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HSSB240: A Lin Zhou who wants to vomit blood


Yan Zhaoge’s figure halted for a moment as he entered the Immortal Crane Wings, giving his opponent a chance.

The sword-light broke through the Lofty Mountain Armour, slashing through Yan Zhaoge’s clothes, directly arriving before Yan Zhaoge’s heart, as Yan Zhaoge felt a chill run through his body at this moment.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s expression was calm and unperturbed, not panicked in the least as he focused on the opponent before him.

A golden light suddenly flashed on the surface of his body!

As the golden light flashed, Yan Zhaoge’s entire body seemed to be plated by a layer of golden light, as he resembled a golden statue!

At Yan Zhaoge’s chest, a simple yet profound rune appeared, helping Yan Zhaoge to block his enemy’s sword!

Bloodred light surged within the yellowed eyes of that Martial Grandmaster, that polluted glow piercing as it had never been before.

He continued exerting greater force with the sword within his hands, the dim-sword light suddenly erupting at this moment, infinite, sharp radiance filling the entire room, causing the entire thatched hut that was under the protection of the Immortal Crane Wings to shake, seeming like it could collapse at any moment!

Yan Zhaoge opened his mouth, chanting an ancient, complicated-sounding incantation.

No one here could understand it but Lin Zhou who hailed from the Thunder Domain, who vaguely felt that this strange language suddenly uttered by Yan Zhaoge seemed to be an extremely rare dialect of the northernmost part of the Thunder Domain, the Gold Region.

However, Lin Zhou also didn’t understand the meaning within, as he was currently only focused on one thing.

As Yan Zhaoge chanted that ancient incantation, that golden lustre around his body grew even more condensed, the rune on his chest even clearer and more profound.

Streaks of golden light spread, keeping the enemy’s sword-light at bay.

Lin Zhou frowned, “What exactly it this thing!”

Yan Zhaoge was currently completely within the cloak of crane feathers, temporarily keeping it locked down with the power of the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor.

He reached out, draping the cloak of crane feathers around his own body, before, punching!

Yan Zhaoge’s qi and blood as well as his martial concepts surged at this moment, as he began attempting to communicate and interact with this unique treasure known as the Immortal Crane Wings.

Although the Immortal Crane Wings still possessed spirituality, with Loose Practitioner He having been dead for so many years, it had gradually turned into an ownerless object.

Protecting this thatched hut, the final wish of its previous owner, had virtually become its primary instinct.

However, the Immortal Crane Wings itself did not reject another person coming to refine it.

Yan Zhaoge practised his fist with the Immortal Crane Wings on, merging his fist-intent within it, as its crane feathers slowly trembled.

A silhouette of a white crane gradually appeared behind Yan Zhaoge, merging within the illusory heaven and earth formed of his fist intent’s aura-qi, becoming a part of it.

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze shone as he met the gaze of the masked Martial Grandmaster before him.

If he had not had been sufficiently confident, how would he have dared to risk exposing his vitals to the other’s sword

While the Eye of the Thunder Emperor had been entangled, while the Lofty Mountain Armour had been broken through, Yan Zhaoge still had the Golden Talismanic Body!

During the incident of Clear Concealed Lake, he had obtained a golden talisman after defeating the fallen Xie Ziyi.

While Xie Ziyi had not understood how it should be used, Yan Zhaoge had already successfully deciphered its use!

This secret technique of the extreme north refined golden talismans into qi.

After a martial practitioner absorbed it, they would be able to obtain a golden body of iron bones, allowing the martial practitioner’s basic defensive power to increase.

When faced with extremely dangerous attacks, they could deplete the golden talismanic qi, transforming into the Golden Talismanic Body in order to protect themselves.

The heavier the blocked attack, the more golden talismanic power was unleashed and the more the golden talismanic qi depleted.

After repeated use, it would surely run dry one day.

However, its defensive power was not something to scoff at.

At this moment, it helped Yan Zhaoge to forcibly withstand the full-powered killing blow of a low-grade spirit artifact-wielding early Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmaster!

