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HSSB250: Momentum like breaking bamboo


Looking at the unspeaking Shi Tie, Yan Zhaoge also fell silent, sighing soundlessly.

The interaction between the two was wholly conducted via sound transmission, with outsiders not privy to their contents.

Standing behind Yan Zhaoge, Feng Yunsheng was a little nonplussed.

Their eldest apprentice-uncle Shi Tie who always resembled a mountain peak that seemed able to support the very heavens-even she could see that he was a little despondent at this time.

As though the towering mountain had been dyed the colour of twilight by the setting sun.

However, very quickly, Shi Tie reopened his eyes.

And with the opening of his eyes it was like the sleeping lion had awoken, the previous despondence completely gone without a trace, the person standing before them still that domineering, mighty Iron Lion King.

Looking at this scene, Feng Yunsheng even felt that what she had seen earlier had completely been an illusion.

Looking at the ancestral ground of the Wang Family in the distance, Shi Tie said calmly, “Do not let the Devilish Domain Grand Formation be set up-directly destroy it.”

“I will launch a sudden assault while you sweep inwards from the outside, leaving people to guard the outskirts, keeping vigilant for anything that might suddenly occur.”

His voice was not however loud, also not spreading far into the distance, but all the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners in the vicinity could hear it clearly, feeling a firm determination emanating from that heavy, deep voice.

Yan Zhaoge and the others agreed in unison.

Having finished speaking, Shi Tie rose up from the peak of the hill.

A clear brilliance emanated from the inside of his body, his entire person resembling a divinity cast of Vajra.

The next moment, Shi Tie strode forward, the world exploding with light as the black devilish atmosphere was instantly hindered from expanding.

Accompanied by Shi Tie’s one stride, he was already directly in the air above the Wang Family’s ancestral ground.

Pressured by that firm and condensed power that was vigorous to the extreme, the air above the Wang Family’s ancestral ground instantly lit up with countless patterns, forming a massive defensive formation in mid-air, attempting to resist that strong pressure.

However, it was like something made of porcelain had made a sturdy rock, virtually unable to hinder it in the slightest as it began to shatter mightily.

Shi Tie’s body was not fast, but as he landed stably, it was like there was nothing which could obstruct his footsteps.

At the very least, the grand formation of the Wang Family’s ancestral ground was absolutely unable to do so.

Whatever power it was, they diligently accumulated great power where their foundations lay, giving themselves a powerful home advantage.

Relying on the grand formation of their ancestral ground, even if Broad Creed Mountain’s First Seat Elder in the Sand Region arrived, the Wang Family’s experts would be able to withstand him for a moment.

While their formation would still be broken through, it was not like they would have absolutely no chance to retaliate.

Sadly, the grand formation that was able to obstruct the Sand Region’s First Seat Elder of the early Essence Talisman stage was no different from paper before the late Essence Talisman stage Shi Tie.

Just at this time, a venomous voice resounded from amidst the roiling black fog, “Iron Lion King!”

Countless spirit talismans that flickered with black light now rose from the Wang Family’s ancestral ground, rapidly assembling in mid-air to form a profound and mysterious spirit formation that emanated a terrifying air.

Connected to one another, the spirit arrays instantly formed a tall tower that resembled an altar.

On the altar, an indistinct figure could be seen, wielding a long black lance as he struck out towards Shi Tie.

It was, shockingly, another expert of the late Essence Talisman stage, a peak Martial Grandmaster expert who had already established an Essence Talisman Heavenly Altar.

Shi Tie’s face was expressionless, resembling tough, eternally unchanging granite, “Scaly Dragon King Sima Chui.

You have also joined the Nine Underworlds”

The other party stabbed out with his black lance, resembling a scaly dragon soaring up to the heavens as a deafening roar resounded, black light shining as a black wound seemed to be carved out between the heavens and the earth.

Shi Tie’s expression did not change in the slightest as his body was enveloped by a spirit altar transparent as glass that emanated a feeling of indestructability.

