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HSSB242: Flying through the heavens, tunnelling through the earth


The surrounding heavens and earth were blazing hot, the roiling heat waves nearly causing the feeling of suffocation.

However, Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu instead felt themselves assaulted by cold.

After becoming Martial Grandmasters, martial practitioners would step into a whole new world, turning the illusory form to true spirit, from false to real, beginning to truly touch the underlying principles of this world.

For Spirit Vessel Martial Grandmasters, moving from the early to the mid to the late stage, nourishing spirit soil, forming a spirit seed, birthing spirit shoots, it was all part of the process of nurturing a true martial spirit.

At the peak of the Spirit Vessel stage, a Martial Grandmaster would have successfully nurtured a true martial spirit of his or her own, thus stepping into the Essence Spirit Martial Grandmaster realm.

Afterwards, the true spirit would merge with the aura-qi, cultivating aura into essence.

With aura-qi transforming into true essence, one would experience a great leap in power.

The Crimson Spirit Flag Master was a Martial Grandmaster expert of the Essence Spirit stage just like this.

As his true essence expanded outwards, it directly transformed into true, blazing fire, burning the plains and incinerating the heavens.

Yan Zhaoge rolled his eyes, saying unhappily of Ah Hu, “How did I not discover it earlier-you really have a crow’s mouth ah.”

Ah Hu’s face looked bitter as he did not speak.

Yan Zhaoge shook his head, not planning to go down without a fight.

Along with his intentions, the Immortal Crane Wings on his shoulders directly unfurled, transforming into two gigantic wings.

Each and every crane feather flickered with a lustrous spiritual light, resembling crystals.

Yan Zhaoge did not have the leisure to distinguish species at this moment as he grabbed out, directly plucking out the majority of the spirit grasses and medicines of the medicinal field.

Afterwards, he grabbed Ah Hu with his other hand, his wings spreading as he soared into the sky, speeding off into the distance!

The Immortal Crane Wings were truly divine, as Yan Zhaoge’s flying speed was still extremely fast despite carrying someone along with him.

However, the fiery light behind him that resembled the waves of an ocean was also not slow as it chased after Yan Zhaoge in hot pursuit.

From the waves of fire resounded the scolding of the Crimson Spirit Flag Master, “One surnamed Yan, you will pay the debt for your father Yan Di today!”

Yan Zhaoge ignored him, fully focused on unleashing the power of the Immortal Crane Wings to soar forward unceasingly.

Having reached great heights, clumps of cloud qi formed a sea of clouds before them which Yan Zhaoge shot through unceasingly.

The blazing fire behind him swept directly through the sea of clouds, devouring it unceasingly.

Yan Zhaoge was flying at extreme speeds as a fire dragon suddenly shot out of the waves of fire behind him, shooting towards him.

Frowning slightly, Yan Zhaoge dodged to the side, evading the fiery light.

The fiery light missed, plunging into the dense sea of clouds, slicing through the orderly cloud layer like a sharp blade before disappearing within the sea of clouds.

The next moment, with a massive boom, the vast sea of clouds before Yan Zhaoge caught aflame, as a sea of crimson flames was formed in mid-air.

The great amount of clouds was instantly vaporized by the flames, while the blazing fire formed a wall blocking Yan Zhaoge’s path.

The wings behind Yan Zhaoge’s back flickered as he plummeted downwards rapidly, evading the flames blocking his way.

But this way, his speed was slightly reduced, as the Crimson Spirit Flag Master behind him reduced the distance between them.

Brought along by Yan Zhaoge, gazing backwards, Ah Hu asked, “Young Master ah, can’t you use the Sacred Artifact fragment to give him a good one”

Yan Zhaoge answered, “Resisting the Black Dragon Dread in the Great Western Desert earlier, and also entangling with the Immortal Crane Wings just now, the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor has not yet completely recovered.

It is hard to tell how much power it can unleash.”

“Dealing with a Martial Grandmaster at the level of the Crimson Spirit Flag Master, An Instant’s Thunder must be unleashed, giving him a good strike with a single all out burst of power.”

