhaoge was superior to the most outstanding Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioners at the same cultivation level, and even by quite a bit!

While the newcomer was a Martial Grandmaster, with it not being a covert assassination, Yan Zhaoge managed to successfully evade his sword.

However, his swords came each one faster than the previous, dim light flickering as his sword-light chased after Yan Zhaoge in hot pursuit.

The other party’s attacks didn’t have momentum that soared up to the heavens like Ah Hu and the others, whose surroundings were in chaos as they hit out with their palms, the rocks and mountains of the great earth where they were all shattered into smithereens.

However, that sword-light which seemed weak and dim actually seemed to have an extremely fearsome power hidden within.

Yan Zhaoge did not doubt in the least that if he was stabbed by this sword-light, his fleshly body that had been ceaselessly tempered and strengthened by the Tough Rhino Demonic Fist and the Ocean Stabilising Spirit Fist would be pierced through in an instant without question.

He had already recognised the martial arts that the other party cultivated in.

Dark Light Killing Art, with one’s power focused in a single line, incomparably refined and indestructible, the aura-qi condensed to the point where its light, sound as well as presence could be concealed, resembling the self-obscuring of a divine object.

It was only when it reaped an opponent’s life that it would erupt with brightness.

What Yan Zhaoge was especially wary of was that his opponent’s current weapon was a low-grade spirit artifact.

Yan Zhaoge had many low-grade spirit artifacts, more than any other Martial Scholar had.

These were mostly spoils of war that he had obtained from his enemies.

However, the problem was that the past owners of these spoils of war had mostly been Martial Scholars like Yan Zhaoge.

And Martial Scholars were actually unable to fully draw out the power of spirit artifacts!

It was different for Martial Grandmasters.

Even though the opponent before him was only at the first level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, with a cultivation of the early Spirit Vessel stage, with a low-grade spirit artifact on hand, he was like a tiger given wings!

A spirit artifact in the hands of a Martial Grandmaster and a spirit artifact in the hands of a Martial Scholar were two completely different concepts altogether.

This black-robed Martial Grandmaster moved, not saying a single word as he executed his Dark Light Killing Art to the point of perfection, also completely unleashing the power of the spirit artifact sword in his hands.

The sword-light was dim, seemingly looking weak and gloomy, but each sword was faster than the previous, stronger than the previous, attacking towards Yan Zhaoge with a momentum of a chain of mountains toppling a sea!

The Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment temporarily entangled with the cloak of crane feathers, Yan Zhaoge did not have it easy against the opponent before him.

Outside the hut, the enraged Ah Hu expanded his full power, wanting to rush in.

However, while his opponents were not all from the same place, they all worked together at this moment as though by a tacit agreement to clamp down on Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu who had held the initiative.

Ah Hu was similarly a Martial Grandmaster now, as the power of his Black Nightmare Armour was completely unleashed, dark clouds roiling and black wind roaring as the big guy resembled a lord of the devils.

Yan Zhaoge had also handed the mid-grade spirit artifact, the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sabre, to Ah Hu.

While as a Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster, Ah Hu was unable to completely draw out its power, he could already wield a portion of it.

While Ah Hu did not cultivate in the sabre, he currently wielded the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sabre with his qi, concealing it within the black storm formed of his fist-intent.

The spirit artifact sabre mixed with the sharp daggers of wind, causing enemies to be hard pressed to defend against them.

However, Ah Hu’s opponents also had spirit artifacts on them.

Other than the two Martial Grandmasters at the start, another Martial Grandmaster very quickly joined in as well.

Faced with their collective attacks, Ah Hu remained undaunted, with him even getting more and more of an upper hand as time went by, causing his three opponents to feel shocked and afraid.

It was only that, entangled by these three opponents, Ah Hu would not be able to rush into the thatched hut to reinforce Yan Zhaoge within a short period of time.

Ah Hu was frustrated to the extreme, “Other than Young Master’s, there should be another door here.

People of so many different places actually came.”

“Right, there was possibly only that spying Martial Scholar at the beginning.

Realising that he was not our match, he leaked out the news, attracting all these people over!”

Within the thatched hut, wearing the Lofty Mountain Armour, Yan Zhaoge was in a protracted battle with the black-robed Martial Grandmaster.

Looking within his yellowed pupils that emanated a bloodred light, other than coldness, Yan Zhaoge could also see resentment.

Within the thatched hut, Yan Zhaoge was in an intense battle with the masked Decimating Abyss martial practitioner, while outside of it, the four Martial Grandmasters was fighting an even more heated battle that caused the heavens to roil and the earth to overturn.

If not for that cloak of crane feathers within the thatched hut which vaguely seemed to be protecting it, this place would long since have been levelled by their fight.

With so many Martial Grandmasters here, all the Martial Scholars who had entered this foreign dimension all wisely retreated.

Perhaps there were some rare, precious treasures here, but with such a situation, it was most likely out of their reach.

If they got swept up in a battle between Martial Grandmasters, they might not even know how they died afterwards.

However, there was one exception.

It was precisely the one who had leaked out the news of precious treasures as well Yan Zhaoge being here, Lin Zhou.

Calmly and carefully avoiding the battle of the four Martial Grandmasters, he approached the thatched hut.

With Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu being engaged in battle, his chances of obtaining the treasure was greatly increased.

The Immortal Crane Wings, precisely that cloak of crane feathers hung within the thatched hut, were the main goal of Lin Zhou’s current quest.

Of course, if he had the chance, he would take away all the other treasures there as well.

If he could leave Yan Zhaoge behind for good, that would naturally be even better.

Looking into the thatched hut through its open window, Lin Zhou focused his gaze on the Immortal Crane Wings, his eyes blazing, “With this treasure, it would not be impossible to leave Yan Zhaoge behind!”

However, before Lin Zhou could take a step forward, he abruptly stared wide-eyed.

Using the Lofty Mountain Armour to forcibly take a strike of that masked Martial Grandmaster, Yan Zhaoge made use of the force of the clash to fly backwards.

The light of thunder shone in Yan Zhaoge’s right eye as the power of the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor temporarily locked the Immortal Crane Wings in place, before Yan Zhaoge’s entire person slammed into the Immortal Crane Wings, wanting to wrap this cloak of crane feathers over himself!

“You won’t be in time to refine the Immortal Crane Wings for your own use,” Lin Zhou smiled coldly, “Instead having delivered yourself to your opponent’s sword.”

Indeed, the sword within that masked Martial Grandmaster’s hands did not even stop as it continued stabbing towards Yan Zhaoge, directly breaking through the defence of the Lofty Mountain Armour!

The dim sword-light slashed through Yan Zhaoge’s clothes, directly arriving before his chest, as Yan Zhaoge felt a chill at the location of his heart!


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