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HSSB251: If you’re not a Martial Grandmaster, don’t come to die


Yan Zhaoge directly kicked out an opening in the side of the Wang Family’s ancestral manor.

As dust and smoke flew, sabre-light suddenly flickered, chopping out towards Yan Zhaoge.

The sabre-light resembled a continuous chain of mountains, with strange and perilous peaks, numerous layers of sabre-light instantly surrounding Yan Zhaoge.

Not even looking at it, Yan Zhaoge punched out, bursting through the sabre-light as he instantly sent his opponent flying.

Although his opponent flew backwards, the sabre-light before him grew as more enemies, all using the Continuous Mountains Sabre Art passed down within the Wang Family, obscured the heavens and covered the earth as they bore down on Yan Zhaoge.

At the same time, amongst these sabre-lights that resembled lofty mountains, a dark, biting wind also assaulted Yan Zhaoge.

Black Nightmare Mountain’s direct lineage martial art, Pursuing Wind Sword Style!

The sword was named Pursuing Wind, being even faster than wind itself, one of the fastest swords under the heavens, able to rival the Lightning Mantra Seventy Two Swords of the Heavenly Thunder Hall’s direct lineage.

It cast a dim sword-light, concealed amongst all those sabre-lights, exerted later but arriving first, that people would be hard pressed to guard against.

Yan Zhaoge just reached out with a single hand, closing the gap between his thumb and index finger, gripping the sword of his opponent.

Immediately, the sword-light was extinguished, the wind formed by the sword dying down, the sword, gripped by Yan Zhaoge’s two fingers, completely unable to move.

At the same time, Yan Zhaoge’s aura-qi surged.

Standing there, not moving an inch, his vigorous aura-qi transformed into a storm, directly dissipating the sabre-lights descending towards him that obscured the heavens and covered the earth.

The reaction of that Black Nightmare Mountain martial practitioner before Yan Zhaoge was also extremely fast, immediately abandoning his sword as it was caught by Yan Zhaoge.

However, whether it was switching his stance and attacking or immediately retreating, without even having time to perform his next movement, he suddenly discovered his sword, with the blade facing away, bearing down towards him, its original owner!

“Rip!” As if it were the sharpest point, the bladeless hilt broke through the aura-qi that guarded this Black Nightmare Mountain martial practitioner’s body, and pierced directly into his chest.

Everyone nearby looked at Yan Zhaoge, shocked.

Gripping the blade of the sword with two fingers, he had pushed it forward lightly, using the sword hilt as a blade as he directly stabbed that Black Nightmare Mountain martial practitioner to death.

His expression as per usual, Yan Zhaoge retracted his arm, drawing the sword hilt out of his opponent’s chest.

Not even switching his stance, just holding onto the blade of the sword with two fingers like this, as though wanting to commit suicide, Yan Zhaoge used the sword hilt as a sword blade casually as he liked.

However, it was already superior to the swords of most Martial Scholars under the heavens as he slew all the martial practitioners in the vicinity.

Breaking through another wall, Yan Zhaoge entered the centre of the courtyard, instantly slaying a great many more people, clearing out another area.

Other than him, no other live soul remained.

His gaze not rippling in the slightest, Yan Zhaoge abruptly threw the sword within his hands to the side, with it instantly transforming into a sword-light that resembled a bolt of lightning.

Within the black fog, a martial practitioner who had originally been approaching stealthily under the cover of darkness was directly pinned to death on the ground by this sword.

The other side’s Martial Scholars experts were also approaching rapidly, prepared to seal this point of breakthrough as created by Yan Zhaoge.

Directly slamming a late Xiantian Martial Scholar to death with his palm, Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “If you’re not a Martial Grandmaster, don’t come to die.”

As he said this, he swivelled his body, raising his palm and directly locking an incoming fist.

This person had a face that resembled a horse, the aura-qi around his body surging.

Above his head, like Yan Zhaoge, was a spiritual light that shot straight into the heavens, not an illusory light but true radiance.

It was a peak Martial Scholar who had stepped into the Heavenly Connection stage.

The newcomer appeared to still be rather young, with him not being much older than thirty.

As he circulated his aura-qi, countless black winds were formed, as he was clearly of Black Nightmare Mountain’s direct lineage.

His eyes were yellowed and bloodshot, having already fallen to the dark side.

