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HSSB241: The legendary crow’s mouth


“A Heavenly Thunder Hall martial practitioner…” Within the thatched hut, thinking of the breathing techniques of that enemy who had been spying from the side, Yan Zhaoge looked like he was smiling whilst also not, “An old acquaintance”

Shaking his head slightly, he retracted his thoughts, refocusing his mind on refining the Immortal Crane Wings.

Each and every feather on the Immortal Crane Wings seemed to be shaking slightly at this moment, as though all of them had a life of their own.

Accompanied by Yan Zhaoge’s refinement, the clear cries of cranes emanated from every single feather, getting louder and more sonorous.

Finally, the cries of cranes died down, Yan Zhaoge’s gaze flickering as the Immortal Crane Wings became completely silent, transforming into a cloak of crane feathers draped over Yan Zhaoge.

This time, there was no longer anyone obstructing Yan Zhaoge.

With a sweeping motion, all of the things on the short table, the Life Illuminating Immortal Stone included, fell into Yan Zhaoge’s hands.

Standing within the thatched hut, Yan Zhaoge bowed towards it, “Senior Loose Practitioner He, Yan Zhaoge thanks you here.”

Swathed in the cloak of crane feathers, he left the thatched hut, and found that the battlefield outside of it was already destroyed beyond recognition.

When that fallen masked Martial Grandmaster had escaped, Ah Hu’s three opponents had felt a chill running through their hearts.

That Martial Grandmaster having escaped meant that he had not been able to take down Yan Zhaoge.

Meanwhile, there was that big man before them that truly resembled a starving tiger, taking on the three of them at the same time, holding the upper hand as it was getting harder and harder from them to parry his blows.

While they were moved by the treasures within the thatched hut, with things already at this point, there was clearly no longer any hope of obtaining them.

If things went on like this, they might instead lose their lives here.

The trio instantly decided to retreat, beginning to think of a way to extricate themselves from this situation.

When they had a common enemy, they could join hands and work together in attacking him.

However, when they all decided to retreat, preparing to escape, their cooperation would naturally break off, with everyone only thinking of how to secure their own safety and flee.

As there were originally also no ties between them, they were wholly unconcerned about the fates of one another.

If the other party’s death could secure their safe escape, none of them would have any misgivings.

Therefore, the three Martial Grandmasters put on a good show together.

They didn’t have to run faster than Ah Hu-just running faster than the other two would be sufficient.

That Sacred Sun Clan Martial Grandmaster, originally having the strongest foundation, also being the most powerful and being in possession of a peak movement technique like the Leap of the Rising Sun, should originally have the greatest chances of escaping.

However, Ah Hu specifically paid more attention to him, directly throwing the Hidden Clear Sunlight Sabre over with the momentum of a flying dagger, directly piercing him right through the heart.

Eventually, only one of the Martial Grandmasters managed to escape successfully, with the other one becoming a ghost under the claws of a starving tiger, slain by Ah Hu on the spot.

Coming before Ah Hu, Yan Zhaoge smiled, “The way you are now, you are frightening enough to stop little children from crying at night.”

Ah Hu’s body was full of bloodstains, the baleful air on his body surging to the heavens as he resembled a god of death.

He grinned, “A pity that we couldn’t leave them all behind.”

Hearing his words, Yan Zhaoge murmured to himself, “Right, a pity that we couldn’t leave them all behind…”

Ah Hu asked curiously, “Young Master, what is it”

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, as within his mind, the scene of that Decimating Abyss martial practitioner’s mask breaking and his partially revealed face flashed through his mind once more.

While the other party had quickly raised his hand for concealment, with Yan Zhaoge’s current cultivation base, his vision was such that he had still seen that scene which had gone by in a flash.

“While less than half of his face was visible…I have definitely seen this person before,” Yan Zhaoge stroked his lower chin, recovering as he surveyed their surroundings, “The deterioration of spiritual qi has already reached its final stage.

This foreign dimension is already not far from collapse.”

“We have to make haste and hurry back to that spirit formation door.

A bit of time is still required for the journey back.”

Yan Zhaoge smiled, patting the cloak of crane feathers over his shoulder, “However, what’s good is that with this thing now, much time can actually be saved.”

Ah Hu came up to him, asking curiously, “Young Master, what’s this”

Yan Zhaoge said, “In the past, a senior merged his fist-intent with the feathers of a spirit crane, forming such a cloak.”

“Not entering the ranks of artifacts, it can be considered a unique treasure, possessing many subtle and wonderful uses, its weak point being that the spiritual energy and spiritual qi will be depleted, and will have to be nourished and replenished by the owner for a time after having dried up before it can be used once more.”

“However, looking at its many subtle and wonderful uses, these flaws that it has, most of the time, can virtually be ignored.”

Yan Zhaoge patted the Immortal Crane Wings, smiling, “In entering this time, the Life Illuminating Immortal Stone was originally what I came for, and would have been enough to satisfy me.

This thing can be considered an unexpected, fortunate gain.”

Ah Hu said, “Right, but Young Master, I never thought that so many people would actually enter this time.”

“I feel that the bastard who was spying on us earlier, seeing that he was not our match, feared that he was unable to wrestle for the treasures with us.

He therefore churned the waters turbid, wanting to fish in murky waters as he spread the news out and drew so many experts in.”

Yan Zhaoge brought Ah Hu behind the thatched hut, where there was a medicinal field, “Your guess, is most likely correct.”

Ah Hu ground his teeth hatefully, “That bastard had better not fall in my hands, or I’d definitely teach him a lesson!”

Yan Zhaoge said, “While this foreign dimension will collapse very soon, and most people would not risk coming in, we will still have to remain vigilant of enemies.

We should also move a bit faster.”

Saying thus, Yan Zhaoge speedily identified the spirit medicines within the medicinal field, “Wa, there are many species that existed before the Great Calamity but are currently extinct growing here now.

We have really not made a wasted trip this time.”

As he helped Yan Zhaoge to harvest the medicines, Ah Hu said casually, “It is lucky that of the four Martial Grandmasters who entered this time, all of them were only at the early Spirit Vessel stage.

If their cultivation bases had been higher, we might not have been able to handle them.”

“Especially if there had been an Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster-now that’d have been bad.”

As he said thus, Yan Zhaoge suddenly felt a piercing pain in his right eye as Ah Hu’s face also changed.

The next moment, the light of fire lit up in the distant horizon, illuminating the sky a crimson red.

The light of fire speedily approached the thatched hut, violent waves of qi sweeping the surrounding area.

An explosive roar resounded, “Surnamed Yan, I want to see who can save you this time!”

The familiar voice and the familiar tone instead left Yan Zhaoge slightly stunned for a moment, “…Crimson Spirit Flag Master”

The newcomer was, shockingly, the remnant of the destroyed Five Spirit Flags with the highest cultivation base, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master!

That year, the Five Spirit Flags had been destroyed at the hands of Yan Zhaoge’s father, Yan Di.

The Crimson Spirit Master had borne hatred for this for many years.

Having been obstructed in his efforts to kill Yan Zhaoge in the Eastern Tang previously, he had then fled without a trace.

Who would have thought that he would actually appear once more in this foreign dimension today.

Yan Zhaoge currently didn’t have the leisure to ponder on why the other party had appeared here, as there was only one thought in his mind.

This Crimson Spirit Flag Master was at the fourth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, an early Spirit Essence Martial Grandmaster expert!

Ah Hu was left gaping and wide-eyed, as he really felt like slapping himself in the face, “…Did it really have to be so effective”


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