As Yan Zhaoge flew, he observed their surroundings, “Also, unlike at Clear Concealed Lake last time, in which I was hitting an inanimate object, able to hit it however I liked, even able to leisurely stroll over to place the fragment of the Eye of the Thunder Emperor fragment at the core of the devilish domain, this time’s target would be a live, moving person.”

“And it would also not be any living person.

Martial Grandmasters at this level are highly vigilant, with a fast reaction speed, their speed also being fast.

Not able to hit him in a single blow, my efforts would be wasted.”

As Yan Zhaoge said this, his figure abruptly halted in mid-air before ascending rapidly, avoiding another fire dragon shooting over from behind him.

The foreign dimension he was currently in was already extremely unstable, as gazing far into the distance, Yan Zhaoge could even see countless black lines appear in the horizon.

That was not a glow, and also not any real object.

It was as though a complete painting scroll had suddenly had cracks ripped in it.

The foreign dimension, had already began marching towards destruction.

The sky became dark as even the flames formed of the Crimson Spirit Flag Master’s true essence dimmed between the heavens and the earth.

The wild wind howled unceasingly, blowing till even controlling the Immortal Crane Wings, Yan Zhaoge was a little unable to stabilise his figure.

The great earth below had begun quaking intensely, the rocks and mud on the ground shattering unceasingly, dense cracks spreading on it like spiderwebs.

Gazing over, Yan Zhaoge saw that the world before him resembled the illusion of an underwater city, many of the scenes before him actually beginning to distort and change form.

Chasing doggedly after Yan Zhaoge, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master could also feel that this foreign dimension was soon to be destroyed.

Having learnt that Yan Zhaoge was here, in having rushed here at extreme speeds, he had already steeled himself to take this risk, just wanting to kill Yan Zhaoge here.

As the destruction of this world hastened, with scenes of the end of the world playing out, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master could not help but quicken his pace, with each wave of attacks fiercer than the last as they shot towards Yan Zhaoge.

While he had a violent temperament, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master’s attacks were not blind.

The flames spreading between the heavens and the earth unceasingly shrunk Yan Zhaoge’s region of activity, gradually transforming into a massive cage of fire, wanting to trap Yan Zhaoge within.

The dense fiery light joined together, the area it enveloped growing greater and greater, obscuring the heavens and covering the earth, the scenes of the end of the world of this foreign dimension filled with violence and despair!

Yan Zhaoge’s gaze was calm, but his expression appeared rather impatient as he wielded the Immortal Crane Wings to fly forward, his movements gradually losing their order a little as he seemed to be running out of options.

However, in the distance, a flickering door of light had already appeared within his field of vision in mid-air.

It was precisely the great door with which Yan Zhaoge and Ah Hu had entered this foreign dimension as created by the spirit formation, currently still standing tall there.

However, as this foreign dimension walked towards destruction, this door of light also seemed a little unstable as it shook unceasingly like a reflection within water.

Seeing the door of light, Yan Zhaoge immediately sped towards it.

However, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master behind him had already drawn close at this moment as punching out, blazing flames directly enveloped Yan Zhaoge.

Yan Zhaoge’s pupils vaguely flashed with the purplish-green light of lightning.

With the glow of lightning bolstering his Immortal Crane Wings, his speed instantly raised by a level as he changed his direction at an extreme speed, barely managing to avoid the attack with great difficulty.

However, the Crimson Spirit Flag Master made use of this chance to fly past Yan Zhaoge, roiling waves of fire encircling that door of light.

Having first assured his own retreat route, he blocked Yan Zhaoge’s path!

The Immortal Crane Wings on Yan Zhaoge’s shoulders shook, numerous knifelike feathers of light hitting out towards the sea of fire like a tempestuous storm.

A cold laugh resounded from the Crimson Spirit Flag Master from within the sea of flames, blazing flames consuming the knifelike feathers of light as the jarring sound of metal on metal resounded.

A crimson-haired old man appeared within the flames, resembling a devil god possessing control over blazing fire.

Yan Zhaoge saw that old man glare over towards him as he laughed savagely, “Little worm, where can you fly to now”


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