Making use of the time bought by the Golden Talismanic Body, Yan Zhaoge began refining the Immortal Crane Wings with all his might, taking this unique treasure for his own use!

While his original target in coming to this foreign dimension was the Life Illuminating Immortal Stone, and it would not be a wasted trip as long as he obtained it, after carefully observing the Immortal Crane Wings, Yan Zhaoge found it to be a precious unique treasure that was rather hard to come by.

While it could not be ranked according to the grades of artifacts, it still possessed boundless wonderful uses.

At this, Yan Zhaoge naturally accepted it with thanks, refining it.

As he analysed and comprehended the concept within the Immortal Crane Wings as well as its circulation of spiritual qi, Yan Zhaoge focused coldly on the masked Martial Grandmaster before him.

The other person was also staring fixedly at Yan Zhaoge, his yellowed pupils filled with coldness.

That coldness seemed not to be targeted at Yan Zhaoge himself, but at every martial practitioner of Broad Creed Mountain.

His gaze similarly cold, Yan Zhaoge abruptly let out a long cry, resembling the clear, bright cry of a crane.

The next moment, Yan Zhaoge’s arms shook as the Immortal Crane Wings swathed around him suddenly rose, resembling an Immortal Crane flashing its wings as it spread them wide.

The edges of the cloak abruptly flashed with a dazzling light before transforming into numerous feathers of light, pointing directly towards the masked Martial Grandmaster before Yan Zhaoge.

Then, feathers of light that resembled a heavy thunderstorm rained down as they shot towards that Martial Grandmaster, every single crane feather like a sharp blade!

With a muffled groan, that fallen masked Martial Grandmaster finally retracted his sword for defence, his sword-light transforming into a ball of light, withstanding the attacks that were like a tempestuous storm, as he simultaneously retreated backwards!

He had to retreat, because as the Immortal Crane Wings was gradually refined by Yan Zhaoge, it also meant that Yan Zhaoge’s Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment would finally also be free to act.

If he did not go now, the person who would be left behind in this place today would very possibly not be Yan Zhaoge, but him!

His opponent wanting to retreat, Yan Zhaoge wouldn’t let him go as easy as that.

Flicking his wrist, with a low cry, the Jade Dragon Sword flashed out of its sheath at lightning speed, transforming into a jade light which chopped directly towards the enemy before him!

A low noise resounded as blood splattered the air.

That fallen Martial Grandmaster had half his mask sliced off by Yan Zhaoge, leaving behind a wound on his face from which fresh blood was flowing uncontrollably.

Not uttering a sound, this person raised his sleeves to cover his face, not even looking back as he turned and ran.

Yan Zhaoge still had not completely refined the Immortal Crane Wings, with it currently being inconvenient for him to move about, but a shocking light still shot out from his eyes, “While less than half of his face was revealed, it still seemed rather familiar…”

He frowned, standing within the thatched hut as he turned and looked out of the window.

The person he had felt approaching this place earlier had already vanished without a trace.

Outside the thatched hut, Lin Zhou did not hesitate, escaping speedily.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge withstand the killing blow of that Martial Grandmaster with his Golden Talismanic Body and begin refining the Immortal Crane Wings, Lin Zhou had already completely discarded his thoughts of making a move.

Of everyone here, other than the Yan Zhaoge who was currently refining the Immortal Crane Wings, Lin Zhou was the most familiar with this treasure.

Moreover, there was still the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor.

But it was precisely because of this that he felt his heart was bleeding at this moment!

After the Sacred Artifact fragment, this was the second time he had helplessly watched on as the treasure he thought would surely be his had eventually landed in Yan Zhaoge’s hands!

For just a moment, the depressed Lin Zhou felt like smashing his head against that great towering tree beside him.

Seeing Yan Zhaoge use the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment to lock the Immortal Crane Wings in place, next refine the Immortal Crane Wings, before domineeringly forcing a lofty Martial Grandmaster into retreat, while he himself could only flee as fast as he could…

Lin Zhou felt useless to the point of wanting to vomit blood.


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