Glaring at Yan Zhaoge, his eyes were filled with resentment and hatred.

“People from Broad Creed Mountain, all deserve to die!”

This horse-face man shouted, his entire body’s aura-qi surging madly as it formed an illusory heaven and earth, filled completely with black hurricanes.

The terrifying black hurricanes shrunk and condensed unceasingly, finally transforming into numerous tangible black lances, directed straight at Yan Zhaoge.

However, Yan Zhaoge’s acupoints pulsed, countless streams of clear qi emanating outwards, majestic as the heavens.

As the opponent’s black hurricanes that resembled lances landed within, they directly vanished.

At the same time, grabbing onto his opponent’s fist, a terrifying aura-qi was abruptly released from Yan Zhaoge’s palm.

That horse-faced man could only feel aura-qi like numerous fire dragons immediately flowing into his body through the meridians of his arm, as the pain of incineration befell him.

Numerous fire dragons rushed within his body, his body’s aura-qi completely unable to withstand it.

In that instant, the horse-faced man’s body blazed within, his flesh and blood, bones, muscles, internal organs and meridians that been tempered countless times exploding one by one.

The horse-faced man’s body stiffened where he stood, a strange red appearing on his face, arms and the other parts of his body that were not covered by his clothes.

Like a crab, being cooked till ripe.

Yan Zhaoge released his hands, this horse-face man’s body falling limply to the ground like a clump of rotten mud.

“Being able to reach the Heavenly Connection stage at this age-in Sacred Grounds, he would be at the level of direct disciples,” Yan Zhaoge shook his head, “In its current dismal condition, Black Nightmare Mountain was still able to recruit such a genius as a disciple-it is a rare thing indeed.

Sadly, he joined the Nine Underworlds.”

Having rushed over with the Immortal Crane Wings, Yan Zhaoge’s speed had been extremely fast.

It was only now that Ah Hu and the others arrived.

Just having arrived, Ah Hu’s claw penetrated through the crown of an opponent’s head.

In other areas of the manor, Broad Creed Mountain martial practitioners were also breaking their way in unceasingly, killing their way to the depths of the manor.

Broad Creed Mountain had long since been prepared for this operation, having deployed an elite force here, the momentum of their attacks hard to withstand.

Let alone the martial practitioners of the Wang Family, even the Decimating Abyss martial practitioners with remnants of Black Nightmare Mountain at their head were hard pressed to stand against Broad Creed Mountain’s offensive.

Rather than the opponents before them, it was instead the aftershocks of the fight of Shi Tie and Sima Chu overhead that Yan Zhaoge and the others were more vigilant of, lest they were swept over by the tail of the typhoon, dying without knowing what hit them.

However, Shi Tie held the upper hand,  beating Sima Chui into retreat, the latter hard pressed to parry his blows.

Able to control the battle situation, Shi Tie was  doing his best to provide space for Yan Zhaoge and the others.

Additionally, the devilish air was getting denser and denser.

At the same time that it brought harm, it also blocked the aftershocks of the fight between the two Essence Talisman Martial Grandmasters.

This enabled Yan Zhaoge and the others to rest their hearts and directly and courageously rush towards the core of the Devilish Domain Grand Formation.

Having experienced that incident at Clear Concealed Lake, Yan Zhaoge was even more familiar with Devilish Domain Grand Formations now, as he proceeded straight on.

The grand formation before their eyes had yet to be completely formed, with the devilish domain yet to be completely established.

While Yan Zhaoge and the others had their movements affected by it, they were still smooth.

There was only that terrifying air that threw people’s hearts into disarray that was gradually growing stronger, influencing their minds.

Yan Zhaoge felt that whilst rushing forward and slaying his enemies, the killing intent within his heart was strengthening unceasingly, with there seemingly being a voice within his heart telling him to kill all lifeforms that stood before him, regardless of their identities.

“Hmph,” Yan Zhaoge’s gaze deepened as he stabilised his mind once more.

Raising his head and gazing over, he saw that not far away stood a familiar-looking golden tower, a red door of light at its peak, currently projecting a silhouette on the ground below.

Yan Zhaoge leapt, rushing towards the tall golden tower, resembling a great roc spreading its wings as he spread his arms wide, a number of perfectly good heads sent flying as his sword-aura rushed past.


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