He punched out domineeringly, directly meeting his opponent’s lance.

An intense collision occurred.

From far away, Yan Zhaoge and the others, not drawing near, could feel the very heavens and earth they were in actually trembling with the impact.

Feng Yunsheng’s eyes let out a strange light, “I’ve heard of the famed name of the Scaly Dragon King Sima Chui.

He is one of the few peak experts amongst solitary practitioners, at the ninth level of the Martial Grandmaster realm, with a late Essence Talisman cultivation base, one of the few of solitary practitioners of the late Essence Talisman stage who possesses a high-grade spirit artifact.”

“That black lance of his is his high-grade spirit artifact.

Eldest apprentice-uncle actually forcibly took that martial practitioner of the same cultivation level wielding a high-grade spirit artifact head-on.”

The higher the cultivation base, not only did the surpassing of levels to defeat stronger enemies grow rarer, the gap between martial practitioners of the same cultivation level was generally also smaller.

Of those who were able to attain such a stage, how many of them would be easy to deal with.

In a battle between Essence Talisman Martial Grandmaster experts of the same cultivation level, the addition of a high-grade spirit artifact was usually sufficient to decide the victor.

Yan Zhaoge smiled, “Otherwise, why would he been called the Iron Ling King Attack and defence all in one ah.”

As Shi Tie gazed coldly as his opponent, the belt around his waist lit up as his high-grade spirit artifact, the Profound Light Divine Armour was activated, countless streams of black light instantly transforming into an armour, enveloping Shi Tie’s body.

The power of Shi Tie’s spirit artifact merged with his martial intent, causing his power to instantly skyrocket, his punch directly sending the Scaly Dragon King Sima Chui into retreat.

After his punch, Shi Tie did not rush off in pursuit, instantly stomping downwards heavily.

With a great boom, the grand formation defending the Wang Family’s ancestral ground completely collapsed.

His expression vicious, Sima Chui changed his stance as his lance transformed into streaks of black light that moved between the heavens and the earth, not clashing head-on with Shi Tie but rather adopting a harassing method.

While Sima Chui was inferior to Shi Tie, he could at least prevent Shi Tie from continuing to approach the ancestral ground of the Wang Family down below.

The oasis where the Wang Family’s ancestral ground was situated was once again enveloped by black fog, flashing with numerous streaks of red lightning.

Within the depths of the black fog, a massive spirit formation could vaguely be seen.

Yan Zhaoge once again felt the terrifying, soul-shaking air that he had felt back at Clear Concealed Lake, that of the Great Nine Underworlds Door preparing to descend.

“Let’s go,” Yan Zhaoge said, his figure quick as flashing lightning as he rushed towards the Wang Family ancestral ground, Feng Yunsheng and Pan-Pan following closely behind him.

From various directions, martial practitioners of Broad Creed Mountain appeared, individually led by Martial Grandmaster experts as they moved together to surround the Wang Family ancestral ground.

Spreading his Immortal Crane Wings, Yan Zhaoge’s speed was great as he soon arrived at the outskirts of the Wang Family ancestral ground.

The grand formation defending the area had already been destroyed by Shi Tie, with the people within only able to use foot soldiers to withstand the Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners.

After they neared, countless dark glows instantly appeared within the black fog, resembling the coming of a tempestuous storm.

Everyone employed various methods in defence.

Yan Zhaoge’s footsteps did not halt at all as the feathers on both sides of his shoulders, their tips aimed ahead, shot directly towards the enemy like an unforgiving, pelting rain.

The faint gold feathers and the dark light collided unceasingly in mid-air.

Numerous feathers of light shattered and dissipated in mid-air, while numerous iron arrows of dark light distorted and changed form, raining down in bits and pieces on the ground below.

Those few that slipped out of the net were forcibly withstood with the Lofty Mountain Armour.

Yan Zhaoge strode forwards in huge strides, arriving before the grand manor at the Wang Family ancestral ground.

He kicked out, a large opening directly collapsing in the walls of the manor.


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